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    Political donations kerfuffle

    I'm planning on participating in an activity I rarely do ... political donations.

    Elizabeth Warren is such an inspiring individual, I have no issue with donating a few coins every pay period. I'm a resident of Nevada, but her understanding of the complexity of the issues we all are facing at the bottom of the rung makes me want to see her succeed. Of course I have an alternative motive too!

    I want to make sure the just-getting-by-by-the hair-on-her-teeth Representative for my district in Nevada who has high hopes of winning Ensign's Senate seat knows I'm sending money she could use in her campaign to Warren. I want to send her a message being a Senator is more than just a feather in one's cap ... respect is earned by actions greater than the few; rather it's of the whole. I want to send her a copy of the cashier's check so she can see for herself she's loosing both financial donations and a vote.

    So to carry out my devious plan I need to know where to send a real, physical cashiers check ... on-line are suspect. See here ...

    Somehow I'm not getting any warm fuzzies for that method of political donation. And that was the only hit I was able to pull up ... on AltaVista no less! Google was everywhere but where I wanted to go.

    So can someone direct me to the actual web page for Warren's campaign, please?

    Thanks in advance for your support!


    What I've done in the past is go to Act Blue so I just went there through Google and it seems o.k. to me. Do you have a real concern about Act Blue?

    I actually took your link and it is a wholly different look than the main Act Blue Website--which lists 10 or so featured races.

    I rest my case.

    Too automated. Makes me think it's a scam ... never really know if the money really did go to the person intended. Would prefer to talk with someone over the phone ... real flesh and blood. Otherwise, no money will be sent.

    Hi Beetle! ha

    I miss so many of you guys!

    And devious plans?


    Repubs are only capable of devious plans because they never believe one message they ever send out.


    Speaking of devious plans ...  here's one I just cooked up today.

    The GOPer's just reconfirmed, what they've reconfirmed, what they've reconfirmed ... the motto of the US is In God We Trust.

    Now the OWS mob is in search of some unity message that ties each to one another. Why not demand the motto of the US be changed back to the original E pluribus unum. After all, the GOPer's and tea-baggers all insist we read the Constitution as intended by the founders, which they took great pains to minimize any religious preferences or references. And the signers of the Declaration took it upon themselves to find a motto fitting for all citizens, but specifically not based on a particular religious belief.

    Would be an interesting election cycle having the GOPer's demanding the US to be known as a God fearing nation while the opposition using the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and the Federalist Papers to point out specific references where the founders knew better than to bind the government to a specific brand of religion at the expense of the other faiths ... Mormonism is a cult.

    Thanks Dan! I appreciate your help!

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