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    I feel bad sometimes that I can feel so gooooooooood watching the evil fall.

    Twice Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice and now the repub candidate for the US Senate, this bible thumping prick is being accused of statutory rape.  I mean the statute of limitations has apparantly lapsed but there are more than a few young maidens accusing this holy man of plying them with liquor and then having coitus with them.

    AT THE AGE OF 14 whilst our hero was in his thirties?

    Fake news?

    Or fake minister of the faith.

    You decide.



    ... he took off her shirt and pants and removed his clothes. He touched her over her bra and underpants, she says, and guided her

    By his account, chronicled in his book “So Help Me God,” Moore spent his time as a prosecutor convicting “murderers, rapists, thieves and drug pushers.” He writes that it was “around this time that I fashioned a plaque of The Ten Commandments on two redwood tablets.”


    As the breakdown below shows, the Moore family did in fact receive $1,030,875 from The Foundation for Moral Law over this period, according to IRS filings:

    History child molestation: check

    Bible thumping hypocrite and grifter: check

    Homophobe, says gay marriage worse than Dred Scott, slavery: check

    A Republican politician popular with so-called self proclaimed holier than thou  "Values Voters"..!



    He is nothing but a bible thumping felon.

    Oh NCD, I had omitted this gem from Bill Presser over a decade ago. One of my favorite C-SPAN interviews ever.

    “Take Joseph and Mary. Mary was a teenager and Joseph was an adult carpenter. They became parents of Jesus,” Alabama State Auditor Jim Ziegler told The Washington Examiner. “There’s just nothing immoral or illegal here. Maybe just a little bit unusual.” 

    Moore was thinkin of Baby Jesus!

    Um, I think even most non-Catholic Christians believe Jesus was conceived "without sin" and Joseph was not the biological father of Jesus? Ziegler flunked Sunday School? Just sayin'

    Yeah, yeah, nudge nudge wink wink. Everyone knows he ripped off a little snatch out in the "workshop". When you're a high-powered carpenter, these easy girls just let you do it. And if not, you just start kissing them and grabbing and it all works out. It's in one of dem 1st four Gospels, Son of Sam or sumtin'. We all read about it.

    Nothin like carpenters. hahhahahahah

    They take care of the Lord's work. hahaha


    taking a stand against Breitbart conspiracy theorizing:

    The allegations against Roy Moore are deeply disturbing and disqualifying. He should immediately step aside and allow the people of Alabama to elect a candidate they can be proud of.

    — John McCain (@SenJohnMcCain) November 9, 2017

    Holy cow AA!

    McCain shines thru once again?

    I am in awe of the Arizona Senator.

    He does tend to surprise me once a year; but lately this man is a gem.

    I just think he very much cares about his party (second to the country, of course) and it's a mess right now and he hates that. It's like this: bad enough we got Trump to deal with; time for all men to fall on their sword when they are dragging the party further down; who cares if it's true or not? the guy is a nut, will always be trouble, good riddance.

    In a way, Dems should wish Moore stays and fights? It's just smart politics. The others who don't have a death sentence or are up for re-election are being careful as usual and they don't see that's exactly what can hurt them?

    others with qualifier "if allegations are true":

    Lee, Hatch and McConnell on behalf of other Senators, from  the Salt Lake Tribune

    which also reports this:

    The Salt Lake County Republican Party, too, joined the chorus of calls for Moore to get out of the race.

    “New Rule: If you’ve had sex with a minor or lesser things like texted explicit pictures of your reproductive anatomy ... or anything like that, let’s go ahead and agree you’re not running for office. Glad we had this talk,” the party tweeted Thursday afternoon.

    Well AA, all accused deserve their day in court?

    Except when folks like Moore make the damning accusations.

    He attacks a Minnesotan saying that Keith Ellison should not be allowed in the House of Representatives because he worships Allah?

    Well then Moore does not give a damn about courts and such!

