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    The Essence of Dag

    Brought to you by wordle.net. I like the big Bush falling off the bottom...

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    George Bush Not the Worst President Ever

    Defying expectations and confounding the critics one last time, George W. Bush is not the worst president ever according to C-Span's Historians Survey of Presidential Leadership. Bush beat out Millard Fillmore, Warren Harding, William Henry Harrison, Franklin D. Pierce, Andrew Johnson, and James Buchanan to place a respectable 36th out of 42.

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    2009 Oscar Predictions: Best Actor

    The big night is just a week away, so it's time to get serious. The Best Picture nominees are covered here. For the rest of this week, I'm going to do my level best to post my predictions for the other major categories.

    For Best Actor, the nominees are:

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    You Break It, You Buy It: The U.S. Senate is Stuck with Roland Burris

    Sometimes, being right is cold comfort. 

    As Genghis mentioned in his post, Roland Burris has "elaborated" on his testimony regarding his contact with Rod Blagojevich prior to his appointment to the United States Senate seat once held by President Obama. The Illinois State Senate is looking into whether he committed perjury and State Rep. Barbara Flynn Curie thinks it's "odd."

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    Roland Burris, the gift that keeps on giving...

    Senator Roland Burris (D) speaks...

    Jan 5, sworn affidavit:

    There was not any contact between myself or any of my representatives with Governor Blagojevich or any of his representatives regarding my appointment to the United States Senate.

    Contact counter: 0

    Jan 8, sworn testimony:

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    Welcome to Canada, Mr. President: a quiz

    Next Thursday, President Obama will make his first foreign visit since taking office. It will be to Ottawa, resuming a tradition that George W. broke by visiting Mexico first. Obama's visit is billed as a bare-bones, working meeting -- a mere five hours, no overnight stay or joint address to Parliament. No chance for mass adulation.

    But we're glad he's coming anyway. To mark the occasion, here's a trivia quiz about presidential visits and general U.S.-Canada relations. Try to answer without peeking at the answers; sorry if they're so jeezly long.

    The Want of the “Why.”

    One over-thinking girl’s thoughts as to why she wishes dating was more like auditioning.

    My New York Story

    So here's my story:

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    Witch Hunts in Papua New Guinea: The Dark Side of Human Nature

    Before last week, all I knew about Papua New Guinea was that its capital was Port Moresby and that it was that island on top of Australia. But while I was searching the internet for examples of the country’s musical offerings, I was fascinated to learn that over 700 languages are spoken there, that most of the island doesn’t have access to television and can only be reached by airplanes, and that there is an incredible diversity of flora and fauna in the mountains and rainforests.

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    Hank Crawford and Hip-Hop

    On January 29th, Bennie Ross "Hank" Crawford, Jr., passed away.  Though he left his mark on music in a very direct way, both through his own recordings and compositions and through working with legends like Ray Charles, Etta James, Lou Rawls and B.B. King, Crawford's musical legacy extends into the realm of hip-hop as well.

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    The ashes of the Phoenix ...

    I have really little to add here, but this may be one of the most uncomfortable celebrity interviews I've ever seen. This guy is clearly fruit loops.

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    Economic Stimulus and the Parent Principle

    The $789 billion stimulus bill passed today. As expected, the Republican leadership carped about the cost. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell complained, "We've heard a lot from our friends about the danger of deficits over the past few years...Americans are wondering how we’re going to pay for all this." In case this message was too abstract for average Americans, McConnell supported his point with a common sense analogy, "Any parent knows you don't buy a new car and plan the summer vacation before you set the family budget for the year."

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    The DagBuzz for 2/12/09: (Darwin, Lincoln, and the new MOFT)

    Exciting news, daggers (well, it's at least exciting for Deadman)!! I have bought a snazzy new hi-res Webcam, and the videos should now end up being much, much clearer. However, the bad news is that not only do you now get to see all of Deadman's defects in full glory, but I kind of liked the way the old dark and grainy images fit the Deadman persona.

    All hope is not lost, though, as the new webcam can do some very cool things, some of which could help solve my persona dilemma.

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    Around the World in 80 Songs: Papua New Guinea

    It’s not surprising that few acts out of Papua New Guinea have found international recognition. The country is largely rural and connections are made difficult by the mountains and rainforests. Television is only readily available in the capital of Port Moresby and most of PNG is connected to the outside world only through government radio.

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    The DagBuzz for 2/11/09: (Stump, Immigrants, Michelle Obama)

    You daggers are in for a real treat today, as you get to virtually meet Deadman's world-famous dog, Oliver (aka Ollie, The Monk, and when I'm real mad at him, Oliver Jacob or O.J.), whose dagblog.com's debut appearance is in honor of the 133rd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and its best in show winner, the 10-year-old Sussex spaniel Stump.

    Unfortunately, today's video is even more off-the-cuff and with more face scratching than usual because I had very limited time, and besides, Ollie wasn't about to indulge me in multiple takes.

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    Brett Favre Retires!

    We've done it again boys. Garcon! Mount #4's taxidermied head in the hallowed hallway of Jet misery. Put it dead center - right in between Doug Brien's foot and the floor plans of the Manhattan stadium.

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    The Buzz for 2/10/09: (Geithner, Geithner, Geithner)

    The buzz today is focused solely on Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner's financial stability plan. My quick verdict is that the plan is woefully inadequate on details, and I just don't understand the rush to announce this plan without a more specific framework for implementation.

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    Perspectives from Elkhart: President Obama's Visit is a Dubious Honor

    Elkhart, Indiana, is a city of just over 50,000 people. Over its history, it's had a few key industries, but none so important as trailer and RV manufacturing that has been recently devastated by high gas prices and lack of credit for people still willing to buy. It's a city of hard-working, salt-of-the-earth types, most of whom vote Republican. It's middle America at its best and its worst. And it's not so very different from cities of its size all over the country. 

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    BREAKING: Obama is not Jesus

    Monday 2/9. The MS Wall Fox Times, a joint news venture created by various prominent media organizations, has revealed that President Barack Obama is not Jesus. A probing collaboration by numerous reporters, pundits, and editorial assistants has determined that Barack Obama bears little physical resemblance to the celebrated hero of Christian faiths worldwide and cannot walk on water.

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    The Daily Buzz for 2/9/09: (Obama, Gaza, Octuplets, Grammies, Tiger)

    OK, I don't know how many people actually listened to my first attempt at the Daily Buzz, but two people commented they liked it (with reservations), and that's all the encouragement the vain Deadman needed to continue the process.


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