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    Noonan Gravely Accuses Tea Partiers of "Thinking."

    Ah, Peggy Noonan. She is like the bench partner in middle school science class who tears the wings from a living butterfly and then weeps mournfully over its demise. Her latest effort at scientific analysis finds her not only accusing Tea Partiers of "thinking," but also offers her scientific impression that their thoughts are ascendant within the population at large.

    Noonan on Immigration Reform (Amnesty):

    If you take a look at the Republican leaders of the Congress, I think you can probably fault them for not being able to control their own conference and control the situation. But you cannot fault them for failing to control the dynamics behind the whole thing.

    The fact is, there are about 50 or 60 Republican members who are very skeptical and really in opposition to what they see as de facto amnesty in the United States. They are a small group of the Republican Conference and yet they represent probably the thinking of almost half the country.

    And they do not really trust the elites of the parties or the elites of America's financial community to come through and address their concerns.

    So I see this whole split and tension as something that will likely continue and be very difficult for Mr. Boehner.

    Interestingly, RTW laws and repeal of the Clean Water Act and even Immigration Reform - like so many other items on the ALEC/GOP agenda - are NEVER cited as major policy concerns by anyone I know, and I know a LOT of Right Wingnuts in my small town Wisconsin. If anything, they come to favor these things only as talking points after having been led to them by talk radio and by public PR campaigns funded by wealthy interests.
    Said another way, these are not fundamental, organic interests being served for the voting constituents, which leaves virtually ALL of the GOP agenda in the realm of serving special interests who pay big money to promote their cause with hope of getting a large return on their investment.
    So, bottom line, as they say? Follow the money, and then see for yourself how closely are your ACTUAL interests aligned with those being promoted and served. The answers are quite stark and should be alarming to anyone paying attention.
    And BTW: Am I the only person who's noticed that Noonan and Dick Cheney apparently have the same drama coach teaching them to emote gravitas when they speak? It's always a cringe-worthy fail as if both are characters from "Dr. Strangelove II, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb." They both just need to go away, one of them preferably to a black site prison somewhere, never to be seen or heard from again. Just saying, is all.


    Yes, Peggy, it's been the "dynamics" all along, not the petit fours or cucumber sandwiches. (after high school she married the factory owner and lived in the brick mansion in the center of town).

    You mean, Peggy Noonan married Henry Potter? Yowza!

    (Warning: Obscenity Alert!)

    I have written before about this wondrous woman.

    But I must render unto sleepin the Dayly Blog of the Day Award for this here Dagblog Site, given to all of him from all of me. hahahahah

    I did this before, but it still seems apt for my dear Peggy Sue:

    Thanks, DDay! Cherished, as always!

    So, bottom line, as they say? Follow the money, and then see for yourself how closely are your ACTUAL interests aligned with those being promoted and served. The answers are quite stark and should be alarming to anyone paying attention.

    So they are idiots, does that mean we get a pass? These idiots with our help, are going to destroy everything. 

    As mentioned in the video 

    The Troika (the European Commission, IMF and European Central Bank (ECB)   is about to enslave the entire world wide working class to serve its financial Hegemony

    There will be no values accept…….  Profits

    We Might Need (smart) Black Conservatives

    Absolutely follow the money; it should be alarming

    Taxpayer bailouts that go into the dark hole for the benefit of the banks and to minimize their losses, they don’t give a shite about the people.  It’s all about Fascism and serving misanthropes. 

    Actually Resistance, I always marveled at Peggy's bottom line, so to speak. hahahaha

    Peggy Noonan apparently thinks she's not "elite", and somehow God has placed her at the gates to ward off those elite political/finance wizars who want to destroy what thinking poor people have built.

    I think she's trying to co-opt/channel Adlai Stevenson - "Senator, all thinking Americans are behind you"  "That's great, but we're going to need a majority".

    But if you're bored this eve, I suggest whipping up some popcorn and wading through the archives where Wonkette tries to find Peggy Noonan's brain and/or heart, and fails miserably.  (unsurprisingly courage and chutzpah were there in abundance, though come to think of it, don't think the Dorothy wench and pup followed the golden brick road to DC to find chutzpah - must have been another book)



    "Peggy Noonan, Our Lady of the Barbiturate Fugue."

    Perfect! Charles Pierce couldn't have nailed it any better! HaHaHaHaHa!

    "Sister Peggy Noonan of Our Lady of the Xanax Brain Cloud!"

    Reminds me of The Wild Eyed Boy from Free Cloud.

    Did Bowie invent Peggy before she was cool?

    It's just red meat to wave in front of ignorant people. I'd have some respect for the anti-immigrant caucus if they actually put forward a fully funded plan to deport 12 million illegal immigrants. I'd still disagree but at least I'd respect their integrity. If they were honest about the  facts many Americans would oppose it when they see the costs. If it was actually enacted more would be appalled at the sight of millions rounded up. Interviews with children who only know America and don't speak a word of Spanish would change other's mind. When the price of fresh  fruits and vegetables sky rocketed, if you could find them at all, more people would change their mind.

    As long as they actually do nothing they can rant on, rile up the base, and get votes. It's not just that they lie or that they don't back up their rantings with actions. They're the scummyist of politicians. Ranting for votes by giving people a scapegoat to hate.


    Very well said. It is so irresponsible to insist that "Something must be done! I'm not sure what it is, but your plan is unacceptable!" Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of lives hang in the balance.

    Such unbelievable cowards, and all of it (as you say) in pursuit of identifying scapegoats for their own failures in leadership. In the end, there is not a one of them who is worthy of the respect earned by even the lowliest immigrant. Nay, there isn't a one of them worth a bucket of warm piss.

    You really think the Koch brothers or the Scott Walkers care, if you cut your own throats? 

    These misanthropes have used the 12 million illegals as pawns against us.

    if they actually put forward a fully funded plan to deport 12 million illegal immigrants.

    We didn't need a plan to deport;  we needed a plan to support.  

    An alternative plan was never going to be allowed to come up for discussion. 

    There was a better way to have dealt with the problem of illegals, but that plan wouldn't have served the cause of the Koch brothers, along with their supporters who wanted to destroy collective bargaining.  

    Why is their a cognitive disconnect of the recent example of Walmart's of offering more carrots in order to retain good workers. Yet the working class might have achieved the same goal by controlling the labor pool over the last decade and we may have not gone through a decade of stagnant wages and disparate income gap?. 

    by giving people a scapegoat to hate.

    The Koch brothers understand the valuable tactic of getting  the working class members to demonize each other, pitting one group against another, divides the working class, which only benefits them not us. 

    Here is the numbers on immigration reform from polls. 

    Over 60% wants reform.

    "What should be the main focus of the U.S. government in dealing with the issue of illegal immigration: developing a plan that would allow illegal immigrants who have jobs to become legal U.S. residents, or developing a plan for stopping the flow of illegal immigrants into the U.S. and for deporting those already here?"

    That don't sound like the majority wants the same thing as the right wing nuts in the house.

    Peggy needs to get out more. Some of those numbers have been as high as 69% in other polls. It is only a third of the country not almost half that favors beating up on the President's immigration policies.  Or anything else that the President does.  

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