    Believe or not, Jonah Goldberg agrees with you, called for conservatives to disavow Roy Moore Oct. 25, is disgusted that it took this to "draw a line". I think Trump as president is like the last straw for some of these conservative guys (other examples: a lot of the neo-con guys like Kristol, guys like Frum, Sens. Corker, McCain, ,Graham) where they want to see the party purged of all the trashy crap, the Sean Hannity type crap, that they were silent on for a long time in order to win. Now they feel they sold their soul. It's interesting to me because it's like the flip side of liberal purity tests, where they can't abide what they have to do to have a "big tent". It's really always seems like people would be happier if there were four or more parties, not two, so they didn't have to feel like they are selling out, at least until sausage making time comes to the fore..

    See Kristol hates this whole scene so much, including Breitbart's spin on Moore, that he's quoting Josh Marshall:

    This hapless Breitbart editor is probably being rebuked by his superiors because he acknowledged that even one "relationship" might be "problematic": "Learn from the example of our leader: Acknowledge nothing. Lie shamelessly. Attack the media. MAGA!"

    — Bill Kristol (@BillKristol) November 9, 2017


    It's true that people are more ideologically diverse than the two parties might indicate but there already are four or more parties. Happily or not most people continue to vote for one of the two major parties. As long as elections are zero sum games people will prefer one of the two parties. The only thing that might make third parties viable is a change to a ranked voting system.

    I still feel that Politico took care of this.

    Check out Huffp and the beast and a host of other posts.

    Here is a nice lady on TYT who I listen to from time to time:

    Women do, after all, need to be heard on this subject.

    Rachel notes the following

    The Alabama Speaker of the House was indicted

    Despite the conviction, the Speaker was re-elected by the voters. The legislators in the House re-elected the Speaker to his speakership.

    The Speaker was convicted

    The ex-Governor of Alabama was caught in an adultery scandal

    ​The legislature was about to impeach the Governor but the Attorney General intervened. The AG said that his office would investigate the matter. No charges were ever brought. The AG, a man by the name of Luther Strange,l was appointed to finish the term of Jeff Sessions when Sessions was appointed the Attorney General in the Trump administration. Trump supported Luther Strange’s campaign for a full term in the Senate. Strange lost that election to a man supported by Steve Bannon. Strange’s opponent was Roy Moore who is now running for the U.S. Senate.

    No one would believe this if it were the plot of a Hollywood movie


    Here is a really good take on Moore by TYT.

    This discussion just seems to cover all bases.

    God, I hate this guy!

    Forgive me for such venom. hahahah

    Hollywood is shutting down projects when these allegations come up taking monetary losses. Kevin Spacey and Lewis C.K. are just two examples. In politics, you can still be elected despite allegations. Trump and the Alabama Republican Party are examples.Hollywood is more moral than the Republicans in D.C.

    RMRD these attacks on women? I feel like an idiot. I mean I never thought about these male antics except when I view Law & Order SVU or related programs. 

    Honestly, I just never predicted this type of behavior from people of substance (read money) or politics or....

    I guess a higher percentage of men are pricks.

    Louis CK or Weinstein or ....

    I am so very very stupid not to understand this behavior goes on all the frickin time.

    the end

    I’m in the same bubble. 

     Chris Brown’s abuse was public. He still has a career. Tom Joyner has him slated to appear on a cruise in 2018.

    R Kelly has several accusers

    I have every season of the Cosby Show on DVD and I can’t watch any episode

    Now a woman has accused Jesse Jackson of “misconduct”

    This is sad.


    RMRD maybe my three little granddaughters got to me; although I had a son and a daughter for chrissakes.

    I certainly love my daughter.

    My son really really changed his attitude towards all of this and he is going to be 39 in a few days.

    He now is a woman suffragist. hahahhahaah

    As I noted years ago, I have never personally witnessed such a change in

    perspective since Bobby Kennedy. hahaha

    Cosby as  an example was extraordinary. As far as my consciousness.

    This man did more for racial identity than anyone except for MLK for chrissakes.

    And there he is.

