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Midnight Musings

I was visiting synchronicity's latest post. I left a comment to a comment rmrd0000 made and then noticed DD left a comment. I appreciated his comment. I got a chuckle. Nothing unusual, there. And for reasons I can't explain, I responded to DD's comment which made reference to my comment. DD offered a funny response to that comment and ocean-kat and PP responded, respectively, to DD's comment. Both also funny. (To be perfectly accurate, I think I'd have to include an additional comment from DD.

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Independence Day

It's been suggested here at Dagblog and elsewhere that focusing so much attention on Edward Snowden is distracting us from the important work of holding our government accountable for the misdeeds Snowden has helped to expose. And while I agree the narrowly framed hero/villain back and forth has some limits, I think it begs a broader, more thoughtful conversation about our evolving attitudes toward Patriotism, especially in the context of foreign policy, as we continue racing through the 21st Century. The eve of the 237th anniversary of the approval of the Declaration of Independence seems like as good a time as any to jump into the fray.

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