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    Bush Speaks Out About Former Presidencying

    President George W. Bush spoke at a fundraiser for community college scholarships this week in downtown Fort Worth.

    On avoiding talking about Obama's policies: "I don't think it's befitting the office of the presidency to go out and be criticizing my successor," he said. "I didn't like it when some of my predecessors -- a predecessor -- criticized me."

    [translation: Clinton was a schmuck]

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    Ask Tamburlaine: Burning Korans Is a Bad Idea

    Who on Earth is crazy enough to burn the Koran? Until two weeks ago, my answer has always been "raging lunatics in Elizabethan drama." You know, stage characters from the age of Shakespeare, the kind of people who are prone to cutting off their own hands, biting off their tongues and spitting them on the stage, or baking their enemies in pies and serving them for dinner. The people who make Hamlet seem well-adjusted. Certainly, I didn't think of it as the kind of thing real people did.

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    What Is Going On Out There (A Koranamania Post)

    So I try to take a little break from politics and what happens?  A Radical Christian Cleric decides to throw himself a Koran burning in Gainesville, Florida.  Actually, he announced it a long time ago and when I first saw the headline about it on Gawker I was absolutely livid because I misread it as "Korean Burning."  Burning Koreans is just wrong.

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    Josh Marshall Sees the Democratic Boat Sinking Before It's Hit The Iceberg



    It's off to the races after Labor Day...

    If you haven't seen it, over on the front page at TPM Josh has been ruminating over the coming elections and... using a most "well... duh..." headline he writes :

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    Indonesian Travel Journal: Happy Holidays!

    Lebaran is this weekend which means I have successfully completed my first Ramadan in a Muslim country. I wasn't affected much. My area of the city has almost as many Christians as Muslims, so the restaurants were still crowded at lunch time. I was more careful about eating, and drinking alcohol, outside during daylight hours and I didn't eat in front of my Muslim co-workers prior to sundown, but other than that, life went on normally.

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    Jack and the Statstalk


    Statistics are the magic beans of pop science. Tell someone that heavy drinkers live longer than teetotallers, and she'll say, "How is that possible? What about cirrhosis of the liver?" Tell her there are statistics proving it, and she'll say, "Wow, I never would have guessed that!" That particular stat is making the rounds of the news talk shows right now, and I'd imagine so are a lot of beers.

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    Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Reader Blogs

    Dear TPM refugees, web surfers, and other assorted riffraff,

    I returned from vacation last night and was happy to find a surge of activity from new members and friends from TPM Cafe. Welcome all to

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    What Happened to America's Economy

    We're always told that economics is a complicated science, which is true, but also that bottom-line practical economics is very simple. But the simple rules we've all learned seem to have landed us into an incomprehensible mess. Let me try to recap what's happened.

    Obviously, every business needs to make a profit to survive. This is done by keeping costs lower than revenues. If you're selling something, you need to make more money selling it than you spend in making or buying the product and in paying your workers.

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    A short statement of basic principles

    One person who wrote to me the other day accused me of being "elitist".

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    Firearms = Freedom, Discuss

    I know just enough about guns to be dangerous, and since it is practically illegal for an ordinary person to keep a firearm in Baltimore, it will probably stay that way for a while. But when Robert Farago sold The Truth About Cars, where I used to contribute, and started up The Truth About Guns, I took the opportunity to read and write some articles.

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    Stuff I Want to Learn: Boogey Boogey Boogey

    It’s an election year. That must mean it’s time for Congressional representatives to announce support for ridiculous Constitutional amendments and for state leaders to instill fear in the population by creating all sorts of boogeymen, like (imaginary) undocumented Mexicans running roughshod in the Arizona desert, beheading (imaginary) poor, unsuspecting, hardworking, freedom-loving, salt of the earth Americans.

    Which has me wondering: why is discussing problems and solutions like grown ups so unpalatable in America?

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    Somebody's Daughter

    I apologize in advance for another post about Light Rail. This evening I left work a little after five PM,  and walked to the station as usual. I stood up when the Belvedere towers appeared between the trees, as usual. But for some reason, instead of holding the vertical bar with my left hand, and facing the door, I held the sloped bar with my right hand and turned towards the center aisle of the rail car. I never do that, but I did tonight, and therefore I could see the young woman lurching towards me.

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    Newbie Appreciation

    I just want to write in to express gratitude to the new immigrants from TPM Cafe for all the great material you've contributed over the past few days. Dagblog really came alive this week. I hope that you've enjoyed the experience and that you continue to write and comment here. For those who have just stopped by to check out the scene, I encourage you to crosspost here and see how you like it.

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    The Truman Show...American Style

    I was thinking of this when I read another blog concerning those build it/do it yourself for the well to do shows.

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    A Nut in Every Car

    One of Bill Cosby's early standup routines was called A Nut in Every Car. Cosby painted an amusing picture of subway passengers being uproariously entertained as they were assaulted by zealots, drunks and young toughs. My mother told of riding the subway with an extravert friend. Some fellow tried to cop a feel, so her friend grabbed his arm, held it up and shouted, "Anyone here lose a hand?" We lived in the suburbs, and along with the movies, these formed my impressions of riding the subway.

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    Sarah Palin inks new deal to sell Sexual enhancement products on QVC

    Always quick to pounce on a big opportunity, political entertainer Sarah Palin today announced she has signed a $5-million deal to hawk sex enhancement products on QVC.

    “If you’re tired of being limp and impotent, I’m here to help,” said Palin. “Why, I’ll make millions just from the lamestream media.”

    The deal comes after Palin’s recent comments on the Sean Hannity Show:


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