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    Today in Jedi Studies (Self-Promotion Edition)

    Yesterday, I had a small humor piece published by McSweeney's Internet Tendency.

    It's called "Questions for the Jedi Vice-Chair of Graduate Studies"

    Do I absolutely have to construct my own lightsaber to graduate?

    Will you accept 30 hours of transfer credit from the Dark Side?

    How will being at one with the Force prepare me for today’s job market?

    You can read the rest here:


    1) The piece is awesome and funny.

    2) Everybody should know that the editor of McSweeney's Internet Tendency once flat out told me that all Star Wars related submissions are held to a much higher standard.

    Great job, Doc!

    Thanks, Michael!

    Bravo, Doctor, and congrats. You had me laughing all the way through. But I still say the Jedi elite are a bunch of condescending wookie-lovers who want to take away our blasters and give our jobs to droids.

    The Jedi are a bunch of neoliberal blowhards who long ago gave up on The Force in favor of market forces. Bern-E would have beaten Palpatine before he become emperor, but the Jedi Council thought it was "safer" to send Mace Windu.

    Actually the Jedi hate both political parties, for totally incoherent reasons.


    I was very sorry to see you struck down by the evil power of the Dark Side. Would you still be willing to write me a recommendation?

    hahaha! Great from beginning to end. 

    Thanks, Obey.

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