Election: 665 in GA & Counting

    One less than the Antichrist?

    Midnight Train to Georgia?

    New day, new page?

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    >98% REPORTED

    Candidate Party Votes Pct.
    Donald J. Trump* Rep.     2,448,183  49.4%
    Joseph R. Biden Jr. Dem. 2,447,518  49.4%

    Difference: 565     Time: 3:09 EDT

    Total reported: 4,957,885

    Those waiting for Nevada results should remember, "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" - we might never know. But some on Twitter are hunting Kanye won and they're scared to tell us.


    1 hour ago: Clayton County in Georgia has just 3,500 of its 30,000 mail-in and provisional ballots left to count, finished "within hours".

    Biden has been getting 85% of Clayton County, so this would shift votes by about 2450, putting him say 1700 ahead.

    463 in GA now, PA's 18,229

    As Don Lemon is reminding, it was Ted Turner that started Atlanta's path to a progressive city.

    Biden *up* 917 in GA

    If Biden takes Georgia, at minimum an Electoral College tie - yum.

    (Guarantees minimum electoral vote tie, which would go to the Dem-controlled House for tie-breaker. But Senate would choose VP.)

    Biden *up* 5587 in PA!!!

    Up 9027 8867  9746 12,500 12,390 13,320 13,558 14716 14541 in PA, getting 72% of new votes, 66% in Bucks County...

    43,779 40,054 39,769 39,400 AZ

    Officials there say they have 142,000 more early ballots to process, and a smaller number of provisional and other ballots.

    1285  1584 1541 1603 1555 4162 GA

    22076 20548 20137 Nevada (Biden getting 65%)


    Jennifer Medina, in Phoenix 7m ago

    Mike Noble, a Phoenix-based pollster, told me: “That’s a wrap for the presidential contest in AZ. Trump needed almost 60% on this ballot drop, he got very low 50s. #Ballgame.” See Arizona results ›

    Nate Cohn, in New York 27m ago

    So far, no one has projected Nevada for Biden, but this is all but a done deal. Virtually all of the remaining vote is from Clark County, which is heavily Democratic. See Nevada results ›

    Jennifer Medina, in Phoenix 33m ago

    Nevada’s Clark County, home to Las Vegas, just delivered big for Biden — he picked up nearly 20,000 votes, more than double what Trump received in this drop, and moved closer to clinching the state. See Nevada results ›

    Stephanie Saul, in New York 44m ago

    In Georgia, another 5,000 votes are expected by late morning or early afternoon from Gwinnett County, a Democratic-leaning Atlanta suburb, according to a spokesman. See 

    On Nevada. I don't have the words for it now, but my own stereotypes about Nevada/Vegas are confirmed by this! Even tho people think of Trump as Mr. Casino, he's actually not that at all, just the opposite, the b.s. big shot interloper NY type who comes in and tries to change things and doesn't get how things work. While Joe seems EXACTLY like their kinda guy. Exactly. Think like the story during the primaries about Corn Pop during his lifeguard days. That's a Vegas type story, street people and gamblers talk that kind of shit all the time.  wink

    As the sunrises in Georgia...

    49.4% 2,449,580 ... up 1,096
    49.4% 2,448,484
    Est. 99% In
    Updated 06:28 a.m. ET, Nov. 6

    49.5% 3,286,171
    49.2% 3,267,942 .... 18,229 spread
    Est. 95% In ...
    Updated 01:30 a.m. ET, Nov. 6




    Hey, the Trumpies are trying to steal Mike Pence's votes in Gwinnett, GA! Is that Christian?! When they say they want Mike Pence, it means Mike Pence!

    someone taking the meme of Biden in the convertible wearing shades a couple steps further and turning him into President Harrison Ford:

    Strikes me that people posting stuff like this on Trump tweet threads might help mitigate the distrust effects of what Trump is doing at least with some low info voters here and there, at least of the type not given to conspiracizing:


