GOP Campaign 2024 Begins 'Biden an Illegitimate Failure'

    Before most of the apparatchiks and toadies of Trump's Party even admit Trump lost the election, the Party that has lost the national popular vote in every election since 1988 except for one, is now in campaign mode for 2024, with a lies, obstruction and a scorched earth strategy that is already well in motion.

    Treasury Secretary Munchin is pulling back hundreds of billons of CARES Act funds from the Fed meant to support businesses, the unemployed, cities or states, or for whatever upcoming President Biden might want to use the funds.  Senator Cruz is vowing to block all Biden nominees for anything as long as Donald Trump claims he did not lose.

    Mitch McConnell will guarantee there will be no financial "security blanket" for destitute businesses, individuals or families, or for hospitals, cities or states under the Biden administration. Unemployment is rising again, millions of Americans face eviction at year's end and virus deaths and hospitalizations soar while Trump plays golf

    When not golfing, reality TV star Trump acts out his role as the aggrieved virtuous King of a Greek or Shakespearean tragedy, while he collects hundreds of millions for a loosely regulated "Leadership PAC" from his credulous marks and unwavering disciples, fund raising which might diminish if he were to admit defeat. His most ardent cultists are now taunting each other to sacrifice their lives for him.

    Republicans have no motivation, experience, policy, plans or schemes except gaming hate, fear, lies, obstruction and bigotry to win elections, and the 2024 campaign has already begun.


    Trump may have to be carried out of the White House Sewell Avery style

    TPM says Biden will fumigate both White House wings before occupying the place. I would also recommend pumping the septic tank in Melania's new tennis "pavilion".


    17 GOP AGs are taking a fake case to SCOTUS

    106 House Republicans are backing them up

    None of them are patriots 

    Ted Cruz, who said Trump was unfit for office, has been tagged to argue the case

    The GOP is a cult

    James Fallows tends to think most of this is just a national kabuki show that isn't really involved with most day-to-day reality in the U.S.:

    Now here’s an idea, via WSJ !

    h/t @jorge_guajardo @Lenny_Mendonca


    — James Fallows (@JamesFallows) December 12, 2020


    "Destroy the GOP!" appears to be a new part of the program, tho; it's going to get quite complicated:

    I am moat and I support this message.

    what about this one; he's not kidding, he really knows this stuff surprise:

    Just some really stupid trivia about this video: QAnon people love Linkin Park because they believe the lead singer was John Podesta's secret son and was murdered when he tried to confirm Pizzagate.

    I truly wish I knew less about these people.

    — Ben Collins (@oneunderscore__) December 12, 2020

    I think everyone shouldn't get their hopes up that these folk are that large of a group, even if a large bunch of GOP Congresspersons decided to sign an Amicus brief to pander to them. I suspect they feel they have to pander to crazy Trumpies or they lose, only because they are large enough in number to "swing", just like many Dems feel they have to pander to a small number of "swings," depending on the district or state or whatever.

    I suspect most are just a crazy minded giving to flipping as their current dear leader. Conspiracy is the main thing they are into, any kind. Someone's controlling everything that happens, and they want to figure out who it is.

    The game seems to be betting that Biden is a Gerald Ford / Jimmy Carter figure.

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