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    Great Wall of China vs Great Wall of Trump

    Just ran across this article written back in September 2015.

    An Engineer Explains Why Trump’s Wall Is So Implausible[

    The author goes into some serious details which illustrates Trump's wall is on the same scale as the Great Wall of China in both time and cost.

    Of course, Trump later changes his tune to a mere 1,000 miles to which the the author responds that assuming natural barriers would be a suitable replacement for a physical wall ... mountains and rivers ... Trump chooses to ignore that mother nature has a tendency to make changes of her own without giving prior notice when and where those changes will take place.

    Trump Wises Up, Abandons His Improbably Large Wall [


    Beetlejuice . . .

    Chasing a mirage.


    FYI, short article refs like this & War Report piece should probably be "In The News" entries.

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