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    What to Wear to the Civil War; Impeachment Style

    It’s a real question people, style is essential! What will we wear to our upcoming Civil War?

    Style during the Bowling Green Massacre was on point. Each team had matching shirts with names and stylish bowling shoes. The Red Team did pick a hideous red, that orangish-red, very few people have the correct skin tone for that. The shirts were silk, and in the required thread count, so while the florescent white crowd on the ‘red’ side didn’t look that great, they adhered to the unwritten dress code. It was noted in historical documents that collectively the team emanated an orange hue; everyone could see they were destined to lose on that alone.

    I haven’t decided what to wear to the Civil War? What will our colors be? Can I help pick the colors, I have strong opinions when it comes to colors and skin tone, so I am hoping to be the style guru for the Civil War.
    Send images of your ideas and I will do my best to judge them, and you.


    As Always,

    Your Style Queen


    Trump is insane, Republicans who defend him deserve ridicule.

    You gotta lighten up rm.

    This is me lightened up

    An important point. I've seen a few articles about what Pelosi is wearing to the impeachment but no help or advice for men. Here's a picture of me with my dog. This is what I'm thinking of wearing. 


    NIce manicure, fella...


    This is a very good start, I'll even go so far as to accept the orange leggings.  They do compliment the navy foppish top and the golden thread is a nice addition!


    Wave that flag...








    Well played sir.



    The Trump White House motto:

    "Don't snitch because snitches catch stitches"

    Morning NPR this AM questions a Republican, who they said is off somewhere on a trip:

    "Does the President deserve to know the whistleblower?"

    That kind of bs is why I give zero to NPR. Question should be:

    "Does the President want to know the whistleblower so he can personally attack the person, distracting attention from his own actions in conspiring with a foreign nation to interfere with next year's election?"

    Nice, although I am not partial to the color of their outfits, however, this does not take away from the hotness of the dudes in this photo!


    Trump would love to personally and vitriolically attack the WB as a traitorous lying Hillary loving Deep State spy who you know what we do with...

    I have been paying attention again lately to the fashionistas and I find that unfortunately as to advisement they are not going to be of any help, they cannot at this point agree amongst themselves. 

    There are only two rules I am sure of so far:

    • you have to wear your own skin color, that is number one!
    • probably not wise to wear dreads or an Afro  unless you have a certificate from your hairdresser that you have type 4 hair or higher. And don't wear a turban or full head wrap unless you are Muslim, non Muslims should only wear scarfs around their neck.

    Everyone agrees, though, that drawing on these eyebrows is de riguer, no matter which side you are on! 

    Oh that reminds me, it is socially helpful to wear a tag that states which pronouns you would like to refer to your person.

    AA, this is wonderful!

    Thank ye and thank ye for starting this thread. Style is important! cheeky

    oh damn I forget about the Sikh males being allowed to wear turbans. This civil war planning is more complicated than even a wedding, ain't it?

    Richard Painter has a suggestion:

    And Judd Legum points out new Trump hats are available:

    these are apparently popular with Gen. Z:


    edit to add: Greta has also made it possible for white-skinned lefty liberals to wear Germanic style braids again! No more rural conservative or Nazi signification!

    They say the economy is so good but I'm seeing shortages in my local grocery store. Yesterday they were out of shredded cheese. Has to be Trump's fault. He said he was going to make America grate again.

    not about clothing, but definitely about culture war style, he's going allout Ken Burns:

    some other fun tweets under the new trending hashtags  #CivilWarSignup and #CivilWarPotLuck

    This one is so good!

    I am planning to borrow one of Richard's set of pajamas and see how things work out.
    The slipper brigade is very quiet in their approach, especially in noisy environments.
    But I will sport a bright bandana to signal I am not afraid of militias.

    Now this is true style and class, I swear you could be Martha Stewart herself. The giveaway: saying you will "sport" a bandana rather than wear one.

    Thank you but I have some trepidation as I complete my outfit.
    Being Martha will require some surgery and serving time in jail.
    And getting all British with the shiny colors makes me nervous around trees that Vermonters may be hiding behind.

    I really need a picture to judge this appropriately, but in general bright colors aren’t necessarily good with some skin tones, so be really careful when you decide which bright color to don. Like, don’t go bright yellow or green, no chartreuse, orchid is a good color on almost everyone and it’s bright enough.

    I was thinking guerrilla green to offset the polka dots Richard generally prefers.

    You all have a month; Mitch says it's going to beginning around Thanksgiving:

    At today’s Senate Republican lunch meeting, Mitch McConnell (with an assist from impeachment vet Lindsey Graham) gave an Impeachment Trials 101 lesson. His lessons:

    They’ll sit 6 days per week (sundays off) starting at 12:30pm every day. It’s expected to take several weeks.

    — Paul McLeod (@pdmcleod) October 16, 2019


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