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    Mitt Romney: There’s no there there - or worse

    There is no there there.

    This allegation has long been lobbed at Mitt Romney. In the GOP primaries of 2008, it wasn’t much of a secret that Romney was generally despised by the other GOP candidates. And Presidential looks be damned, the public didn’t show Romney much love, either.

    But Romney followed the game plan of Bob Dole, John McCain and others in the Republican party – he waited until it was his turn. The year is 2012, this is Mitt Romney’s turn.

    While Romney may have flummoxed the hard-right portion of the GOP, he has come out of the gate showing the potential to be the worst candidate for any office ever in the history of everywhere.

    Truly, it is hard to fathom just how bad Romney is with being a candidate. Let’s start with the biggest issues. Bain Capital? Remember, he left Bain (supposedly) years ago. He’s been running for President forever. He still doesn’t have a story for Bain? That’s just shocking. His whole campaign is going to pieces over things that happened in the 1990s.

    Releasing tax forms? Ok, just what in the hell does he have in there, anyway? Is there evidence of murder? Probably not, but there must be something devastating in there. Something Romney has known about for the last eight years when he’s been running for President non-stop. Romney has taken something that should be slightly embarrassing and turned it into something that could destroy him.

    By the way, have you ever noticed that Romney is always given a net worth of $250 million? I’m thinking someone should double check that.

    This leads to his inability to deal with his wealth. You can be obscenely rich and at least pretend to understand the commoners. But Romney truly doesn’t get it. What the media calls gaffes is just how Romney talks. He may accuse the poor of envying his riches, but he literally has no interest whatsoever in the poor.

    It just goes on and on. He avoids the press outside of Fox News. He not only has not given any detailed plan of how he will govern, he has bragged about not giving out his plans. He spoke to the NAACP in baby talk then slammed them later that night. His ability to stand on two sides of every issue is not just annoying, it’s pathological.

    To say Mitt Romney is an empty suit is an affront to the depth of suits.

    I honestly don’t think a lot of Republicans want Romney to win. Better to focus on congressional races and spend the next four years obstructing Obama. Because Romney will say whatever he likes, but no one has a clue on how he’ll actually govern.

    Because when it comes to Mitt Romney, there’s no there there. Hell, it’s even worse than that.


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    While the liberal blogosphere may think Romney's been bad, doubtful the public agrees.

    Most people care little about tax returns, and the Bain stories have been standard ho-hum about him being rich and outsourcing - uh, isn't that why Romney supporters like him? They hate taxes too, so why would they want to see his tax returns?

    So he's good looking and still alive, improving McCain's fare, and he had a successful career, Olympics, and plausibly governorship.

    What people seem to forget is that Obama was a rather boring candidate - the press and ground game organizing just made him seem more interesting than he was.

    While home field advantage might favor Obama as incumbent, the media pundits have a well-documented right-of-center tilt, and that home team = GOP.

    So Romney not tripping, getting attacked by a rabbit, sailing up river into Cambodia/tossing medals across wall, inventing the internet, having a black helicopter moment with dobermans, seeing UFOs or inviting a bimbo on his boat would seem to be well on his way to being the next president. 

    People actually like boring candidates - Nixon's black wingtips & black socks on the beach? Plus oh yeah - "it's the economy, stupid". 

    Yep, I think you are correct, especially about the part where even Republicans don't want him to win. And yes this tax return thing, hmm, I would like to know what he is hiding, because I think he is hiding something significant.

    I think the worst episode for me was his speech after his speech to the NAACP. His, "free stuff" speech that he gave to a bunch of white people. It seems to me Mitt's mendacity is worse than Nixon's, because he seems to have no shame whatever about playing the Republican version of the race card. In fact, with the exception of his ability to speak in complete sentences, Mitt Romney is Sarah Palin. He lies when he doesn't have to, he lies when the lies are easily discovered to be lies and he could care less and uses the Southern Strategy with glee.  He deserves to lose and lose big.

    "Releasing tax forms? Ok, just what in the hell does he have in thee, anyway? Is there evidence of murder? Probably not, but there must be something devastating in there. Something Romney has known about for the last eight years when he’s been running for President non-stop."

    Can't help but think of John Edwards here and how justifiably angry Democrats were that he made a serious run for the nomination and then waged a serious campaign for a cabinet appointment, knowing full well that were his secrets exposed it would have been an unmitigated disaster not just for him but for his allies and supporters.


    Romney simply hasn't caught up with the notion that there are such things as tape and video recorders.  After Romney criticized the President for saying, "if you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own." ... This little gem is discovered by NBC News:

    "You Olympians, however, know you didn't get here solely on your own power ... For most of you, loving parents, sisters or brothers, encouraged your hopes, coaches guided, communities built venues in order to organize competitions. All Olympians stand on the shoulders of those who lifted them."  - Mitt Romney 2002



    Ron Paul - Secretary of the Treasury

    Sarah Palin - Secretary of State

    Michelle Bachmann - Secretary of Homeland Security

    Rick Perry - Secretary of Defense

    Newt Gingrich - Secretary of Labor

    Rick Santorum - Secretary of Education

    Sheriff Joe - Attorney General

    Joe the Plumber - Secretary of Commerce

    ...and Vice President - Dick Cheney

    I believe announcement of cabinet members selected from the elite minds of the Republican Party would, for the Romney campaign, add some 'way out' to the 'there' of the GOP ticket.

    The announcement would reassure our friends and allies that steady hands and capable people are standing ready to take charge of America and the free world, while also reducing  uncertainty for the business community.

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