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    Feminist or not, Liberal Men must fight against the GOP's War on Women

    I am a feminist. I understand that some may argue with that or claim I am a poor example of a feminist - I am far from perfect in this self-assessment. But I do understand the movement, and at very least work to be a feminist ally.

    I have no fear of the term "feminist." It's demonization has little to no affect on me. There is not one part of me that is lessened by my feminist beliefs. As much as I can proudly state I am a liberal, I can state that I am a feminist.

    And now is the time for more Liberal men to stand up with feminists.

    Right now in the United States, Conservative men are picking apart the rights of women. Conservative women are either actively involved, or staying out of the debate. Across the nation, this war against women's rights is accelerating. The web magazine Mother Jones has done an excellent job reporting on these attacks, including stories on:

    Mind you, these are but a scant few of the attacks against women that are happening now at both the state and national level. If anything has taught us that a main part of the Republican agenda is to take away the rights of women, it's their actions since the November elections. An all-out war against women has been declared.

    And it's going to be a rout if liberal men don't take up these causes with the same fervor as their feminist allies. Women will lose control of their own bodies.

    Whether or not men reading this consider themselves feminist is of no interest to me. But the rights of women should be of great interest to us all. It is time for us to join this fight, because without the help of male allies, Conservative men will have their way, and women will no longer have control of their own bodies.

    In the end, all I can do is commit myself to be a greater part of this fight and plead that more men join the cause and stand by women in this war against them. I am a feminist. Whether you are matters not. But if you are a man that consider himself a liberal, this is a fight that must be joined.






    Damn right.

    Bravo, W.  I know this isn't addressed to me, but let me add my voice to those who will thank you kindly for this.

    I've watched this country move toward an anti-humanitarian, ultra-conservative, bible-belt mentality for more than 30 years now,  but I honestly never thought women would be in danger of having to fight these same battles again.  This is going to take a concerted, all-out effort, but we have no choice.  We can't go back.  We'll never go back.  Which is why what you've just written is so needed.

    Hard to disagree with any of this.

    There are murmurings on the right attacking women for going to work for chrissakes!

    The Congressional repubs are against birth control for chrissakes!

    One repub verbally attacked an 11 year old victim of rape.

    There is proposed legislation to take away food stamps from the families of a striking worker.

    It really makes one's blood boil!

    All the really smart men are feminists....just a simple observation on my part.

    May I consider forwarding your post for the Mangina Awards? 

    The Feminazis have done men no favors, mon frere! 

    They have undone the great post war society and continue to complain ad infinitum about 'oh, why, my sorry lot!' refrains about just everything under the sun. There is a real and wide backlash against this oppressive ism and its misled allies (you?!). And it will end with a complete and total correction. This is the way it should have always been. Be prepared to read more damning editorials across the spectrum. 

    In case, you persist in your illusions, you only need to refer to the backlash already underway in Canada, in Europe and even in Latin America. An accident? But then, I guess none of you manginas hold down a full time job ... or ever did. Evidently, your girlfriend's income is enough to support both ... which is exactly the point. 

    Clearly, not a feminist.

    Clearly, not smart, either.   I rest my case.

    Damn right! Those feminazis and their complaints about not getting equal pay for equal work. What's more, how dare they bitch about strangers wanting to control their reproductive decisions. The nerve. Why don't they just shut up and go bake pies or something? 

    Wolfrum, thanks for owning up. And when you get a mangina award, please post a picture of the stauette. I'd like to know what a mangina looks like.

    Mebbe Dave will show you his.

    I already got one. 

    It's verrrrry nice. 

    (Now go away, English pig-dog types.)

    Dave, you should actually get to know a woman some day. It will likely change your attitude and your life. For the better.

    Naaah! Dave. Don't bother. They are all the gold-digging, game-playing, sour pusses.

    You will needlessly get pussywhipped by a life-long bachelorette with a 'Masters' in Sociology or worse and who wouldn't know the first thing about commitment. And even if she did, she would have only just 'discovered' the concept from Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love (a sappy sobstory dude) and Commitment (a sappy sistahood trope).

