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    The Threat of Obama's Worst Enemies


    Leaving aside the usual suspects--the terrorist factions round the world, the seething Middle East mountain and desert folk--who are President Obama's worst enemies? The Republicans who saw it as their mission to keep him from winning a second term but failed? Those 30 members of the House and the Tea Party now holding the country hostage over an already approved health care plan nicknamed after this president? The Religious Righteous? The far Left disillusioned? The whites-only-as-long-as-they're-not-women crowd?

    Let's face it, the possibilities are endless.  This president has enemies. Some of them would have been his enemies no matter where or what, but many others--too many others--didn't think to hate him until someone else told them to.

    They're the ones I worry about.  When someone like Larry Klayman, the head of Freedom Watch, tells a Tea Party crowd we have a president who "bows down to Allah"  and then says, "I call upon all of you to wage a second American nonviolent revolution, to use civil disobedience, and to demand that this president leave town, to get up, to put the Quran down, to get up off his knees, and to figuratively come out with his hands up,"  that is not a Martin Luther King-inspired call to reason, it's a call to insurrection.

    There are people out there who will hear that and it will sound to them like a call to action, not against the government but against this one man. This man who, they've been led to believe, is so all-powerful he has managed to gain control of a country that is not even his.  With that crowd he is and always will be unworthy, a usurper.  He does not belong and the haters will never get over having that man, that black man, in the White House.

    They'll deny that it's about race, but it's about race.  A glance at any Right Wing website's comment section should be enough to scare the bejeesus out of anybody, including Barack Obama.  They don't just want him gone, they want him dead. 

    Pick a demagogue--Palin, Cruz, Paul, McConnell, Bachmann, Gohmert.  Any one of them.  He or she, I guarantee you, will not repudiate a single word coming from the Right Wing Tea Party ranters.  The ranters are useful.  They spread the fear and bring in the votes.  But if anything bad ever happens to this president, those agitators fueling the fire will be shocked. . .shocked, I tell you!. . .that something like this could happen.  They will not have seen this coming.

    But we will have. The haters are in a rage over Obama's win of a second term.  Now the cries for impeachment, the only other legal choice, are swirling.  If that doesn't work--and it won't--what then?  The foaming masses have been conditioned to go after Obama, to stop him, no matter what it takes.  In their minds something must be done.

    And it only takes one.


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    These people are just such lunatics, and I keep wondering what it is like to be an absolute lunatic. I don't get it really. 

    I love that they have no problem with the Confederate flag there, on more piece of evidence they are loons. Palin is an idiot and Klayman has been crazy as a loon for years, but the real demagogue here is Cruz, he is a dangerous man, with that haughty look on his face, so self assured, so fucking smug, he knows exactly what he is doing. 

    But these folks were seemingly promoting a revolution of sorts, I mean Klayman mentioned Nov 19th as his day of revolution or whatever it is he was trying to say.  And Cruz just hangs with that guy, WTF? But they also seem unable to attract large numbers of people to support their crazy. So all their bluster could be worrisome if and only if more than 100 crazy people showed up to support their crazy, oh I mean 100,000, I just unskewed the numbers so that conservatives would feel at home reading this... hahahahaha. These people are just such jokes.

    I know people talk about what a smart guy Cruz is, but I suspect otherwise, I suspect he is no smarter than Palin, mostly because he doesn't seem to see he is driving his party off a cliff, which is okay by me, but he seems to be a rudderless reactionary, who believes his own hype and it isn't helping Republicans at all.

    I hear today there might be some settling this entire debacle, because Republicans are feeling the pressure of this thing they caused. Do you think Cruz, Palin et al, know they've lost? Or will this loss just cause them to become even crazier than they already were. I think we are about to see crazy as we've never seen it before.

    Hey, Tmc.  I agree with Cillizza's piece in WAPO that Fancy Pants has lost nothing. And as I stated recently, he is within striking distance of a VP nomination or primary win. This guy knows exactly what he is doing and in a few short months has made himself the heir apparent to the Republican Right Wing. I think the guy is smart as hell. I may hate saying that because he is a demagogue and a definite threat, but I am not going to kid myself that he is going down in flames, which is like saying the right wing is down in flames, which isn't true---yet.

    Fancy Pants stood by endorsing the hateful rhetoric against the President at the staged faux rally on Sunday while his Goldman Sachs wife---a true Bushie--- was at home making investment decisions for the coming week about the economy which Obama managed to bring out from under the worst economic disaster in our history. This is a self seeking, phony, money grubbing couple. But they are to be underestimated at our own peril. Honestly, I wish none of this were true because Fancy Pants is the worst character to come along in years and I detest everything about him. But know thy enemy.

    It almost doesn't matter how many followers they have, or how many rally with them.  As I said, it only takes one.  The odds are not good that there will never be shots fired at Obama, and they get worse every time those maniacs take to the mics and spread their vile hatred for the president.

    These are the same low information, highly racist, right wing bigots and fruitcakes who proclaimed GWB as the greatest fu**ing kick-ass President of all time, who cheered lustily as he lied us into unfunded 'off the budget' multi-trillion dollar bloody, unnecessary, and fiasco filled wars.

