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    SSRIs and Vaccine Hesitancy

    People who have been at Dagblog long enough know that I was on it about antidepressants, the most popular being the serotonin stimulating SSRI drugs. I blogged about it heavily ten years ago and tied it to a mass shooting phenomenon that, certainly at that time, was at a very high level.

    Many of the same companies, like Pfizer, which trade in pharmaceuticals, traded also in these vaccines. The government has pushed a sort of enforced competition with these vaccines, hand picking several favorite companies to compete with one another for contracts and acceptance by the public.

    A lot of people who misunderstood what I was talking about way back then have come back to me given the push to mandate vaccines, realizing that I wasn't trying to prohibit people's freedom to decide what they put in their body but instead to push against coercion of what people put in their bodies. Coercion can mean both prohibition and inducement. 

    Like SSRIs, there are fairly valid peer reviewed reports of both the illness of Covid-19 and the vaccine against it inducing psychosis in some patients. You can interpret that as you want dependent on your perspective. I will only tell you what happened to me.

    I took the vaccine much later than most other people, in late September 2021. There was a program in the state that I live in to financially compensate people who get the vaccine, so the state made it worth my while. 

    Everyone where I got the shot was really nice. I was generally upbeat about everything. Shortly after I got the poke, however, I started to have feelings of despair and self-loathing that felt really familiar. I didn't feel like doing anything and couldn't motivate myself out of bed. I began to think it'd be good if I ran away from everyone I knew, if I just lived like a hermit or just got myself out of their way. Compared to the SSRI withdrawal I had a decade ago, it was fairly controlled but I couldn't ignore that it felt very familiar. 

    Then, within three weeks, just like SSRI withdrawal, those feelings were over. I was back to being me. Everyone is free to take it if they want to, and it seems in many cases they have to, but it's not a conspiracy - these side effects are confirmed at least in people susceptible to them. This doesn't even go in to the medical side effects - blood clots, etc., which may be rare, sure, but we are talking about something mandated to the entire public.

    If the entire population has to be locked down due to an illness that most greivously impacts a minority of the population, how can we then just write off the minority that may be adversely impacted by vaccine mandates? Are some people's unfortunate circumstances more important than others?

    The thing about susceptibility is that, in a consumer medication, that can be laid at the foot of the patient who sought out or at least agreed to take it. However, when you mandate something to the entire population that could affect susceptible people in various ways, those who are susceptible to whatever side effect have no way out. Everyone is different, also, and just because one person quickly recovers doesn't mean the next person will.

    Be careful and stay aware of what it is.

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