    Instead, create a Manspace for yourself. Hang out with your buddies (do I have to tell you that they must be males, I mean c'mon!) and do your own thing. It really is your own choice, Dave. The pussy whip or the independence, no-nonsense, life on your own time and dime. Why blow your money and waste your emotions, when you can be so much more invested into your own spiritual and personal growth.

    Or do you look forward to being a life long slave to a mean nagging woman and 'her kids'. Because, in the world we live in today, nothing belongs to you Dave. You hear? Good for you.

     Evidently, your girlfriend's income is enough to support both

    Oh, now I understand. If women get money your dick won't get hard.  Well, soldier on, then.  Whatever it takes.

    Oh my, the DAG scrotometer has gone off and found you and your use of feminazi some weak sauce dude!

    It's true, feminists are to blame for all that ails you, err I mean feminazi's are to blame for all that ails you, so sayeth your demi-hugest-god, the drug addled Rush Limbaugh.  He loves it that his loyal fanbois spread out on the web to spread his certain brand of hate. It too is a sad kind of hate, one that makes him a very, very rich man, but it is sad none-the-less, because of the poor saps taken in by his vile babble.

    But Dave Robbins I am must more concerned about you and that word  salad you have going on up there. It is as though Sarah Palin herself is teaching a class on how to write talking points all over the web! But it seems as though stringing together those talking points has left you unable to express yourself in complete thoughts. You jump from this saying there will be " some backlash of opressive ism', whatever that is, and then you claim it (whatever it is) "will end in complete and total correction", but correction of what? Backlash against what? Then you jump to Canada, Europe and Latin America and a backlash there, but against what Dave? Come on, make some sense, be clear, what exactly are you trying to tell us?

    Certainly your drivel reads more like a the angry meanderings of a failed man, who lashes out at those he is convinced caused his failure, mostly because he is unable to accept responsibility for his own life.  So instead he takes the words of a rich radio host who has helped him build a convenient scapegoat for his life, in your case it is women, although I am sure minorities often take the blame for your personal deficiencies.   You Dave, are nothing more than a poor Morlock, eating the flesh of real humans, who are trying to survive, just like you.

    Oh and Dave, the mangina insult, that went out in 2008. I am sure you can do better if you try harder.

    Listen up! You Manginii! I know exactly what this blog is about. It is a bunch of transvestites or 'female trapped in a male body' types in the pay of the feminist-homosexual alliance. Am I correct? If not, how is it that an entire smart-swarm of you would show up at the beck and call of the 'authoress'. Huh? Hmm? Wha? 'Hey sistahs! Am being subjected to verbal assault and battery here on my tiny little virtual island. Please rescue me! There are no real men left around. Oh! Puh-lease, Liz!' And sure enuff, you 'fellas' show up. Word-Salad! Whoa! Look at the stew you guys cooked. Phooey! But McCarthy, you have potential! I mean, your uncle (you want to seriously research this at was the head of a witch-hunt posse in Washington DC. Joe, was that his name.

    Repent! The end of the days is upon us! See feminism for the pain in the arse it has become. Do it now. Else we will have to do it for you. ;) Oh BTW, please do read Dave Sim's Tangent I, II, III, IV and V. I assure you, it is like a magic charm. Much better brew than anything every sprouted by the fraus at Ms.

    Oooo; I love it when those wisps of steam come out of your tiny ears...mmm, mmmm!

    Dave, I am a chick, I have a VAGINA, I know it is something you've never seen, and if you have actually seen one, the reason you don't see one anymore, is that you are a lousy lover as well as a failure as a human being, who would rather blame all those libruls rather than taking responsibility for your own life. Typical angry dittohead. We've all heard the shtick Dave, we recognize it like we recognize our own reflections in the mirror.

    Now head back to freeperville and see if you can get some more angry talking points and you can talk about how mean the libruls are to you here at DAG.

