The Bishop and the Butterfly: Murder, Politics, and the End of the Jazz Age
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    Donald's LGBTQ moment

    Did you hear him?  He was carefully reading out the letters. Could there be a less ingenuous point?  And then he moves onto Muslims.  He is the best leader EVER!  Well, at least according to Ivanka.


    I think the LGBTQ moment was sincere. 

    As for the speech as a whole, two apparently conflicting assessments : the first 25 minutes was a plus the rest was a minus so that overall it won't move the polls permanently in either direction.

    During the opening period he promised to fix anything or everything wrong for the US. What's not to like? Followed by his trademark  racist contention that could mostly be accomplished by his "Wall" and his inherently unbelievable assurance that whatever else needed to be fixed , he'd  fix.

    And on the  7th day he'd rest!  

    Actually... what I observed...

    Just 148 thirty-second raging soundbites rolled into one hour and 14 minutes.


    Like the "proud" black folks who showed up at the RNC to criticize the black community and give white bigots justification for their feelings about blacks, Thiel was at the RNC as a shill. Thiel tells the audience that he is "proud" to be Gay, yet he considers the Gay Rights movement a "distraction" from the more important economic issues. Thiel is a wingnut who just happens to be gay.

    Silicon Valley can't stomach Donald Trump

    In TPM Josh's summary of Cleveland is the GOP was furious that Obama was elected, have never gotten over that , and direct that fury  against McConnell etc for not having sufficiently opposed him. 

    Seems about right to me.

    Thiel: 'fake culture wars distract us'.

    That was exactly what they were meant to do for 40 years as designed and screamed at the top of their lungs by the REPUBLICAN PARTY. They are still doing it, like in North Carolina, which just lost next years NBA All-Star game due to their bathroom law, which will lose in court anyway.

    Of course, as the Party of personal responsibility, the idiot GOP gov of NC blamed Hillary, Obama is now off the hook as his magical powers to turn idiot Republicans with IQ's lower than the temperature of Pluto into frogs has been passed to Hillary.

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