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Let's Get (A Real) Physical ...

Earlier this week, I went to my doctor to get a physical.

What a joke.

Nurse came in, took some blood and, because I have a heart condition, administered an electrocardiogram (EKG). After a few minutes, doctor entered, looked in my ears and mouth, listened to me breathe for a bit, asked me a few questions about my general health and the back/leg pain I was experiencing last time I saw her, and then sent me on my way to deposit some urine and check out. All in all, it took less than 25 minutes from the time I entered the doctor's office to the time I paid my rather exorbitant $35 co-pay, and that's including the waiting time. [Read more]

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Jerry Brown Facing Off With Ken Starr Over Prop. 8

Although it's been expected that there would be legal arguements both for and against the legal standing of California's Proposition 8, which amends the state's constitution such that only opposite sex marriages are recognized, the manner in which these arguments are playing out has just become more interesting.  State Attorney General Jerry Brown has asked the California State Supreme Court to overturn Prop. 8 in a recent filing.  From the SF Chronicle:

"Proposition 8 must be invalidated because the amendment process cannot be used to extinguish fundamental constitutional rights without compelling justification," Brown said. [Read more]

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A Shoe in the Hand is Worth Two Thrown at Bush

Or something like that.  At least that seems like it might the underlying philosophy behind Thank You for Throwing Your Shoe, where you can find pictures of people holding up their shoes in support of Muntadhar al-Zaidi.  It's definitely a mark of the Internet age and makes for a fun visual statement.

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A Novel Response to Rick Warren

One of the interesting developments of the past several years has been what seems to be a more prominent place in American dialogues for the voices of non-believers.  Best-selling books on the subject of atheism have emerged from Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchins.  A humorous examination of religious belief was offered up in cinematic format by Bill Maher.  All of this has more or less been part of rather uncharacteristically mainstream attention, much to the chagrin of self-labeled culture warriors. [Read more]

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Sledgehammer Politics in South Korea

Ah Democracy...freely elected legislators dutifully fulfilling the will of the people by blockading themselves in a locked room while the honorable opposition attempts to dutifully fulfill the will of the rest of the people by breaking down the door with a sledgehammer and other sundry power tools. Full video after the jump. [Read more]

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On Missing the Airplane

I missed my plane last weekend. I explained to the ticket agent that a “long sequence of unhappy coincidences” had “conspired” to keep me in San Francisco, but of course the missing of the plane was entirely my own fault. I misremembered the departure time, misjudged the distance to the airport, failed to allow for traffic, missed my exit, and upon arriving at long-term parking, ignorantly attempted to sprint to the airport, a good two miles from the lot, before realizing that I would have to take the shuttle bus. I missed that plane so many different ways that I am in awe of myself. I suppose that if you’re going to miss a plane, you might as well miss it decisively. At least, you thereby avoid the pathetic, sweaty rush through the airport. [Read more]

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Vote for dagblog

Dear dagreaders, we love ya. Thanks for reading and writing in and being cool people (which I know is a particular challenge for you Canadians).

It's tough to make a name a for yourself in the blogosphere, but the good word is getting out, and our audience is growing. In a fit of wild (yet completely unbiased) enthusiasm, I recently nominated dagblog for the blogger's choice awards. You may have noticed the badge in the right panel. If you can spare us a little love, I hope that you'll see fit to vote for us for 2009 by clicking the badge or this here link. We're nominated for politics, humor, and stuff. I think that you get 3 votes. It does require you to enter an email, but they won't spam you.

If you're feeling especially magnanimous, you can rate us and add us to your favorites at You can also follow us on Facebook's NetworkBlogs.

Thanks so much for your help. Dag.

PS Personally, I've been stupidly busy this month, so I haven't been writing in much, but I promise to pick it up in the new year.

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Rick Warren: It's only a prayer, for the love of God

Dear fellow Liberals,

Listen up.

Obama's decision to ask Rick Warren to give the invocation at the inauguration is not a slap in the face. It's not a betrayal. It's not an indication that Obama is a secret conservative who is going to force you to have babies with a non-same-sex partner.

It's a freaking prayer. [Read more]

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What goes up, must come down ....

I believe in balance. In yin and yang. I believe in cycles. In symmetry. I believe big wild parties end with big, nasty hangovers. I believe that what goes up, must come down.

Unfortunately, our government does not agree.