    Drugging innocent women and then..... 

    that is all i got. 

    as they say


    For the GOP a problem if he goes or if he stays; Greg Sargent @ WaPo explains  (including the Dem situation as well):

    [....] Some Republicans do appear to be looking for a way to get Moore to quit. But if he did, Moore would remain on the ballot in the Dec. 12 election, and Republicans would have to find a write-in candidate. Top Democrats think this could be problematic for Republicans, because a chunk of Moore supporters would probably stay home or vote for him anyway — seeing him, again, as the persecuted victim — possibly splitting the Republican vote.

    But for now this looks unlikely. And regardless, the fact that Moore would remain on the ballot — rendering the write-in option tough for Republicans — perhaps helps explain the GOP “if true” language. If Republicans do end up stuck with Moore, that formulation lays the groundwork for them to retain a Senate seat even as these charges fade away, forever unresolved.

    Top Democrats believe that for Jones to somehow win, three things have to happen. Democratic-leaning independents and Democrats — especially African Americans — have to be unusually energized. Republicans have to be substantially less energized. And some untold number of moderate Republicans — especially moderate Republican women — have to do more than just decide they can’t stomach Moore; they have to vote for a Democrat [....]

    another very good excerpt, he's got savvy sources; my underlining:

    Even so, national Democrats are still hesitant to get involved deeply in the race. Here’s the thinking: The race should be seen as nothing more than a contrast between unifying, temperamentally calm prosecutor Jones, vs. the bundle of traits that render Moore unfit for office — the flouting of the rule of law, the belief that homosexuality should be illegal, and, now, the accusations of sexual predation on a teenager. The trick in coming days will be to provide support for Jones to run a capable operation that gets out the Democratic vote without any show of force by the national party that could upend efforts to woo those crossover Republicans.

    Or they leave Moore blank, which may be the case for many.


    I was actually in awe over Romney's statement.

    All politicians equivocate of course, but damn...



    Roy married his wife in 1985.

    So I guess his pedophilia at age 32 was prior to his marriage?

    When was she born? (Roy was born in '47)

    They have two sons and two daughters.

    Wiki aint no help on this issue. Or I am misreading the bio there.

    Just a thought.

    If you're going to take the Ten Commandments as your guide to life, does it not all depend upon what your definition of adultery is?

    I for one would be glad to welcome him to club of Sex Between Unmarried People Is Fun That's Why They Invented Birth Control. Probably too much to expect, probably because most Ten Commandments type guys can't get very excited unless they think they are doing something sinful. devil

    More seriously, the things behind this kind of attraction to very young women by older men is troublesome for feminists like me and not for the reasons some might think.  It's not like jealousy by mature women that they are pissed that they can't compete (if you're talking attraction to 20-somethings, that might apply.) But this attraction to girls that are just past puberty, that's patriarchy writ large. It's like behind it a desire to impregnate the dependent immature and helpless, the keep them barefoot and pregnant from a young age thing. Where the women are breeders until menopause and the men take care of them as such. It's a power thing. This is what is behind the Wall Street guys who go crazy over models, young dumb beautiful arm candy says to all the other guys: I can get the best youngest freshest breeder!

    If they are true pedophiles that only get turned on by pre-pubescent children, that's really something else much more complex and quite different.


    To clear things up, adultery is for adults, kidery is for kids. Just kiddering.

    The bass player for the Pixies went on to found the Breeders. I'm not sure i get the awe of this (at first I thought it was the Mouth Breathers or something), because I grew up in the day where *not* getting someone preggers was considered the optimal route - *especially* not someone underage (and this retro "age of consent was 12" goes directly against the wisdom of the time that "15 once will get you ten, 15 twice will get you twenty, but 16 will get you all you need", not that that wasn't meant to appeal to high school (i.e. 17-year-old) humor of the day, not 32-year-olds. If you watch Dazed & Confused, the probably 20-year-old still hanging around the high school is such a sleazebag, and it's impossible to imagine this any other way even at (or especially at?) a church camp.  Of course all of rock 'n roll mythology of the 70's (and standard groupie practice) was about hitting up underaged girls, from Led Zeppelin/Bill Wyman/Bowie perversities culminating in the most exploitive setup ever,The Runaways, managed by a crazed abusive pedo (okay, an underage teen exploiter, as undoubtedly he was only interested in girls of fertile age). Anyway, I really don't think it's anything about breeding - I think it's just an enormous number of people who never grew up, and have the power & money to keep living those high school dreams. If you think about it, we stopped writing & listening to songs about college years in the 60's - after that it all became hot for teacher, smoking in the boys' room, Beavis 'n Butthead, rock 'n roll high school, ''74-'75 nostalgic bullshit. Startiing in the 80's, music & especially concerts largely died as a cultural informer when MTV made live passe, and fashion catwalks took over - as seen by the Jagger & Rod Stewart pivot, the famous Robert Palmer model video, & George MIchael's consummate video. After Nirvana & Courtney Love, girls no longer played an instrument - all left to another time, and instead they danced and wore outfits and looked like ever-changing fashion objects, which they were/are.

