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    Collins to McConnell: "Say 'hello' to my little friend"; McConnell "Hello, Doug"

    The miseries of Mitch McConnell (may they increase beyond measure...) just grew exponentially by virtue of the Alabamapocalypse. Now, each Republican Senator (Susie, I'm talkin' to you...) is the crucial last senator.


    Where before, it was thought that having one vote to spare,  McConnell might at need stiff Collins while fronting off Ryan's declared recalcitrance to cloak his own bad faith.


    Now, he's another 25 billion in the hole towards his do or die number of 1.5 Trillion, which will give him problems on his right flank.


    Popcorn, please.


    We may yet get out of this year with the raggedy-ass safety net no further torn.


    Jolly... Uhhh...

    Even with no pushback from lawyers for a recount--at the earliest Doug Jones will not be seated in until after the first of the year.

    Better hope there's a quagmire within the ranks to hold off the budget vote.


    Why would Jones have to wait til the beginning of the new year?  Just yesterday there were republicans talking about Roy getting seated today??  Who could refuse to seat him at this point?

    CVille... procedures . . .

    Jones will likely not be sworn in until Congress reconvenes in early January. Republican candidate Roy Moore has yet to concede, and Alabama’s top election official has said that the election will likely not be certified until Dec. 26 at the earliest and Jan. 3 at the latest, because each of the state’s 67 counties has to finalize their vote totals.

    Democrats Demand Delay On Tax Bill Vote Until Doug Jones Is Seated


    Thanks, OGD.  That makes sense.  Sorry to hear it though.

    yeah, I noticed that detail ten minutes or so into my victory jig...carry on.

    Jolly, Don't stop dancing.  There are some 'No's' (if you believe them) but also McCain is really sick and is hospitalized.  Collins is doing her usual Salome non-striptease, and it seriously looks to be at least, in question for the moment.

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