The Bishop and the Butterfly: Murder, Politics, and the End of the Jazz Age
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    Hey folks, as you may have noticed, dagblog hasn't been feeling well today. I apologize for the downtime and log-in problems. Dag is feeling a bit better now, so blog away.

    Meanwhile, we're working on an upgrade and a new daghouse that will make poor dag happy and peppy again. Stay tuned.




     I object to this new design, I don't like the way the comments work now, I can't log in, you lost my avatar and it used to work so much better the old way. Where are my archives?  Where are they?  In 2009 I wrote about a Dilbert cartoon and I need that essay right now.  I didn't need it 2 minutes before the upgrade but I do now.  I just do.

    I think if you just say that right from the start, all upgrades, cosmetic or not, will just take more smoothly.

    Thanks. Someone had to say it.

    PS I personally trashed your avatar out of spite.

    Hey, I like "daghouse".  Not sure I want to be in there, though.

    While you're fixing things here (and I'm sorry you have to) could you add a few more posting categories?  I would like to see women's issues and health care up there, for example.  I end up putting almost everything under "politics", which is okay but it might be easier to find with a few more categories.

    Np. I added women's issues. Health was already one of the options.

    We need a category for Benghazi. Give the people what they want!

    Also "Malaysia Plane."

    Also asshats

    I knew I'd get my own topic field if I tried hard enough.

    Yeah, right. Like you have a monopoly. 95 percent of the blog posts on the internet should be labeled Asshat.

    How about dreck? Does glurge fit under dreck, or are they separate products?

    How about a section for ongoing feuds between two (generally) or more (less often) people. Hatfield and McCoy type of stuff.

    Right now, these feuds range over many topics without regard to the subjects at hand. Destroying good grazing land until they temporarily peter out for lack of food and go off in search of new pastures. The vocabulary changes from field to field, but the deep structure of the argument remains the same.

    See "dreck" above. Or perhaps just shoot me/ban me now.

    I think that there have been verbal punches thrown about Israel and even Roman Polanski. Personal comments are inserted in those discussions. Race comes up more often, hence more verbal jousts occur concerning race. There are, through no fault of the website, a limited number of identifiable minority voices. Thus when some things are said, there can be a feeling that a given statement is not addressed, no one else will voice an opposing view. Is your solution to just let things go?

    Yes yes yes! When the text scrunches up against the right wall and disappears only to reemerge at the bottom like some immortal gopher, let it go! When the latest comments feed reads like a political debate between Itchy & Scratchy, let it go! When the argument swallows its own head after consuming the tail, the balls, and everything in between, yes, yes, yes, let it go!

    Do not worry! An unanswered comment, no matter how wrong-headed, offensive, or just plain dumb, will not bring down the Republic or even this little corner of the blogosphere we call dag. Indeed, a naked comment left hanging, bored and lonely, at the end of the thread may answer itself better than a million replies.

    So yes, I say, let it go, let it go, let it go, for the love of dag, let it go!

    You have your wish

    Okay, okay...just teasing.

    Has anyone mentioned the copyright year yet? wink

    I've decided to keep it at 2013 forever as a sort of memorial to something.

    While we're upgrading, have we considered the traffic enhancing qualities of changing the name to dogblog?

    Or dagnabitblog?

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