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    Vote for Mitt Romney: Because the SEAL who shot Osama bin Laden lives in St. Louis, Mo.

    My friends, the 2012 election is about choices. It is the choice between the out-of-control socialism of Barack Obama and the steady professional leadership of Mitt Romney. Also, the Navy SEAL who actually shot Osama bin Laden lives at 112 Ark St. in St. Louis, Mo.

    You see, this election is more than a choice between two men. This is a generational decision. Do want the nation of entitlement that Obama has ushered in, or do we want the America that is defined by hard work and individual responsibility? Also, there is an undercover CIA agent in Iran right now. He goes by the name of Mostafa Elham, but his name is really Bob Smith. He lives at 2165 East Evergreen Terrace in Tehran.

    Do we really want America to be saddled with an enormous debt and be at the mercy of immoral nations like China? Or do we Americans want to be the strongest nation on the planet, unrivaled by any? And speaking of China, Xi Huang – a high-ranking government official – is actually an undercover CIA agent. He lives at 322 Springfield Drive in Taiwan.

    Mitt Romney wants America to be the world’s leader. Only through strength can we tame wild nations like Afghanistan. We shall not slink away, tail between our legs and hand victory to the Taliban – the same Taliban that includes undercover CIA operative Mohammad Al-Rahman.

    My friends, the choice is clear. The way forward in America is through the steady, intelligent leadership of Mitt Romney and the GOP. So vote for Mitt Romney on Nov. 6, and remember, outgoing Afghanistan commander Admiral Jim Stavridis takes a walk between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. on Main Street in Washington, D.C. Every day. Without a security detail.

    God bless you all, and God Bless America.


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      Obama isn't entirely the entitlement president. His budget has cuts in aid to the poor and the sick. Romney would go much farther, certainly; he would cut Medicaid to shreds.

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