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    Donald Trump takes credit for killing Osama bin Laden

    NEW YORK - On his way to the latest meeting of his multi-level marketing business, Donald Trump stopped and told reporters today he accepts full credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden.

    "Let me just say this, when I came on the scene, Obama didn't have a birth certificate and Osama was alive," said Trump, standing on the head of a poor guy named Jim. "This has been the greatest week of my life.

    While most experts have denied that Trump played any part in the bin Laden killing, Trump has been booked on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, C-Span, BET, ESPN and all the major networks to talk about the bin Laden killing.

    "It's about time I finally had a chance to say my piece on this issue," said Trump, who once went bankrupt on a casino. "The American people are seeing results. Now, it's time to attack China.

    "And be sure to watch the finale of Celebrity Apprentice, airing soon on NBC!" Trump added.


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    Well, the Donald is crazy err crafty, but for him to let that Kenyan Usurper announce it during his "top rated show on NBC" just seemed like a bad move!

    President Barack Obama: "Osama, You're fired!"

    I was feeling bad about being glad that Bin Laden had died so this actually brightened my spirits. When I have time I'm going to track down the comments by Bachmann, Palin, Limbaugh, Beck and the rest of the insane clown posse. I have a feeling the comedy in the responses from the carnival barkers are going to be almost as funny as this post.

    Ahhh. Beat ya by a number of hours with an exclusive interview and you win out.

    Life is not fair I tell ya! hahahaha

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