The Bishop and the Butterfly: Murder, Politics, and the End of the Jazz Age
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    The War on Easter is over - good work, everyone

    war on easter

    Turns out the War on Easter was WAY easier than the War on Christmas.


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    I thought the Easter Bunny was pink. Are you sure you nailed, err, carroted, the right one?

    He was pink. We all get that greyish-blue tone when stabbed to death by a carrot.

    Now I must know if you have seen "Shoot 'em Up" which has the most deaths by carrot I've ever seen in a movie or in person.

    I thought he was chocolate.


    I did not get this right away.

    Decades since I ate a chocolate bunny. hahahah


    OMG that's so CUUUUUUUUTE!!!!!  I want one!!


    The Easter bunny is in trouble because of this, but the money isn't bad, so I don't think the bunny cares.

    Reduced from symbols of rebirth to performers in a peep show. Sad.

    Terrrestial birth requires sex. I've head tell bunnies ended up as Easter symbols because they make a lot of babies. If you want to go with the spiritual rebirth theme alone, best to stay away from the mammal symbols alltogether?



    I love the Jabba the Hut looking peeps. HAHAHA

    Games Bunnies play when we're not looking.


    I knew bunnies could come in handy sometimes, but....hahahahhah

    I am so stealing that, Mage!  Awesome find!!!


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