    While he cut taxes by trillions with no objection from them on the disastrous impact on the deficit, which was down to zero under Clinton. Then the organized crime syndicate called the GOP final achievement to 'Restore America' was to spend hundreds of billions bailing out the economy crashing fat cats and swindlers at the Wall Street casino, for whom the Republicans, touting 'free market' bullshit, adamantly refuse to tighten government regulation.

    Prediction: the Republican House one way or other will run this whole thing into the weekend.  A 700+ or higher drop in the Dow will occur Thursday, or Friday, or both days.

    Why will they flirt will disaster? To show they are willing to do damage, extortionists need to do damage to have credibility. And the GOP cares more about partisan politics, their own personal re-election in gerrymandered districts, then they do about the country and it's future.

    Boehner used a phrase today, "fairness under Obamacare" which I assume refers to changes he is trying to include---income verification and the medical device tax. I thought the phrase was concilliatory.

    The well known bank analyst, Dick Bove, appeared on CNBC and was brought up on his remark that the Dow would have to drop 1000 points before the "sides" would come to an agreement.  I think Boehner and the TeaParty would actually like to see a drop---which would be their best cover for backing down from a ridiculous shutdown ploy. Bove was criticized but wouldn't amend his remarks. When the commentators then shifted Bove to his views on banks, he was very downbeat---at which point they just cut him off.

    All in all, if there is a large dip in the market I expect it yet this afternoon or in the morning.   

    Actually, I believe the phrase "fairness under Obamacare" means this, from NYT:

    But House Republicans appear intent on extracting at least one concession: depriving members of Congress, the president, the vice president and White House political appointees of government contributions when they buy health insurance under the law’s new exchanges. Representative Eric Cantor of Virginia, the majority leader, said any proposal must reflect what he called “our position on fairness” — “no special treatment under the law.”

    Those words have become code for legislative language that denies employer contributions to politicians forced into the exchanges by a clause in the original health care law.

    And that also is what the House nabobs of negativity dug their heels in about this afternoon, rejecting the newest House- proposed vote. Now that they wasted that time, as the article explains, it's "back to you, Senate."

    Artsy, I think that's right. The way I understand this now is that they are denying subsidies to folks, including their own staffers. This is gambit to send something back to the Senate which will be rejected again.

    They want the country to default because they are on a suicide mission.  It is like religion to them.  Who can negotiate with that?  A large majority of the general public knows that. 

    We have a House of Representatives.

    That House passes bills that are meaningless and that House has been performing that function since January, 2011.

    The rules in this Country allow gerrymandering; the rules in this Country allow states to do everything they can to deny voting privileges to tens of millions of people or make it so very difficult for those people to vote that the 15th Amendment is almost meaningless--I am speaking of states run by the repubs.

    The rules in this country allow states to opt out of national legislation or provisions therein.

    The rules in this country allow hundred millionaires and billionaires to donate just about any amount of money to campaigns and propaganda machine without disclosure and with the opportunity to deduct those contributions on their 1040's.

    The rules in this country allow the House of Representatives to devise their own internal voting prerogatives with regard to its members.

    The rules in this country all the Senate to develop its own rules with regard to its voting prerogatives with regard to its members.

    There are millions, nay tens of millions of voters in this country who feel that contraceptives are immoral (let alone abortions) and that science should not be taught in our schools and that all national standards suck.

    I a already going on and on and on again.

    Tear this building down scream those tens of millions.

    I find it ironic that the real capitalistic forces that run this country are tearing out their hair about now.

    What hath Heritage sown except the seeds of their own demise.


    Yup, they thought they could control the stupid and crazies.  I hope they snatch themselves bald.  It is really something to watch the GOP wreck themselves and everything else. 

    Their storm troopers are in a state of mutiny, and the GOP leaders don't know how to handle it because they all avoided military service.

    THEY are all cowards of course. hahahahahah

    Oh I have to use this comment to commuicate to Dagblog that I could not access this blog cite thru Chrome all day!

    Now it works!

    Firefox does not work at all on my PC even when I downloaded the new download.

    Anyway, I had this fear that Dagblog was dead and I would never see you again, Eric or anyone else. hahahahah

    No kidding!

    At any rate I hereby award Eric the Dayly Line of the Day Award for this here Dagblog Site (which evidently is still alive!) from all of me to all of him for this line:

    Their stormtroopers are in a state of mutiny, and the GOP leaders don't know how to handle it because they all avoided military service.


    Except Gohmert of course, because he did do a term as a JAG officer.

    Not all GOP of course, which you well know including McCain who is so goddamn mad at the liars and thieves who run the GOP that he is foaming at the mouth.

    Well said Eric!

    What gets me is their hypocrisy. These people run around calling themselves God-fearing Christian patriots, yet they are some of the most mean-spirited, unGodly, and unpatriotic people who have ever set foot in America. What kind of Christian could possibly be against people having guaranteed healthcare?  If Jesus returned to Earth tomorrow Pat Robertson would call him a commie-pinko pig who wants to destroy America. 

    I know your view of the Bible, but it does point out that Sodom was destroyed because an arrogant, well fed population were harsh in treatment of the poor and immigrants. There is a very Christian edict to aid the poor and to treat immigrants fairly. None of this is heard from the Prosperity Pimps touting Christianist views.Christianists think that too much  government money goes to the poor. Immigrants should be shown the door. The Christianist ( not Christian)  viewpoint is preached from Rev Anthony Evans' pulpit

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