    Hahahahaha, lunatic.


    Hi Tabitha (or whatever your name is):

    "We've all heard the shtick Dave, we recognize it like we recognize our own reflections in the mirror." I love that honest admission. Continue to confess diligently. This thread is an excellent confessional box custom made for self-incrimination of the feminazis.

    Hey Tabby, it's L.I.B.E.R.A.L. not LIBERUL.

    I have foresworn the worship of the VAGINA, Tabby.

    "In our feminist-infected, feminist-misdirected society the husband/father really has only two courses of action open to him: a) capitulate to feminism or b) leave.' - Dave Sim from Tangents.

    I took the option B. But I will fight A. And because you feminazis are so big on using shaming tactics, much of which has been reduced to the rust of the ages; such blunt devices do not do my Teflon coate much harm. BTW, I hope everything is tight at your end, because the next insult is going to hit me just below the belt?

    Let's spar? Coming?

    Hahahahahahaha, you have forsworn Vagina. hahahahahahaha, you mean Vagina refused your advances a long, long time ago.

    You crazy End of Times folks seem to lack irony detectors and the ability to tell when someone is mocking you, it makes any further exchange with you boring and sad.

    So Long Celibate Dave, I hope you get everything you could ever dream of from Rapture. Is a specific outfit required for Rapture? Do you wear black Chucks and have at least 37 pieces of Flair

    so God will know exactly who you are and of your great commitment spreading the word to all internet pagans! Hahahahahaha...

    Doesn't self-identifying as 'a chick' disqualify you from the 'feminist' category?  Kinda like self-identifying as a 'lady'?

    Careful - I hear you dissing Tom Jones, I'm gonna get riled. And ilky.

    But I love seeing you riled; when that big old grizzled, curly collar around your neck gets all up in the air, and you paw the ground and snort...and go all ilkish on us...

    Double careful, this is getting a bit risqué and bestial for the younger bloggers around here...

    Hoo, doggies!  Good thing I didn't put up any Animal Planet videos instead!  Like of the Wild Wilkibeasts fighting!

    That's the problem, they're not fighting, they're making luv. But obviously not very good at it.

    Stardustus Ignorantus.  Ilkimoronous.

    Add this one to the list, from a female friend in Florida, who reports:

    I think that [Gov. Rick] Scott is truly one of the most reprehensible and terrifying politicians I have ever experienced.  I don't know how he got elected (even my Republican friends deny voting for him).  I actually feel he is evil - sort of how I feel about Dick Cheney.  It is dark days for Florida in so many respects...The legislature has a huge Republican majority as well, so there is no way to keep him in check. They just passed legislation last week that requires women considering an abortion to have a ultrasound and view the fetus.  They tried to say that is in the woman's best interest because it gives the doctor more information before he performs the procedure.  The only people excused are those who are pregnant from rape or incest,  but they must have "proof" that they are a victim of a crime!!!!!  Jaw dropping, indeed!

    Another scary thought I had the other day is to wonder whether, in effect if not necessarily in intent, the Republicans have now effectively adopted a kamikaze strategy whereby they push policy as far right as they can at the state (especially) as well as federal levels, knowing they might fail or get voted out next time, but that there are plenty more far-right candidates who can be financed and prepared to make another push in short order. Figuring it's easier for them to block efforts to repeal horrible policies and take short-term electoral losses if need be, and that overall this is the quickest way for them to realize their agenda.  

    They tried to say that is in the woman's best interest because it gives the doctor more information before he performs the procedure.  The only people excused are those who are pregnant from rape or incest…

    At the risk of stating the obvious (and preaching to the choir), if it's in the woman's best interest, then why would they excuse women who are pregnant from rape or incest?

    At the risk of stating the obvious (and preaching to the choir), if it's in the woman's best interest, then why would they excuse women who are pregnant from rape or incest?

    Don't know.  Maybe that's the next frontier for these folks?  First things first, gotta go incrementalist, right?

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