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    The Solar Flare is a Liberal Hoax

    As if Obama’s citizenship, Climate Change, the shape of the Earth and the moon landing weren’t enough, now comes the latest liberal hoax – a giant solar flare.

    Yes, apparently “the Sun” is undergoing a “solar storm” and sending “particles” at the “Earth.”

    “It could give us a bit of a jolt,” said NASA solar physicist Alex Young.

    First off, a “Solar physicist?” Give me a break. What the hell does that even mean? Last I checked, the sun is really far away. What a bunch of elitist nonsense.

    Take it from me, a guy who spent two full years going to a college in Alaska, where I studied bears and snow, there is no solar flare. This is yet another diversion by the liberal media to take the attention away from Obama’s bungling of the economy and war on Israel.

    Stop believing the nonsense of rich “scientists” who are blowing your hard-earned money on nonsense research about things that are far away like the sun and have no effect on us Americans. Your instincts are more than enough to let you know that there are no particles hitting Earth. Do you see any particles hitting Earth? I don’t.

    I am not some ill-informed person, however. I will be spending the entire day staring at the “sun” looking for this “solar storm” and the "flare." I invite all reading this post to do the same.

    So let’s spend today staring at the sun. We’ll see the truth then. That’ll show those liberal “scientists.”


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    Your right!

    There are no solar flares.

    And the earth is flat anyway!

    And I heard it on the Fox news network so it must be true!

    The earth is only a few thousand years old!

    \\Where do these people come from.

    Go to school and learn something instead of making up a bunch of crap!

    Hey This is not a liberal scam its hard to predict solar flares because quote it is

    nearly impossible and how do you know its not there do you have any satellites in space!

    another thing its definitely not a liberal scam its science you don't have to get politics mixed into this.

    The sun can't effect us?  your just as dumb as you make out others to be.  do a bit of research and you might find that solar flares have hit earth many times and have caused power loss all over the world.  

    Yeah, Wolfie. Stop acting like other people are so dumb when you're obviously too dumb to dumb down your snark.

    atleast give the idiot a hint


    You're an ignorant isolationist, Wolfie.  The sun is a real threat to us.  It gives us skin cancer and destroys our iPhones.  The only rational and sane response is to liberate the sun and to turn it into a peaceful democracy.  I, for one, will not rest until an American flag is planted in the sun's core.

    Pfft, if you had a blackberry, (telephone of ril 'merca) it wouldn't matter, you'd be used to your phone being f'ed up! Solar flares or bad operating systems... you tell me?

    Getcher Facts Str8! Blackerberries 'r made in Canadia!


    Yeah well as soon as they get rid of their eleventy times evil free health care they will be the 51st state! Woot!

    You know what this country really needs is a sun colony.

    A whole new industry employing half a million people could come up with really really really good sunglasses as well as an entirely new line of firefighter's suits!

    Forget the moon, the sun is the thing!


    Your a moron, and I can see your the type of asshole that doesn't give a shit about nature or natures history. Do your research first before you talk shit .

    Hah.. right, I agree with Anonymous III, you didn't even type in ALL CAPS!

    Don't forget to look directly at the sun, it is good for your eyes.

    I'm hoping this guy is trolling or he is being sarcastic.  He really can't be that dumb can he? 

    It is the writer who is dumb or the people who simply cannot read and comprehend the Humor/Satire tag?

    Hmmm... oh the questions that hang in the air.

    Whatever's happening, it's Obama's fault.


    This article from Nov 2003 shows a MASSIVE solar flare - but we are all still here...it is LARGER (on the solar flare scale an X20 compared to this one measured at G3 - take a peek: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/3242353.stm

    Wasn't it a stupid accusation? It's not his fault because it's the consequence of the deed his mentors did. Rather his gov is trying to promote solar panels to reduce the carbon emission.

    My grandfather's sister's name is Nasa.  She didn't like spice girls.


    My family is from other side of river, but I don't know what is it.



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