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    Fear and Loathing in Phoenix

    As if its draconian immigration law weren't sufficient to demonstrate Arizona's profound appreciation for its Latino minority, the state has just enacted a second law to make the point. The new law prohibits Arizona schools from teaching "ethnocentric" courses that:

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    The Kagan Dog Whistle

    Suddenly, with the Elena Kagan nomination, careerism is a terrible thing.

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    Abolish Nuclear Abolition

    My formative years were spent watching two hours of Simpson’s cartoons a day, an hour block from 6-7pm and a follow up block from 10-11pm.  Consequently, most of my worldviews are based on Simpson’s episodes – hence I surmised that nuclear weapon abolition is stupid.


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    Elena Kagan Straight; Men Lousy in Bed

    Friends of Elena Kagan grudgingly admitted on Wednesday that the Supreme Court nominee was unmarried not because of her orientation but because American men are absolutely terrible in bed.

    "Maybe we shouldn't have said anything," said an embarrassed law-school classmate of the 50-year-old Solicitor General. "We didn't want for the men Elena's dated to feel inadequate simply because they are."

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    Mojave Desert Cross is stolen! Atheists win! Christianity doomed

    This is just great news. Atheists around the world must be applauding the theft of the controversial Mojave Desert cross. This is a great moment for Atheists and the time is at hand to spread our lack of belief around the planet. The cross has been stolen, and it is a great sign.

    From Yahoo:

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    British Petroleum announces “Everyone Wins a Gallon of Oil” Contest

    Trying to stay a step ahead of their rapidly spreading oily public relations disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, today British Petroleum announced a new contest that would guarantee every entrant a free gallon of crude oil.

    “When people think of British Petroleum, we want them to think ‘winner!’” said BP spokesman Mark Proegler. “Because for a limited time, we want to make every man, woman and child in America a winner.”

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    BP Oil Disaster: Learn to embrace it (or, "who needs Sea Turtles, anyway?")

    If there’s one thing we Americans have shown a propensity for, it’s learning to accept certain uncomfortable realities. Things like the Patriot Act, wars in the Middle East, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, illegal Eavesdropping and other such items have become part of the American Experience.

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    The Republicans Aren't Tough Enough

    One day in high school, I casually infuriated one of the other boys. (We were all boys, and therefore the place was so full of adolescent macho boneheads that I didn't even notice I was one of them.) He had made a physically aggressive gesture toward me in the parking lot, and rather than simply ignoring him, as a mature person would have, I had responded with a calculated show of disregard, making it insultingly plain that I didn't take his threats, or him, seriously.

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    Facebook glitch sends everyone's private information to Al Qaeda

    An accidental security glitch sent the information of all Facebook users to Al Qaeda operatives overseas, a company spokesman admitted today.

    “Oops,” said Elliot Schrage, the company’s vice president for public policy. “Are we perfect? Of course not.”

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    Dear George Alan Rekers, Thank you - Love, RentBoy.com

    Dear Mr. Rekers,

    We just wanted to send you a message to thank you for choosing Rentboy.com to “carry your luggage” and helping give us more publicity than we could have ever hoped for. Your help will put us on top this year.

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    Climategate be gone: Climate scientists cleared of malpractice

    Remember Climategate? Well, the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit, which was the target of climate-deniers wrath, has cleared of “any deliberate scientific malpractice,” and had a panel declare their methodology sound.

    From Bad Astronomer Phil Plait:

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    InterOil (IOC): A (unreported) family affair?

    Not long ago, actor Shia LaBeouf, star of the upcoming “Wall Street II,” delved into the world of advising investors, as he had these kind words to say about InterOil:

    “IOC’s momentum is major, and it will surprise to the upside,” texted LeBeouf to a GQ writer.

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    In U.S. politics, never bet against the incumbent

    Yesterday, Indiana, Ohio and North Carolina held primaries. And while it is a small sampling group, whether it was a primary for governor, the U.S. Senate, or the House, 100 percent of incumbents running for re-election won their races.

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    Obama plugs BP Oil Spill with bodies of Wright, Ayers, shoots Faisal Shahzad; hopes for bipartisanship

    GULF OF MEXICO – Dressed in only swimming trunks, U.S. President Barack Obama today swam 5,000 feet down and plugged the spewing geyser of oil left by the British Petroleum Oil rig that exploded April 20. Obama used the bodies of Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright to plug the well, thus saving the Gulf of Mexico and the U.S. from even worse contamination from the oil spill.

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    Pope Benedict credited with “Miracle” for attention-diverting oil spill, NYC car bomb

    VATICAN – Pope Benedict XVI has gotten a big boost in his work for potential canonization due to attention-diverting incidents around the planet, sources say.

    “Every night, the Pope has prayed that something would happen that would take people’s minds off the fact he protected pedophile priests,” said the source. “And now, look around, it’s truly a miracle.”

    After several weeks of non-stop news regarding Catholic priests molesting children and the Catholic Church hiding the truth, there has been a literal explosion of big news around the world, including:

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    Tea Party Attempts To Stop Gulf Oil Spill By Shouting Slogans At It

    LOUISIANA – Emboldened by their protests against the United States government, several Tea Party organizations made their way to Louisiana this morning in an effort to stop the massive Gulf oil spill by shouting slogans at it.

    “Don’t Tread on me!” shouted one protester near the marshlands along Louisiana’s southern coast.

    “GET A BRAIN! MORANS,” read one sign.

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    Not the Real Shakespeare

    Flavia has a post that makes me laugh. She recently went to see a Shakespeare comedy produced by a regional theater company, who staged it in modern dress, worked to keep the piece "accessible and appealing," and used some good, old-fashioned slapstick. In short, the production was straight out of the standard Shakespearean-performance playbook: faithful to the text but using costumes and set as an interpretive gloss.

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    The Ivy League/Wall Street Connection

    Ezra Klein recently tried to answer the question "Why is Goldman Sachs full of Ivy Leaguers?" by interviewing a Harvard/Goldman alum. (h/t to a righteously repulsed DougJ).

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    New GOP Platform: Microchip Mexicans & use them for barter, cleaning oil spills

    WASHINGTON – The Republican National Committee came forward today with a one-page document showcasing its new platform for the remainder of the year.

    The new platform is based on illegal immigration and keeping medical expenses down. From the document:

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    White Supremacy & Hate Groups: A nation-wide problem

    Almost a year ago, NBC reported on the rise of hate groups throughout the U.S.:

    The Southern Poverty Law Center has been tracking hate groups for almost 30 years. In its spring 2009 Intelligence Report, they found that 926 hate groups are currently operating in the U.S., an all-time high. These groups include the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis, racist skinheads and Black separatists.



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