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    Running For Office Week 3: Dems in Disarray

    Last night was the LD reorganization meeting, and it was eye-opening, depressing, and shed a bright light on why Democrats haven't won in my district in 12 years. 

    The reorganization meeting was large. Many people are motivated to try to take the district back, but the lack of professionalism and seeming lack of organizational knowledge is stunning. There was a full table of people still fighting the primary results. And while I still am convinced I should run, I am not sure that our local party has the organizational chops to help  support a successful campaign.

    The meeting was hours longer than it should have been, many people left because of the many hours we sat there, I arrive a little before  7 PM and I left at 1015, but they weren't finished yet. I heard all the regular bullshit about well Dems take everyone and that is why we aren't well organized, I heard the Wil Rogers quote about 50 times and some brief discussion about how the Democratic Party needs to change substantially. I have real concerns that the Democratic Party will survive because of the animosity and disarray of a simple organizational meeting!

    We've often discussed the Republican Parties long-term demographic problems here at Dag and all over the blogosphere, but the Democrats have the same worry. There was exactly one woman of color attending the meeting and everyone else was white, everyone. We failed to elect our one African American attendee to any position??? The majority voted in favor of white men and one white woman. I am simply astounded by what I witnessed.  It doesn't bode well for me and a run, unless I take matters into my own hands, raise a substantial amount of money, and hire professionals to help me with this campaign.

    In conclusion, week three has been disappointing! But I am still determined to try to get elected. 


    Guess your community can help you understand the angry white voter that's such a big topic...

    Hold course, it's very early in the day.

    Thank you for getting into the ring.

    As Sartre said about Hell: It is other people.

    Maybe they need TMac more nationally - we might be in bigger trouble.

    Tmccarthy... Hey there...

    If you do decide to take matters into my your hands it may behoove you to take a quick peek at my short post over in the Hive.

    The Calm Practical Approach To The Issues and
    Debates In The Coming Months and Years

    It may prove invaluable for helping you to set your course on reaching out to the public.


    First rule: put it in play, maybe you get lucky, maybe they implode. Not sure why Dean was so hard to grasp.

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