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North Korean missile launch: too soon to panic?

After North Korea announced it will launch its first satellite next week, the West went ballistic, saying it's really a disguised test of the Taepodong 2 rocket. And that violates a 2006 Security Council resolution, passed in the wake of North Korea's half-successful nuclear...
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Associated Press has been taken over by space aliens who want to turn our brains to mush so they can eat them!

There! Much better than my original headline: "Enough with the teleprompter bullshit, AP!" Washington bureau chief Ron Fournier began his analysis of President Obama's press conference last night: "What kind of politician brings a teleprompter to a news conference?" And...
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Another good reason to despise Fox

Not that reasons are hard to find. The only thing I watch on Fox is The Family Guy, so I certainly don't ever stay up past 3 to catch Red Eye. But someone emailed me a link, and I thought I'd...
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Iran rejects, rebuffs and rebukes Obama overture. Really, is that what just happened?

Well, can't say we didn't try. Back to the War Room! My God, our media don't do nuance very well, do they? Thank God Obama will read the actual translation of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei's speech. Because it had lines...
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AIG bonus clawback: I'm outraged by the outrage over the outrage

Well, not really. Just amused and not buying it one bit. The House did what it had to do, legal niceties be damned. And the Senate and the White House, tone-deaf or not, will fall in line. Is this just...
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The Iraq War: pipelines and pipedreams

Interesting discussion over at the Book Club about Juan Cole's new book, and whether it was the Oil Lobby or the Israel Lobby that tricked the U.S. into invading Iraq. It's kind of a moot debate; I have yet to...
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Jon Stewart is my hero -- and he should be yours, too

After watching Jon Stewart last night expose and eviscerate Jim Cramer for his stock-bubble pimping, the question we all should be asking is: Why is a comedian, an admitted "fake news show" anchor, the only journalist in America to have...
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Strange Mideast signals from Clinton

Anyone interested in Mideast peace should read this Haaretz article carefully: I trust the reporters are accurately relating what they are being told -- and what the headline states: that the U.S. will recognize a Palestinian government only if...
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Red alert! Canada has ability to make nuclear weapons

For a full day, that's been one of the headlines over at the Drudge Report. Well, not actually about Canada -- it's about Iran, and it's attributed to Joint Chiefs of Staff chair Mike Mullen. As you might expect with...
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Dennis Ross's shrinking world

Steve Clemons posted yesterday at the Cafe on Dennis Ross's odd new appointment at State: as Hillary Clinton's Special Advisor for the Gulf and Southwest Asia. Not as the plenipotentiary envoy to Iran he'd been angling for. In fact, as I...


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