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    The name is Judd: Bagley, Gregg, others give Judd a bad name

    There is a Judd problem in the U.S. these days. Whether named Bagley, Gregg or Wynonna, the name Judd has been slung through the mud, as it now carries baggage like pedophilia, pederasty, murder and more. One needs an Apple iPad to keep track of the carnage. Some recent examples:

    • Judd Bagley: Conservative hero Patrick Byrne’s PR shill has long operated on the Karl Rove, Lee Atwater theory that viciously attacking your enemies is a good way to shut them up. Having been accused of being a possible pederast, a stalker and of outright threatening those that dare speak out on the disaster that is Overstock.com. From this Judd:

      “I don’t want to cause anybody unnecessary harm, but I’m beyond tired of the lies.

      If you choose to continue as you have been, I will write about you on AntiSocialMedia.net. In doing so, my goal is not to intimidate, but to let you own your words; under those circumstances, I think the lies will take care of themselves.

      Having said that, I’m also very much aware of the impact this could have on your reputation, especially where you live, and I feel obligated to offer you a way out.”

    • Judd Gregg: After deciding not to be part of Barack Obama’s Cabinet, Gregg quickly became just about as anti-U.S. Government as Hugo Chavez and as unpopular with the ladies as Tiger Woods is popular. To drive home the point, this Judd attacked two female MSNBC reporters for having the temerity to ask if he believed in Ronald Reagan’s theory that the Department of Education must go. Some of Gregg’s work:

    • Wynonna Judd: Ok, Wynonna herself seems Ok lately. But the country star sure can find trouble for the name Judd. A pedophile & Child porn lover entered her life via Scott Z. Myers, who home-schooled her two children. He been charged with distribution of child pornography. From Perez Hilton:

      “Myers, who is only 27, admitted in an online chatroom that he engaged in sexual activity with four boys who lived nearby and was also seen leaving his apartment with two boys when the feds showed up to execute a search warrant.”

      Of course, this Judd seems to have a thing for men with pedophilia tendencies, as just three years ago:

      “Wynonna Judd filed for divorce Tuesday from her estranged husband, less than a week after his arrest in Texas on sex charges involving a minor.

      Dan R. Roach, 49, was arrested Thursday in Abilene and charged with three counts of aggravated sexual battery against a child younger than 13 in Nashville, police said.”

      On the bright side, sister Ashley Judd seems to be staying out of trouble quite nicely.

    • Judd Apatow: Ok, he hasn’t been involved in any crimes that we’re aware of, but he’s apparently the only human allowed to make a comedy in Hollywood. And they’ve become little more than unfunny sexist dramas. No wonder entertainment fans are more interest in Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga than watching an American-made comedy. This Judd is an anchor that’s rapidly driving American culture down the crapper.
    • Charles Judd: Proving you don’t need to be a famous Judd like Wynonna, Gregg or Bagley, this Judd is a paroled sex offender that was arrested on charges of second-degree murder in the slaying of a father and son.

    While all this makes a compelling case for just arresting anyone with Judd in their name, that is sadly not the type of society we live in. But, hopefully, it will give something for Judd-minded parents to think about when naming their children. Better to stick with more conventional, conservative names. Like Madonna. Or Jesus.


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    You left out Judd from Real World: San Francisco, who was never appreciating Puck's special vibe, and who went on to make Green Lantern fans squeamish about their homophobia.

    I forgot Judd Nelson, as well. He should be summarily executed based on nostril diameter alone.

    I disagree. Nostril diameter should be written itno the Hate Crimes law (and apparently the sooner, the better). The reason Judd Nelson should be executed is for pawing Molly Ringwald on screen during my adoloescence, thereby spoiling a perfectly good set of teenaged fantasies.

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