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    History Lesson

    I took a walking tour of Westminster, London the other day. It was just drizzly enough to make you open an umbrella and at least windy enough to invert the umbrella once opened. English weather likes to tease visitors. The moment you think it's about to pour, it changes it's mind and goes all sunny. But as soon as you're ready to declare the rain past, it grays up and drizzles all over again.

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    First the "Gay Storm" now "I'm Confused"

    Don't worry kids, I'm confused too! Enjoy the ridiculous video and discuss. You'll be confused too.

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    Harvard Study Concludes: Church Sucks!

    A new study by Harvard researcher Robert Putnam (from Bowling Alone fame) says that the percentage of young Americans who claim they have no religious affiliation that usually hovers between 5-10% has skyrocketed to 30-40%. While this trend started in the 90’s and has continued through Generation X and Y this is still a startling change. Putnam is releasing his findings and his corresponding musing in a new book, “American Grace” due out later this year.

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    The Abortion Debate


    We’ve had quite a month in South Bend. When the President accepted the invitation to speak at Notre Dame’s commencement ceremony, the media jumped all over the supposed re-ignition of the abortion debate. 

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    Why George W. Bush was a better president than Thomas Jefferson

    In the spirit of a recent post comparing Hamilton and Cheney, I thought I'd explore one area where George W. Bush bests Thomas Jefferson hands down: Bush never owned a single slave (as far as I know).

    Of course, you might say that times were different when Jefferson was president, but is that any better of an excuse than "just following orders"?

    Discuss. Please. (I'm only being half-way snarky here.)

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    My New Favorite Websites (MNFW)

    There is something about picking a ridiculous concept and building a website around it that puts a quiver in my liver.  Today I found two websites that are mind-blowingly awesome, if only for the fact that they straddle the line between absolutely outlandish and categorically awesome.  I encourage you to visit these sites and bask in their preposterous magnificence.

    1)  Black People Love Us - The blacks just can't get enough of them!

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    MOFT: Episode 15 (Shrek The Musical)

    I've been a very bad dagblogger of late, but I'm full of good excuses for my badness. First, there was the whole engagement to plan and pull off (and already a fair amount of wedding madness), and then right after that I had to help plan my brother's 40th birthday party, which included a week-long visit from the folks (a surprise to my brother).

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    It's Hockey Night in America

    OK, Hockey Afternoon in America.

    Tomorrow (Sunday), at 3 p.m. Eastern, the NHL's Western Conference final series kicks off between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Detroit Red Wings.

    Why should you care? Why should anyone care?

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    How Dare You, Ms. Pelosi?

    Nancy Pelosi ought to be ashamed of herself for daring to suggest that the CIA has ever done anything untoward, much less that they have misled CongressThe CIA is 100% on the up-and-up.  They have never bungled analyses, been involved in drugs or arms t


    Silva's Turn

    Silva’s Turn
    By Justin Smith

    I was first alerted to Silva Harotonian’s disaster when a friend of mine sent me an email early in the year about an IREX employee who had been arrested while working in Iran. Silva was arrested for inciting a ‘soft revolution’ in an attempt to overthrow the Iranian government.

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    Milgram, "just following orders", and compassion

    In this posting, I intend to discuss how "just following orders" is not as lame an excuse as many seem to think it is, but how, nevertheless, we cannot accept it as a valid excuse, and attempt to look at how we should handle such cases.

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    News From the Future: Last U.S. Forces Leave Iraq

    May 13, 2029

    Twenty-six years after invading Iraq, the United States closed its military bases and evacuated the last American soldiers from Iraqi soil.

    In an address to soldiers at Fort Bragg, President George Prescott Bush praised the U.S. military for accomplishing the mission that his uncle, former President George W. Bush, had set before them in 2003.

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    Agreeing with Obama. Torture photos should not be released

    When I heard that Obama was reversing course on the torture photographs, initially I was extremely disappointed.  I thought that he may be bowing to conservative pressure - or was possibly protecting some Democrats who were in too deep.

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    My Celebrity Crush: Steve Benen of the Washington Monthly

    Is it bad form to mention a blogger on another blog? I don't know much about blog etiquette. Until about a year ago, I thought blogs were like MySpace pages: self-indulgent and of very little interest to anyone except the author and the author's close friends. 

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    Larry vs. Congressional Resolutions

    Happy Train Appreciation Day!  Oh, you didn’t know it was Train Appreciation Day?  Neither did anybody else and it was this past Sunday, so don’t feel bad if you missed it.  Apparently, Congress regularly passes resolutions establishing pseudo-holidays and resolutions of support for all sorts of things that are either: a) insignificant; b) blatant pandering to special interests; or c) down right non-sequitur.

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    Voters want Republicans to be Republicanier

    In a comprehensive study, voting experts recently conducted a series of interviews, polls, and focus groups to find out why American voters turned away from Republicans in 2008. While many reasons were cited, analysts observed a clear consensus among swing voters who had voted for President George Bush and other Republican candidates prior to 2006 but changed to Democratic tickets in the past two years.

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    The Heretic's Bible - Genesis 4: Boys will be boys

    Having gained the knowledge of good and evil, Adam and Eve set about going forth and multiplying, which is what God said that he wanted them to do in the first place. They had two sons, Cain and Abel. Cain became a farmer and Abel a shepherd. Cain offered some of his crops to God, but Abel offered his fattest sheep, so God loved Abel and ignored Cain.

    Commentary: Couldn’t God make his own sheep? That’s like giving eggs to a chicken.

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    The Heretic's Bible - Genesis 3: With helpers like this...

    So God finished his business and left for vacation. Adam and the woman hung out in the garden with a particularly clever snake. When Adam was off doing something (don’t ask), the snake asked the woman about what fruit she was allowed to eat. The woman explained what God had said about the toxic properties of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The snake, who was apparently smarter than the people, told the woman that what God had said was false.

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    Anti-Semitism - It's a Small World After All


    Question: What do privileged psychopaths from Connecticut have in common with Pakistani propagandists?

    Answer: They hate the Jews.


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