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    On the Day When Turkeys Refuse to Give Thanks

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.  Over the river and through the woods to grandson's house we go.  I wrote this last night, so if there's confusion about the time line, that's why.  Any Vegetarians in the crowd might want to skip this one.


    My pies are baked, the ingredients for our Thanksgiving dinner are all organized and in their places, and I’ve checked on the turkey to make sure it’s doing  what it’s supposed to be doing–thawing.   Somebody killed that turkey and now it’s lying naked in my fridge.  If it still had its head I know it would be glaring at me.  If I were any kind of person at all, I’d be sorry.  But the fact is, I’ll sleep good tonight, and, come tomorrow, I’ll cook and eat that bird.

    I’m a hypocrite, I know.  In the past couple of weeks I’ve written about those terrible people who hunt deer and, worst of all, wolves, but when it comes to this turkey, I’m okay with it.  Why is that?

    I’ve spent several minutes pondering this, in between watching a program on how next week’s live TV version of “The Sound of Music” came to be (Kerry Underwood is pretty darned good.  She’s no Julie Andrews, but I’m impressed), and here’s what I’ve come up with:

    I don’t know why.  In my case it could be in early conditioning.  I’ve only ever seen a turkey naked and looking like meat.  Up in the north woods we see wild turkey often on the sides of the roads, but a wild turkey doesn’t look anything like a 30 pound white domestic turkey. The only thing they have in common is their name.

    But since we’re talking turkey here, can I just say this about wild turkeys?  They’re the most insanely oblivious big bird I’ve ever seen.  They’re like absent-minded professors.  All manner of chaos could be going on around them and they’ll be wandering around in deep thought (or so it seems), crashing into each other.  If they could talk you just know they’d be going, “Huh?”  “Who?” “Wha?”

    wild turkey

    It’s a mystery why they feel the need to congregate on the sides of roads, but there they are.  You know they’re comfortable with their surroundings when they’re out there mating, yes, mating, without a care in the world.  Or a thought to who might happen to be driving by not wanting to see them doing the dirty.

    Whenever I hear about turkey-hunting I have to wonder, where does the “hunting” part come in?  They’ll waddle up to your car if you park by them long enough.  They’re like car hops at the drive-in.  What’ll you have, sir?

    Wild turkeys don’t care who sees them.  They know they don’t taste good.  Yes, people hunt them (some people will hunt anything), but if they tasted better even more of them would die.  That’s the way it goes in human-world.  It’s all about us.

    Have a great Thanksgiving.  And forget what I said here.  If you can.


    (NOTE:  A few days ago I wrote about a Detroit celebrity chef's bizarre idea of the perfect turkey.  "The Only Turkey Here is the Recipe".  If you love this idea, you're sort of out of luck for this year, but you could save it for next year.)


    This gets me thinking about three different things at the same time.

    First Time has this story concerning the amount of calories in a 'typical' Thanksgivings Day meal comparing the feast to five stuffed Taco Bell Buritos (I am fixing my own this evening) or 9 large boxes of McFries or 16 boxes of McNuggets...

    Now we must remember that Sweet Potatoes and Cranberries and green beans and snap peas and a host of other side dishes contain really fine nutritional content--as long as you don't slather the dishes in butter and lard and fat and sour cream and sugar and white flour and...

    Now about the turkey hunters. I am laughing at these pet turkeys as I envision them walking up to the shotgun holders looking for handouts.

    We have all these municipal regs making it an infraction to feed pigeons and such...hahaha

    And now I am reading about these regs outlawing the feeding of HOMELESS PEOPLE.

    Of course the rumor is that certain repubs are seeking laws permitting the shooting of the homeless in this country.

    Just a rumor actually but the NRA must have something to do with it.

    Oh and just a warning:

    Check your bird for 'shot' and such.






    Happy Thanksgiving, Richard.  Think I'll postpone looking at the Thanksgiving calorie until after the holidays!

    I need to read more about not feeding the homeless.  Wouldn't want them to get too used to having their bellies full.   Gotta watch that stuff.


    Here is a commie link to feeding the homeless:

    Just google feeding the homeless, there are literally hundreds of links.

    Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to my favorite writer!

    And we do not count calories on Thanksgiving and we do not succumb to guilt. We have 364 days of guilt. hahahaha


    Thanks for the link, Richard.  I see a blog post coming. . .

    Enjoy your day.

    Well, my meal was not 4500 calories per serving.  I never serve green bean casserole. sweet potato casserole or strawberry jello with pretzel bottom at Thanksgiving dinner. I make peas and carrots because the kids like them.  I skim the fat off of my gravy. I make a nice toss salad, mashed potatoes and noodles. 

    I make sweet potato pie and I don't have a written recipe because I was taught to do it by taste.  It is just a couple of eggs, a little milk, 1/4 teaspoon of ginger and sugar usually less then a half a cup.  It depends on the sweetness of the sweet potatoes. I did eventually write down my pumpkin pie recipe which is the same at the sweet potato pie only with a little more sugar and milk.  People would ask me for my pumpkin pie recipe and then be surprised at the simple few ingredients. I call them poor man's pies that turn out to be light and custardly that is not weighed down with heavy can cream, sugar and too many spices.  I make the pumpkin or sweet potato custard sometimes with out a crust in custard cups. Sneaky way to get the kids to eat vegetable. 

    When you have a slim food budget you don't go all out with all the rich foods. You are happy to find a turkey on sale, then save stale bread for a month for the stuffing. You do a little hoarding for the holidays during the summer with sales so there will be something to bake with.  It all comes together in a nice meal. 

    I think they might of been stretching the truth in that article a little bit.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    It is 3:30 am and I now have time to be on the computer.  I kept my dinner simple this year.  I did bake 2 pies but I used frozen pie shells. My local Dollar Store Market has the best frozen pie shells for $2 for 2.  I don't like frozen shells or premade pie dough but theses are really tender and flaky.  The kids ate all the cookies this week after I baked them.  I still have a cake shaped like a pumpkin to cut. I took my neighbor's turkey dinner over to them.  The large crock pot is full of turkey bones and pan drippings stewing for stock.  My bread came out of the oven the same time as the turkey which is a first. But I cheated on the noodles and used bought egg noodles instead of making my own.  I opened a can of cranberry relish even though I have fresh berries in the refrig.  I will make a few half pints of cranberry marmalade next week.  Everything tasted good.  The only fancy thing I did with the turkey was roast it with the breast down in the meat rack the first hour and flipped it over for the last hour.  I have a convection oven so it don't take long to roast meat. The last 40 min. I turned the convection off to bake the bread.  

    Seeing the homeless every time I leave the house, reminds me that there is much in my life to be thankful for. Trouble with areas like Houston is trying to run off the homeless so they don't have to be reminded that it can happen to anyone.  

    I only have to go to the bank today because it is that time of the month for bill paying or I would not venture out on black Friday.  I hope people stayed home and didn't shop on Thanksgiving.   

    No shopping today for me.  I'll be dishing out food in a food line instead.

    We had a lovely Thanksgiving yesterday, lots of good food and plenty of laughs.  A great day for us all, but since both my son and my grandson's wife work full time at a food bank the talk eventually turned to the poor and how they were faring.  They've added more warehouse area but even with that, this time of year the food stocks dwindle to a dangerous low. 

    The worst thing in the world is to have to turn people away when they come for food, so when the coffers get low they go out begging to get the local merchants to donate even more.  They're usually good about it but sometimes they have to be nudged.

    It was only in the 20s in the Detroit area yesterday (and will be again today), so the day was even harder than usual for the homeless.

    I would love your sweet potato pie recipe.  Sounds great.  We had oven-fried sweet potato fries yesterday and they were wonderful.  Just sweet potatoes cut into strips, drizzled with a little oil, dashed with salt and popped into the oven

    I made pumpkin pie with whole pumpkins for the first time and they were so good.  Lots of work so I'm not sure I would do it again, but I've always wanted to do it that way, and the pumpkins came from a friend who has a farm.  (I made the filling about a month ago and froze it.)

    I'm glad you had a good day, Momoe.  Thanks for sharing.


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