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    I Wrote A Book! (Almost!)

    As we head into the long weekend, you Daggers are probably wondering what you're going to read.  Might I suggest a short and cheap solution to your entertainment needs?  It's got more action than My Dinner With Andre.  More laughs than The Deer Hunter.  More insight than the entire oeuvre of David Brooks.  It is:

    That's right, it's almost a book!  It's an ebook.  A short one.  The cassingle of books!

    That means it's cheap at Amazon ($1.99) and at iTunes.

    Within you'll find most of the texts that I've performed at readings around NYC since 2010, and one short play.  Also, a bunch of comedy pieces that I wrote in an attempt to get into either McSweeney's or Shouts & Murmurs.  Just because I'm not Frank Rich's kid doesn't mean I'm not funny!

    I'd love you hear your thoughts on it, if you're so inclined.  I hope it amuses and sincerely believe that it will.


    Two bucks?

    As soon as I figure out how to get into that Paypal account of mine I'll buy. ha

    Give me a few days to read it!

    Oh and by the way, the 11th Commandment?


    For chrissakes. hahaha

    I am totally buying this book. I am reading the new Tolkein book about King Arthur and another anthology of essays on Finding Hannah Crafts.. which is stellar, but I will read yours this weekend for fun!

    Edited to say:

    PS I want a starring role in your book, if not I review it, in a very evil way.

    You can be in the novel I'm working on, TMac.  It's just... how do I write a character who is smarter than I am?

    Damn you, flattery will get your next book sold to me!

    It's on its way to my Kindle right now.  (Don't spend your profits all in one place.)  Looking forward to reading your stuff.  I sincerely believe it will amuse me.

    Congrats, Mike! I've downloaded my copy and look forward to reading it. I'll put it up as dag book of the month when I get a chance, probably next week. I figure Blowing Smoke has spent enough months as book of the month already. ;)

    PS To everyone else, I had the pleasure of hearing Mike read from the book last week. Great stuff.

    Okay, I'm convinced.  Be back later.  (Where's my Kindle?)

    Nice picture. 

    Tell me that photo wasn't taken at Zinc Bar.

    Cornelia St. Cafe.

    This is great!

    Now I gotta get my kindle fixed.

    I think you can download it to your computer, too.


    (P.S., so far so good.  I've laughed out loud at least twice. . .)

    Thanks for the Amazon write-up, Good Gracia.  Made my weekend.

    My absolute pleasure, Michael.  Man, there's no hiding from the smart ones. . .

    Absolutely hilarious. I've almost finished it...

    Thanks, TMac, and thanks Ramona!  Please don't be shy about sharing your thoughts on Amazon.

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