    Peracles this just got to me.

    Like one of Zeno's paradoxes. hahahahah

    Can one commit adultery with a minor? I mean there is only one adult involved and that is the perpetrator.


    I would give you some award but I have no idea how to phrase the damn thing! 

    All your money, Dick, per usual. Or IOUs. Or Klingon woldescript.

    your riff immediately made me think of the famous "shiny and new....touched for the very first time" tune, released in 1984....

    You mean this one, no? Keep thinking of the faux Mr Rogers bit, "your son is thpecial, he helps me feed my goldfish - you toched him Mr Roberts..." or considering the news du jour about job hazards, this one.

    [While it's always easy to make fun of Mr Rogers, this clip reminded me of others I've seen, that he was truly "special"]

    And of course the gay bashing that ties in with these olden times tempers the humor

    gotta say it my favorite of your links is "people who work at night"

    Ross Douthat is also reminded of "Dazed and Confused"

    The Swine of Conservatism

    [...] So while we wait to see what becomes of Alabama Senate candidate and professional Christian Roy Moore, who is credibly alleged to have spent his thirties pursuing high school girls with the “I get older, they stay the same age” gusto of Matthew McConaughey’s character in “Dazed and Confused,” it’s worth doing a quick typology of the predators that flourish among the godly and moralistic and traditional [....]

    Is that good company to keep? At least championong the poor working girl at night - someone's gotta do it.

    I find interesting that there's a political narrative the editors at the NYTimes seem to be trying to get across with the stories they've assigned.

    In a new piece clearly trying to report that Senate GOP establishment really really really don't want him, are desperate to find a way to get rid of him

    while the Alabama GOP are digging in their heels in support of him.

    but  For Alabama Women, Disgust, Fatigue and a Sense Moore Could Win Anyway

    Keeping in mind that Moore fans and Trump fans are wont to think of this all as a plot by the evil "fake news" media owned by elites such as Bezos. Senators are thought of as elites naturally. People like Bannon like to push the idea of the people storming those barricades.


    More Moore. The most recent poll has the race nearly dead even. Doug Jones was already close. He just needs to keep talking about the issues that affect Alabama and let the media run with the allegations against sleazy hypocrite Moore.

    Outside of Alabama but still in Fox News demographic, it appears these are the kind of accusations that can really hurt a guy:

    Advertisers Ditch Sean Hannity Over His Coverage Of Accused Pedophile Roy Moore

    Hayley Miller @,HuffPost 1 hour 45 minutes ago
    [....] Eloquii, a plus-size clothing retailer, was the first company to publicly distance themselves from the right-wing personality, followed by 23 and me, Nature’s Bounty, Keurig and [...]
    I would argue it's not wise to the throw the label "Pedophile" around so wily nily like Yahoo/HuffPost here, but these advertisers and the people who are complaining to them clearly don't care what you call it, and they were fine with Hannity's rep. before this

    CNN stoking it yesterday:

    Ex-colleague: Moore dated high school girls

    A former co-worker of US Senate candidate Roy Moore says it was 'common knowledge' that Moore dated high school girls. CNN's Boris Sanchez and Alex Marquardt discuss the story. 
    and HuffPost promoting their story with a rewrite:

    Bannon fail:

    Two reporters are in Alabama trying to discredit Roy Moore’s accusers. They haven’t found much.
    by Theodore Kupfer @,  Nov. 14
    Boyle and Klein have become Steve Bannon’s tools, which means they’re the property of whatever ludicrous candidate Bannon backs.