    Current results for Pennsylvania state races from Live Reporting on Channel 10 Philly site

    Attorney General: too close to call

    Treasurer: too close to call

    Auditor: GOP won

    State Senate: only 4 races, Dems won them all

    State Assembly:  too close to call: 10

                               Dems : 31

                               GOP: 20

    (my Assembly count may be off 1 or 2)

    Is awesome:

    .@DRUDGE now prominently featuring this excerpt from Trump’s “Art of the Deal” pic.twitter.com/v7euNRzX1y

    — Paul Szoldra (@PaulSzoldra) November 7, 2020

    (found retweeted by great journo C.J. Chivers)

    Mitt Romney elaborated 7 hr. ago after his intial tweet right after Trump's statement:

    Just checked: Obama still silent on Twitter since Nov. 3. Hillary retweeted old John Lewis tweet 10 hr. ago:

    He would be proud today. https://t.co/N2KfdmzI7P

    — Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) November 6, 2020

    plus one tweet thanking Stacey Abrams for her work in GA, and after that, only about how voters in undecided states need to check on their ballots by deadlines

    Very interesting, how the first post-modern presidency infects even its legal procedure as regards disputing the election (for those that don't recognize this, exactly this kind of philosophy is behind Critical Theory of The Woke as well, where something like math is subject to all kinds of truth depending on who is using it and what story they want to tell):


    yup, here's some verification for the above theory, this sounds familiar, almost like it could be a reactionary arguing against a wokee on my "Wokee" thread:

    oh but-lol!-apparently their storytelling skills are not proving good enough for him:

    more same, Trump vote surprisingly strong:

    new WaPo on White House situation 8:16 pm

    ‘My sense is that we lost’: Trump campaign aides grapple with dwindling odds

    Only a small number of those in the president’s inner circle have adamantly encouraged Trump not to concede.

    By Gabby Orr & Meredith McGraw @ Politico.com, Nov. 6, 6:51pm EST

    Inside the Trump campaign’s headquarters Friday morning, a painful reality began to sink in.

    As senior campaign officials huddled with attorneys to discuss President Donald Trump’s legal options with his opponent closing in on 270 electoral votes, others in the Virginia office building polished off their resumes and wondered when, if ever, their candidate might concede. The president, who currently sits at 214 Electoral College votes, has refused to accept a potential election loss and unleashed a legal offensive not seen in a presidential cycle since 2000.

    But across the office, acceptance was starting to take hold.

    “Barring any major cases of voter fraud or something drastic, this is over, and it’s been over for a day. Most people are aware. Some folks are taking a bit longer to accept it,” said a senior Trump campaign official. “There are a lot of people just sitting and staring at their desks."

    “My sense is that we lost,” added a former Trump aide, who on election night and the days after thought the president would win. The former aide said he shared Trump's belief that pandemic-driven voting rule changes had negatively impacted his bid for reelection, but said the president no longer has a viable path to victory.

    “It’s an uphill battle," this person said.

    Trump's dwindling circle of believers comes at a critical moment for the president’s legacy, which his allies fear could be permanently tarnished if he presses too long with a court battle that plunges the nation into political crisis [....]

    One person's highly respected Republican clerk is another person's deep state affiliated rino.

    you betcha wink

    Apropos of nothing, she reminds me of Sarah Palin

    Nate Silver:

    Supreme Court orders separate count of late-arriving Pa. ballots

    By John Kruzel @ TheHill.com - 11/06/20 08:03 PM EST

    The Supreme Court on Friday ordered Pennsylvania election boards to separately count mail ballots that arrived after Election Day, while rejecting a GOP request to stop counting those votes.

    The order, signed by conservative Justice Samuel Alito, left open the possibility that the justices could exclude the late-arriving ballots in a subsequent ruling, a move which Alito and at least two other conservative justices have previously signaled they may be inclined to take.

