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    Why College Football Playoffs Are Wrong

    So a lot of people, including the President, have been talking lately about remedying the evils of college football. The chief evil that needs remedying is apparently the Bowl Championship System, which isn't enough of a "real" championship and needs to be replaced with a system of playoffs. That's a big surprise to me, because I can think of a lot of other problems with big-time college football, and instituting playoffs would probably make them worse.

    William K. Wolfrum's picture & Patrick Byrne help define “Cookie Jar Reserves”

    While it’s all fun and games with the pretend tough guys over at, Patrick Byrne and crew have done all us financial layman a favor – they’ve made the term “Cookie Jar Reserve” easier for us to understand.

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    Scott Brown's Injury Not Expected To Delay Move To Capitol Hill

    Immediately following the recent injury of freshly elected Republican Senator Scott Brown, there has been some speculation that the Massachusetts Senator might not be sworn in this afternoon after all. However, according to a source at the House GOP leadership, such rumors and speculations are not only premature, but entirely baseless.

    "We don't expect Senator Brown's ceremony this afternoon to be delayed. He will be sworn in at around 5 pm, and will thereafter be able to vote on any bills that may come before the Senate," reported an aide on the condition of anonymity.

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    I’ve never been in the military but I know what the troops think

    I have never served in the U.S. military. It was never really an option for me, as I tend to be quite cowardly and flee at the first sight of trouble. Also, I’m about as disciplined as Dennis Rodman. In fact, not only have I never served, I don’t really even know anyone currently serving. Nonetheless, I know exactly what men and women in the military are thinking.

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    Let Them Eat (mud)Cake

    Listening to Marketplace this evening, I heard guest Tyler Cowen mention that the people of Haiti are literally eating mudcakes.  This struck me as astonishing, so I immediately employed the use of Google to verify whether this was true.  Well, it turns out that it is:

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    What Social Security Isn't

    I agree with Deadman that "the idea of social security is to provide the elderly with a baseline level of resources so they don't become impoverished".  I think that a major reason that Social Security reform is the "3rd rail" of politics is that so many people disagree with us.  If you listen to the AARP crowd, they are adamant that this is not the case. 

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    Get your masturbation on at The Huffington Post (updated)

    While I, as much as anyone, understand the difficulty in making money on the Internet, I have generally tried to avoid doing baser things in order to make my Web site more profitable. Like, for instance, I haven’t made it a porn site or relied on scantily clad women to get extra hits. I have had my moments of weakness, mind you, but the most part, mine is a fairly dry site if getting wet is what you’re after.

    The Huffington Post, however, is about eight minutes away from becoming a full-on masturbation magazine.

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    The name is Judd: Bagley, Gregg, others give Judd a bad name

    There is a Judd problem in the U.S. these days. Whether named Bagley, Gregg or Wynonna, the name Judd has been slung through the mud, as it now carries baggage like pedophilia, pederasty, murder and more. One needs an Apple iPad to keep track of the carnage. Some recent examples:

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    Stuff I Want to Learn: Is Privatizing Social Security a Good Idea?


    I should make clear from the outset that I am not an economist. So this post is more of a question for those of you out there who actually know something about the way economies, and more specifically financial investments, work.

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    Persecution Politics: Conservatives Challenge New Hate Crime Law

    A conservative "civil liberties" group has challenged the Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009, also known as the Matthew Shepard Act. The Michigan-based Thomas More Law Center is suing U.S. government on behalf of three pastors and the president of the American Family Association of Michigan.

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    A Letter to America from Karl Marx


    Dear America,

    Regarding Marxism: Shut up, Shut up, Shut up, Shut up, Shut up, Shut up, Shut up, Shut up, Shut up, Shut up!!!

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    The Apple iPad: A hand-held genocide machine

    While society has many ills, few threaten it as much as Apple’s release of the iPad*. This computer-esque piece of modern technology not only threatens society, but the entire planet, as well. In a world where swift communication is king, the iPad promises to take it to an new, exciting, and deadly plateau.

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    Now for something completely different: But nor ...

    OK, there's this nagging problem I have. Sort of an obsession. I push it to the back of my mind, where it stays quiescent for months, causing me no grief. Then it re-emerges, always re-emerges. Help me, dagblog community. HELP ME!

    I blame Genghis for this latest relapse. In a comment to a post by Orlando (below), he wrote:

    "A lying Mrs. Tebow would have no significance on the abortion debate. But nor would an honest Mrs. Tebow."

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    Khalid Sheikh Mohammed breaks out of Gitmo, defeats U.S. military, enslaves American public

    NEW YORK – In a shocking development today, arch-terrorist Khalid Sheikh Mohammed broke out of Guantanamo Prison, personally defeated the entire U.S. military, overthrew the U.S. Government and forced all Americans to abide by Sharia Law.

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    Chris Matthews: “I forgot Prince & Paris Jackson were black”

    During last night’s Grammy Awards, Michael Jackson’s children Paris and Prince Jackson accepted a Lifetime Achievement Award on behalf of their late father, in what was easily the most moving moment of the show.

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    Amazon caves to Macmillan

    Just read that Amazon has decided to give in to publisher Macmillan's demand that the online bookseller sell its books under an agency model for the price the publisher sets (which for the new books that make up most of the market will be 30-50 percent higher than the $10 Amazon currently charges).

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    Barack Obama and I are 48th cousins!

    When it was announced that President Barack Obama and super-hunk hottie Senator-elect Scott Brown were 10th cousins, I was as amazed as anyone. They look so different, after all. And their politics are different. It’s freaking mind-blowing stuff, if you ask me.

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    Is Tim Tebow’s Mother Breaking the Ninth Commandment?

    During the Superbowl, Focus on the Family, James Dobson’s group, will run a commercial spot featuring Tim Tebow’s family. Family lore has it that in the late 1980’s, while pregnant and living in the Philippines, Tebow’s mother became ill with amoebic dysentery and doctors there recommended that she abort the pregnancy because they said the medication she took to recover from the illness would cause damage to the fetus.

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    GOP's new plan: Jam fingers in ears, scream ‘lalalalala’ whenever Obama speaks

    WASHINGTON – Following President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address and open-forum question-and-answer session with House Republicans, the GOP has announced a new plan to deal with they call “Obama Policy Nonsense.”

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    UK takes Blair to task; U.S. to do same – to College Football

    Our cousins across the pond took former Prime Minister Tony Blair to task yesterday during an Iraq War Inquiry. Not to be out done, the Obama Administration has announced it is ready to do its own investigation – of the Bowl Championship Series.

    From ESPN:


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