    Yeah AA, 'they' are kinda given up. hahahah

    Hannity gave Moore 24 hours after that master direct examination of Moron Moore.


    Hannity lies all the time. hahahahaha

    This time he could not even take Moore.

    This is just hilarious to me.


    whew; al franken simply doesn't remember it this way.  'Al Franken Offers ‘Sincerest Apologies’ After Being Accused of Groping, Sexual Assaulting Woman in 2006'; Woman's account includes photograph of Franken grabbing her breasts while she slept,

    thank god he's sorry, just in case it did happen.



    Ah yes... The Free Beacon...

    Another division of the Government Accountability Institute.

    Now I don't disbelieve her accusations, But keep in mind, everyone in life has a history...

    Anyone ever see this woman in the December, 2011 issue of Playboy or her layout in the "The Top Hooters Girls of all time"?


    She is welcome to show her breasts in whatever setting she wants. Actresses and models often choose to do that. That doesn't mean she's open to be grabbed outside that. I imagine many women have to pluck up a lot of courage to pose naked or semi-naked, others have an easier time performing. But in any case I have no right to steal Kurt Vonnegut's mail even though I've bought several of his books.

    Franken admitted being dumb and creepy for taking that picture. He apologized for the skit and asked it to be investigated further, noting many men have done intimidating, harassing things over the years, and it's hopefully a learning, transitional moment.

    This is hardly denying events the way Moore, Weinstein and Trump have. But nice try at driveby deception.

    the reason i 'drove by' was that richard day had called al franken his hero the other day.  another example of heroes with clay feet, no?  alleging that i'm comparing him to roy moore is pure sophistry on your part, not mine.

    to old golden decoy: the reason i ended up on that free beacon website was that i waws digging into the original 1967 space treaty (US, UK, USSR) and what upgrades have been proposed since.  in this case, the headline was ‘U.S. Opposes New Draft Treaty from China and Russia Banning Space Weapons, Arms control pact sought as Beijing, Moscow secretly build anti-satellite, space arms’

    but no doubt you'll enjoy the reasoning:

    "Additionally, the space arms ban treaty is part of Russian and Chinese efforts to attack U.S. and allied missile defenses, which are heavily reliant on space sensors and weapons.

    "At some point I believe we should put missile defense into space," said Schneider who worked in the Pentagon on strategic defense, space, and verification policies.

    Additionally, "Russia is certain to cheat on any space treaty," Schneider said."

    but remember that the WaPo's propOrnot recommended that buzzfeed news was as reliable as the NYT, WSJ, NPR, and of course the WaPo, did you believe they actually had the 'smoking gun' of russia financing the US election?  aw, rats, it was russia's fault for not commenting before publication time, see?  turns out they sent money to 145 nations around the world to set up polling stations for the 2016 russian elections.  

    and no, groping is not rape, but it sure as hell is sexual assault.

    No, a shitty example as you can see from a mild obvious joky shot by a comedian on tour with a model who regularly shows her breasts publicly. He didn't touch her (there was a flak jacket as insulation, which was obviously the point of the gag - perhaps if there was a foot of polystyrene you'd get the point?). He didn't masturbate in front of her. He didn't grab her butt. He didn't run his hands down her pants. He didn't rape her.

    Your Buzzfeed comment is another shitty example displaying crap reasoning, as few claim Buzzfeed is as solid a source as WaPo, NPR, etc - they just claim sometimes Buzzfeed gets it right while the rest are sleeping, such as the Steele Dossier where everyone was dithering trying to make up its mind and losing valuable time.

    It's likely that Franken was sexually inappropriate. We're in a time when the veil is being ripped off to reveal the extent of the problem. Now society has to decide how to deal with it. Groping is wrong but it's not rape. Groping an adult women who isn't subordinate to you is different than groping a subordinate or a child. One accusation is different than ten.