I have railed time and time again on this blog about the scattershot and shortsighted nature of our economic response so far to the current financial crisis. In short, and with few exceptions, said strategy has consisted of spending as much money as possible to bailout and stimulate every sick, depressed segment of our economy, with a particular focus on those segments that cater to the rich and connected. [Read more]

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Ed or Thom

While living in suburban D.C., I decided to enter the progressive talk radio business in large part because of two hosts - Stephanie Miller and Ed Schultz. I heard both in early 2004 on WWRC a weak station transmitting from Silver Spring, MD. Stephanie is humorous and has a sidekick who does great impressions - sometimes the two are almost as funny as Howard Stern on an average day - plus she is timely, topical, liberal, and doesn't leave me with that queasy feeling and slightly dirty sheen that Stern usually did. Schultz has a great voice - better than Limbaugh's. He is lively, entertaining, and frequently over-the-top. He proves that progressive doesn't mean dry, boring, and professorial. [Read more]

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Top Ten Albums of '08 - Number 8

8.  Little Joy - Little Joy

You see, what's going on right now is a whole bunch of music critics are currently going through all the '08 releases to try and find the one or two great albums that they might have missed during the year.  And, they're probably trying to figure out whether or not the Deerhunter double album, the surface of which they barely scratched, will in a few years from now become revered as a classic album.  Quite frankly, I'm open to the possibility that it might be.  It's just that I have no real interest spending the last two weeks of the year trying to find out. [Read more]

Greek Riots

Police CarsLast Saturday I got a call from my parents in Athens.  It was around seven o'clock here in Pittsburgh, so it must have been around two in the morning for them.  They were calling on their cell-phone.  They were trapped by riots in a tavern in downtown Athens.  But they were not frightened.  In fact, they sounded excited, and they held the cell-phone up for me, so that I could hear the chanting of protesters and the explosions of stun-grenades and tear-gas canisters nearby.
 [Read more]

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Eliot Spitzer: John or Patsy?

There's this interesting theory floating around over at Crooks and Liars: Eliot Spitzer was investigating Madoff.  While the initial evidence offered up is pretty thin, to the tune of some anonymous comments made on an investment forum a couple of years ago, there's also this piece by Greg Palast and this one from Project Censored, which points out that Spitzer's February 14th WaPo editorial was published just a day after his n [Read more]

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You Dirty Rat: Jesse Jackson Jr. Informed FBI of Blago's Gambit

It's hitting the headlines from the WaPo to the HuffPo.  In a terribly fun twist, Jesse Jackson Jr. has apparently been an informant to the FBI about Blagojevich's pay-to-play scheme since this past summer.  This information has just surfaced, so there's no telling yet what this will come to mean exactly.  Does this mean that Jackson's supposed offer could have been part of an FBI sting?  At this time, Jackson maintains that he's been told by the FBI that he's not under investigation.  Perhaps this is part of the reason why?

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What would have happened if the shoe had hit?

And here's the inevitable Bush-Austin Powers mashup: [Read more]

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Halcyon Days of Yore

I've been doing a lot of research into my family history lately, for this little project I'm working on. I'm following lines back into the past, trying to figure out who came over, when they came over, etc. It's interesting stuff. So interesting that I stayed up all night on Saturday, compulsively searching for more and more information. I finally fell asleep somewhere around 6 am, and when my dog woke me at 10 to go out, I got up and started searching some more. (Which is why I was so (apparently) mean to our new guest blogger Prophet on Sunday. I need my sleep for my filter to prevent me from blurting out bitchy thoughts.) [Read more]

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Before After
Mission Accomplished Shoe ducking
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Questions: The Ipod Shuffle Edition ...

Partly inspired by Prophet and his ongoing top 10 albums of 2008 series, and partly because I'm otherwise uninspired, I've decided to take a different tact for this week's questions: I am going to press shuffle on my IPod Nano and create a question somehow related to each of the first 10 songs that come up. I will also be giving some very quick commentary on the songs.

I am uncertain how well this process will lend itself to thought-provoking questions, and I will certainly be risking great personal embarrassment by exposing my music collection to the dagworld at large. [Read more]

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Top Ten Albums of '08 - Number 9

9. Neon Neon - Stainless Steel

I'm sorry but any outfit who can put out an album that sounds like the music I listened to when I was 8, and make it sound pretty fantastic along the way, deserves to be in the top 10 in this very down year for music. [Read more]

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The Shoe Bomber Returns (aka The George Bush Shoe Throwing Video) + 10


1. Honestly the most impressed I've ever been with Bush

2. You heard it here first: Obama's toast in Presidential dodgeball

3. "Mr. President I'd take a bullet for you...a shoe?...not so much"

4. "That really hurt! I'm gonna have a lump there, you idiot! Who
throws a shoe? Honestly! You fight like a woman!" [Read more]

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