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    Women Having Sex? Outlaw it. Problems solved

    America has become Satan’s playground. It is a nation that dances with the devil and is seeing it’s greatness usurped by sin. And it is all because we allow American women to have sex.

    Recently, more and more Republicans have come forward to announce they are anti-abortion and anti-birth control. They have fought to eliminate Planned Parenthood. They are even trying to pass legislation that would would make it illegal for African-American women to have abortions.

    While these attempts to shut down the menacing sexuality of women have been noble, they truly only treat the symptom and not the problem. This is why it is vital for all Americans of courage and morality to come together as one and force Congress to pass the “No More Sex for Women” bill.

    The bill is just one sentence with one footnote.

    This bill makes it illegal for women to have sex*.

    *Does not apply to sex with other women in films.

    The passage of this bill is what stands between America and continued greatness. Women having sex is forbidden in most holy text books, as far as we know, and the fact that Gods of all stripes stand side-by-side in this belief tells us that our fight is the correct one.

    The punishment for having sex must be severe and involve not just substantial time in prison, but community service such as having sex with other women in films. Only legislation with teeth can combat this recent trend of women having sex.

    An America free of sex-having women will be an America back in step with God. America will thrive and future generations will thank us for our bold initiative. Also, men will still get to have sex.

    So, my friends, now is the time. It is time to end abortion, venereal diseases and the scourge of minority babies. It is time to make it illegal for women to have sex.


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    Shaker dance and worship

    There are movers and shakers in this world of trade today.

    Just no time for things like good nooky any longer!

    Shakers did not do nooky.  They were celibate, men as well as women .... and millenialists, too.  I am pretty sure their otherwise successful communities disappeared because of the former and not the latter.  wink

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