The Bishop and the Butterfly: Murder, Politics, and the End of the Jazz Age
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    Obama disappoints, once again

    Obama has disappointed many on the left time, and time again, from suppression of abuse/rape photos to giving amnesty to telcos over illegal wire-tapping, just to name a couple.

    This time, however, he's crossed the line.

    We want a President who wouldn't hurt a fly. Don't we? Well, maybe not all of us, but PETA does.

    Although I'm a pescetarian, and am very sympathetic to many of PETA's causes, they really do like the crazy, don't they?


    Obama and my dog have something in common: freak-like reflexes. My dog can jump up and catch a fly in his mouth. Then, he plays with it for a little while, before he eats it. It's so gross.

    I call on Orlando to denounce and reject her dog for immoral and gross behavior. Otherwise, we can conclude that she supports insect torture and consumption.

    I can denounce him, but I can't reject him. He's too cute.

    Be careful. I think that was also Obama's initial reason for not rejecting Rev. Wright.

    We'll see how you feel when your dog takes it up a notch. Perhaps he'll catch a bird in his mouth next time. (My dog did that once, and had no idea what to do afterwards.)

    Or a predator drone

    Or Mega-shark.

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