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    Welcome to Dagblog

    Hi, all. We have some new readers and new reader bloggers today, for a sad reason. Some people are coming here out of fear that Talking Points Memo may shut down its reader blogs.

    Everybody here at Dagblog would like to see the TPMCafe stay open. Most of us met each other, as bloggers, at that page, and we would like to see it thrive.

    But whatever the fate for TPMCafe, we would like you to know that you are all welcome here, and that we will always be glad to see you.

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    An American Boy

    I am kind, giving and strong. I am fair and law-abiding. I am smart and resourceful. I respect others and I do no harm. I follow the words of Jesus Christ. I am an American Boy.

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    So Beck is going to start his own news website is he, well, AP, take that!

    cue Meredith Brooks:

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    Obama vs. The Magicians

    President Obama's response to crazy conspiracy narratives about him is predictable and cool. He doesn't want to wade into the nonsense, and in that much he's absolutely right: you can't argue people out of their irrational beliefs. And in general, Obama has put his faith in the public's preference for real-world results over conspiracy theories.

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    As Summer Fades

    Summer has turned quickly into fall,
    The air much colder,
    The sea air so sweet,
    Leaves falling from the trees,
    Like ten  thousand passions.
    ...Where you and I will always meet.

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    Deniers and Caretakers, Republicans and Democrats

    American politics these days doesn't make a lot of sense if you expect people to act with sensible self-interest in mind. The Democrats, who were elected with large majorities after the other party's policies led the country to disaster, are apparently afraid to argue for their own policies. The Republicans, after suffering a resounding defeat because their policies led to disaster, have handed their party over to an angry faction that wants to push those failed policies even further.

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    I have a dream

    I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation.

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    Dear Alan Simpson Former Senator, Current Political Gadfly:

    I have a few questions for you former Senator, is that how I shoud refer to you?   Can I Call you Al? Well Al, you really stepped in it, and you made me laugh hard. I always think you old guys will learn, you know, understand the public, even a little bit, but you don't do you? You old white guys are just plain out of touch with what it is to live in America as a regular person. And as much as you try, you just don't get it, do you. Will you all ever come around, will you ever get it?

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    George Bush's Legacy: Losing Afghanistan in 2001

    I have been a little angry lately, things are not going right in Afghanistan and I want everyone who reads me to know why. This isn't going to be too long, because I need to get a bike ride in this morning.

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    The Future of Islamophobia

    The furor over the Islamic center near Ground Zero has led many to conclude that the right wing has rediscovered its passion for Muslim-bashing, and some predict more to come. But what strikes me most about the recent outburst of Islamophobia is its exceptionality. Nine years after 9/11, the once preeminent obsession of American foreign policy and Republican politics had been all but forgotten. Even the attempted bombing of Times Square failed to generate much rage from the right.

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    William K. Wolfrum’s Morning – A Pee-Wee Protest

    Protest this!
    You just aren’t American if you aren’t protesting something.


    More Bad Eggs: Remember, if you’re going to make an omelet, you’re going to have to give a few thousand people salmonella.

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    Anti-Muslim conservatives protest Liberal woman living in Hell’s Kitchen

    NEW YORK – Ann Thomson, an 83-year-old widow, was awoken last last night to screams of protests by angry conservatives at her her home on 39th Street, in an area known as Hell’s Kitchen.

    The protesters were angry that Thompson, a long-time liberal, had told a friend that she didn’t mind the Islamic Center being built two blocks away from Ground Zero.

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    Bruce Springsteen didn’t write “Born in the U.S.A.” to protest Islamic centers - try reading the lyrics

    Over at Alan Colmes Liberaland, I was reading about protests near the Islamic Center two blocks away from Ground Zero, when this struck me:

    Opponents chanted “No mosque, no way!” and carried signs reading, “9-11-01: Never Forget,” as Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” blared over loudspeakers.

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    Barack Obama Must Attend Westboro Baptist Church

    America faces few problems worse than where and when Barack Obama goes to church. Sure, there are environmental catastrophes to worry about, an economy that shows no interest in bouncing back, wars on God knows how many fronts and unemployment high enough to make Herbert Hoover cringe.

    But this is America. And Christ matters.

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    Dear Right Wing: Is This War or Not?

    How many times have we heard the phrase War on Terror over the last nine years? How many times have the very people who are now frothing and screaming about the Cordoba House community center (the alleged "Ground Zero Mosque") also screamed the words "War on Terror," and frothed at anyone who they felt was not acting (and I do mean acting) seriously enough about that "War?"

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    A Word on Living in Pluralistic Society, Taking Offense and Rights

    I'm offended.  So, naturally, that places me amongst the majority of people living in the world today.

    First off, it feels good to have outed myself as one of you.  After all, the present condition of the "national dialogue" begins to make one feel rather left out when one is merely an observer of completely unrestrained outrage.  Now that I've made my position known, I feel a lot better.



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