    The number of affected ballots is believed to be between 3,000 and 4,000. Election law experts said that even if the justices were to later invalidate them, the only way this would impact the outcome of the race between President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden is if the election were decided by Pennsylvania and the pair were separated in the state by a very slim margin.

    Friday’s order was the first time the Supreme Court has gotten involved in a state count after this year's election [....]

    For the history books:

    before that

    How and where are they going to hold the inauguration during a pandemic and with the White House continuing to be a major hotspot?

    — Ryan Lizza (@RyanLizza) November 7, 2020

    It's both Mark Meadows & campaign aide Nick Trainer that tested positive--many campaign staffers do not wear masks...

    NEWS: Meadows told a few people after Election Day that he has coronavirus, I'm told.

    A Trump campaign aide, Nick Trainer, is also infected.

    Story here by me, @MarioDParker and @tylerpager https://t.co/w2E3lw6UIj

    — Jennifer Jacobs (@JenniferJJacobs) November 7, 2020


    Meadows visited Trump campaign workers Tuesday, unmasked. In this UPI photo, he's second from the right.

    Also: https://t.co/21sRyd01SO pic.twitter.com/hBuJqaXzfi

    — Lisa Desjardins (@LisaDNews) November 7, 2020


    CNN on Meadows (reinfection anyone?)

    Meadows traveled with the President on Sunday and Monday. He was also at the White House election night party on Tuesday and in close contact with members of the President’s family. 

    White House officials are now alarmed given Meadows has been around other staffers while potentially contagious, one aide says. The White House had invited people to watch the results roll in that night.

    At the time, White House communications director Alyssa Farah said there would be temperature checks and precautions taken given the pandemic. Initial plans to hold an event at the Trump Hotel were scrapped because of local restrictions on indoor gatherings and fear there would be significant fines. 

    It was very short, this tape is 7.45 minutes.

    Well, it's Murdoch after all and the NYPost caved yesterday, so it's behind the eightball. They have a real problem now with their big star pundits Hannity and Ingraham countering the news shows?

    Good clip and since I don't watch much tv I'm glad you posted it. But Chapman's claim that it's amazing is ridiculous. I'm pretty sure you know it. FOX  has always had a small news division that leans conservative led by Chris Wallace and Baier that does good and factual news reporting.

    agree but stay away from saying it cause it's so hot button, I've been amazed by how many are driven to distraction by just the mention of Fox News when they don't have a similar reaction to the NYPost. It's not worth arguing about cause the pundits really are incredible sleazeballs. In actuality, I noticed lately looking at local crime reports over the summer that the local Fox stations in smaller cities (which are not Fox Cable News Channel but Fox regular channel) seem to be the only ones left with full time old fashioned reporters out there paying attention to city meetings and the police scanner etc.

    My parents watch the local fox news channel and when I visit I watch what ever they put on. At first I was horrified and worried but they never watch Hannity, Ingraham or Carlson, or the liberal pundits like Maddow either, and the local fox channel is almost the same as local news ABC NBC CBS.

    Fox News cable really does have a gnarly problem to solve as far as it's audience now. Definitely a problem of their own making, bad choice focusing on pundits supporting a single demagogue and a nutsy one at that:

    Will not be surprised if what many have joked about, a "Trump TV" as it were, develops to split their audience.

    Live Vote counter (wish I had this several days ago)


    Don't forget it's always the economy stupid:

    Compared to four years ago, is your family's financial situation:

    Better today (41% of voters): Trump 72%, Biden 25%

    Worse today (20% of voters): Trump 23%; Biden 74%

    About the same (38% of voters): Trump 33%; Biden 64%

    from Edison Research/NYTimes "Exit Polls How Different Groups Voted" (Results from interviews with 15,590 voters

    I liked on TV this crazy bearde Snuffy SmithTrump MAGA guy was telling a reporter how he's making 3x as much money under Trump. "What do you do?""Loan guarantees". The interviewer cracked up.

    CNN calls it for Biden based on Pennsylvania.

