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    Wolfrum's Morning: Fly Away

    The Endeavor's final launch.


    Geithner Growls: If the U.S. defaults on its debts, it's because Republicans want to. And Tom Coburn wants out of it.

    A Final Endeavor: What comes next for the U.S. Space program?

    Rape Culture?: The arrest of Dominique Strauss-Kahnon attempted rape charges is making the French wonder if they should stop letting powerful men be above the law. And Strauss is currently under suicide watch.



    Crooks & Liars: Progressives are in a heavy discussion about Race.

    AmericaBlog: Republicans block efforts to stop the free money going to Big Oil.

    Daily Caller: We are living in a material world. And it Seems that Newt Gingazzle is a material girl.

    Joe.My.God.: Civil Unions take a step formard in Rhode Island.


    Dallas Dirks Durant: Dirk Nowitzki puts on one of the best playoff performances in history as the Mavericks hold off the gritty Thunder.

    Harmon Killebrew RIP: The greatest Minnesota Twin dies, leaving a legacy of home runs and happy fans.

    Maria Shriver speaks: I'm guessing she's not happy.

    Quote of the Day

    "As with any time I have to deal with that quack Deepak Chopra, now I have to go wash my hands. They feel slimy every time I write about him.” — PZ Myers.



    Great moments in NASA history - Buzz Aldrin punch edition.


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    The crooks and liars blog on racism is definitely worth a gander, and especially on the issue of racism in the liberal/progressive camp.  One of the links in that blog is to the WSJ blog about some researchers who say their evidence shows "evidence that white Americans see race relations as a zero-sum game, in which one group’s gains must be offset by another’s loss."  Or to reword that, they believe the only way to lift up someone in a minority status is by knocking down a white person.

    Same mentality that leads some folks resent public service union workers.

    Aldrin! Sweeeeet! Some punk comes up to a little old man - half his size and twice his age - and calls him a coward and a liar? 

    Still though... Aldrin was a part of a pretty enormous hoax.

    Still though... Aldrin was a part of a pretty enormous hoax.

    Well, yeah. There's that.

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