    If Moore had been accused of dating just one 17 year old high school girl and kissing her that would be different than several girls, one who was 14 and alleges sexual contact, and another that alleges attempted rape. If Cosby had been accused of drugging and sexually assaulting one women that would be different than being accused of assaulting sixty women. There are different levels of evidence needed and different punishments for different offenses.

    One aspect is of course sexual humor as USO shows were known for, and in comedy we have Carol Wayne & her skits with Johnny Carson or Carol Cleveland (the 6th Python/"and now for the oral sex"), or Marilyn doing USO with Bob Hope, etc, so if this woman was brought on as the Hooters girl for comedy, it's a bit hard to see what for - "oh, they made a sexual reference to my breasts" - uh, that *is* what Hooters is, which is why I don't go there. ("Family restaurant", too weird). As for too friendly of kisses, well, much worse behavior we're worried about if we're going to contrast this with campus/office rape and bosses masturbating and pussy/butt grabbing and sexually groping 14 year olds and......

    This complaint


    conflating a jokey flak jacket "groping" with some issue about copping a kiss under the auspices of a comedy skit, and then extending that to "how I was treated the whole tour" and acting as if the flak jacket thing was so yucky and embarrassing - uh, really?

    With no mention of her many times on Fox with Hannity - she mentions him in her Playboy unveiling, why not now? did she raise her voice about Ailes and O'Reilly sexcapades, did Hannity? Did she support Megyn Kelly?

    And now Dems are lining up against Franken on cue, 0 humor, 0 irony. We are so stupid.

    Wow. A Fox News legal analyst had to resign from management of a large law firm after she suggested on air that valid sexual harassment suits were few and far between.

    Some abuse cases of women never get to lawyers or court, like the wife of the guy who raked the elementary school with an AR 15 yesterday.

    For all the faults of the Democratic Party, the Democrats are the only hope for the country. The only hope for Christianity is Christians on the Left. So-called Evangelicals put politics over religion. They chose a p****y grabbing President and a pedophile judge for the Senate. There is Scripture that deals with churches that have gone astray. On a secular level, Republicans are so evil that they have erased a tax break for teachers who took money out of their pockets to pay for school supplies for their students. Each day we learn that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians. Donald Trump Jr. was in communication with Russian front Wikileaks. Jeff Sessions says that he is unaware of what is being done to prevent another Russian assault on American elections. Republicans have lost their minds.

    Edit to add:

    link to article about ending the tax break for teachers

    Kos had a.very recent Alabama poll....Dem was up 12 on Moore.

    RMRD  that sentiment has beenth mine for over five decades.

    What else is there.

    Seder and Cenk and a host of other bloggers obsess against the dems all the time.


    There are arguments for this view, of course.

    But look what we have now.

    Tax cuts for the rich.

    The one percent who own half of everything.

    Health cuts for the middle classes and the poor.

    Deregulation of the industries polluting our air and our water.


    Nice link.




    I cannot argue with this all.


    If Roy Moore is elected, Republicans will do nothing. If Roy Moore is interrogated about his sexual misbehavior, Trump’s sexual aggression would have to be addressed. Republicans will divert attention by attacking the press for whatever. Republicans will then say “whatabout Bill Clinton?”. It has to be remembered that Clinton is not President and that Trump is an authoritarian. We cannot be diverted. Trump is a threat to the United States. Trump is bent on destroying our democracy. When Americans show that they will not be diverted, Trump will respond by making inflammatory statements that are meant to anger Liberals. Liberals cannot take the bait. The focus has to be focusing on the traitor in the White House and his Republican enablers in Congress.

    I do not know where else to put this, but Seder is commenting on the latest Rush...

    Oh Moore was once a dem. hahahahahhaha

    I know Roy Moore. He’s always been a con artist.

    The candidate has made a career of willfully misrepresenting the ideas he claims to stand for.

    By Randall Balmer @,  November 17

    Randall Balmer is the John Phillips Professor in Religion and director of the Society of Fellows at Dartmouth College.

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