    AP as well

    Arizona prediction based on remaining per district weight
    district, gain, candidate, %absent
    mohave 3501 Biden 56.%
    la paz 3991 Trump 78.%
    yuma 1143 Trump 83.%
    coconino 457 Trump 70.%
    yavapai 530 Biden 80.%
    maricopa 5274 Biden 90.%
    pima 130 Trump 67.%
    santa cruz 127 Trump 86.%
    pinal 832 Biden 92.%
    gila 1081 Trump 77.%
    Current margin:   20573 BIDEN
    FINAL TOTAL:   23781 BIDEN

    remaining districts largely 100% counted
    navajo  Trump 87.%
    apache  Biden 84.%
    graham  Trump 82.%
    greenlee  Trump 69.%
    cochise  Trump 71.%

    Hillary tweeted a poster with a one-word message:

    Trump needs 98.2% 98.7% 98.9% in PA, 1744 votes for Biden to win
    47,483  47,381 47,215 47,260 47,342 47,246 47,116 47,003 47,078 46,875 45,911 margin,
    51,550  51,409 50,818 50,601 50,264 49,841 49,598 49,379 48,953 48,619 45,973 votes left
    Trump is averaging 33.9% 33.8%. needs 100%
    3,340 2,922  2,595 2482 2376 1875 1744 62 votes to cover & then it's over

    Nevada Trump needs 79.2%, averaging 38.6%
    36,726 margin, 64,394 ballots left to count

    Georgia margin 12,293 12,567, unclear how many ballots remain
    Trump averaging 29.3%

    Arizona margin 14,468 with 548,788 ballots remaining
    Trump averaging 58.7%, needs 65.1%

    Trump leads North Carolina by 74,870 with 186,584 remaining
    Biden averaging 63.5%, needs 70.3%

    BTW -

    Georgia election official Gabriel Sterling said 7,786 outstanding Georgia military ballots did not make it back to their counties by deadline during a news conference at the Georgia Capitol in Atlanta on Monday.

    There were 18,407 military ballots accepted, according to Sterling. The ballots had a deadline of being returned by Friday, Nov. 6.  [thanks, Trump - 7,786 "losers" and "suckers" left out in the cold]

    Remember when I said NY State sent me an absentee labeled on the front of the ballot "Official Absentee Military Ballot"? Hope nobody tells Drumpf about that trick that other states may have used as well.

    Your secret's safe with me. Hey guys, stop recording!

    Biden takes PA 100%
    Biden winning by 45,659 margin, only 44,838 votes left, Trump has lost.
    Even if he got 100% of the remaining votes, he'd be behind Biden.

    yay. I and America thanks you for your ballot-counting service.

    NV: Trump needs 79.2% w 64K left
    Biden lead 36,726, left to count: 64,3940, Trump needs 79.2%, averaging 38.3%

    AZ: Trump needs 66% (averaging 57.7%)
          12,813 Biden margin with 40,565 ballots left

    State   Lead               Remaining
    AK:     Trump 47,767   125,7720      Biden is averaging 57.2%     Biden needs 69.8%
    NC      Trump 74,870   186,5840     Biden is averaging 63.5%      Biden needs 70.3%
    PA*      Biden 45,616     43,508       Trump is averaging 42.6%     Trump needs 103.1%

    GA: Biden up 14,149; still not clear how many votes left, but looking around I'd say definitely under 20,000
    (the tweets below mentioned a 6A high school - though she likely meant old classification - the largest has 7A or maybe even 8A. Still " The largest public school in Georgia (by enrollment) is Georgia Cyber Academy with 14,286 students. "). Does that include the 2446 batch that dropped 6 hours ago? Anyway, the chance that Biden loses with a current lead of 14,149 is next to nil)

    Note: there was a batch of say 7700 overseas & military votes that arrived too late to count - if there were something that a court might overturn, I'd guess that's one (maybe the only one). Still, doubt those late "losers and suckers" votes will tilt heavily towards Trump.


    Thanks for the updates . . .



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