When You Lose an Ammon Bundy, is the Con Dying?


    Ammon is the son of rancher Cliven Bundy, who was the central figure of the 2014 Bundy standoff regarding unpaid grazing fees on federally-owned public land.

    The Hill:

    Ammon Bundy, the rancher at the center of a 2016 standoff with the government at an Oregon wildlife preserve, on Tuesday night knocked President Trump over his hard-line policies and rhetoric against a migrant caravan of thousands from Central America that is continuing to arrive in Tijuana, Mexico....."What about the fathers, the mothers and the children, that have come here and are willing to go through the process to apply for asylum so they can come into this country and benefit from not having to be oppressed continually with criminals?...It’s all fear-based, and it's frankly based upon selfishness," Bundy said of the rhetoric from the president and his supporters. “I think that’s incorrect. ... But also to base your arguments or your motives or your actions based upon fear is a very dangerous thing to do.”...He argued each case should be handled individually, and that the migrants have a right to apply for entry to the U.S.

    TPM reports Bundy has, since his comments on the immigrants, received death threats from, apparently, hard core violence obsessed Trump cultists. 

    Ammon Bundy

    Trump lost his Troubadour, Kraig Moss, in 2017:

    The grieving father and avid Trump-supporter feels betrayed by the President and his proposed healthcare bill.

    Kraig Moss earned the nickname 'the Trump Troubadour' after he spent 2016 traveling around the country to belt out songs in support of the candidate at rallies.

    The musician also sang about his late son, Rob, who died of a heroin overdose in 2014.....Over the course of 2016, Moss traveled to 45 rallies. He stopped making his mortgage payments and sold the equipment for his construction business just to stay on the campaign trail.

    Added to the midterm elections, is "this not the end....not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning."...?

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