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    America must do something about the Ukraine now. And probably Venezuela, also

    Speaking as an American, which is something I often do, let me just say that I am outraged by the complete lack of American military intervention in Ukraine right now. America and the Obama Administration are once again refusing to show true leadership.

    You’ve seen the pictures coming from Ukraine. It’s a mess. Total chaos. This is why the time to act is now. And act with confidence and focus.

    Now, from what I’ve seen, one side in Ukraine is led by one of the boxing Klitschko boxers, and the other side is led by other people who I don’t know. These are the only sides there can be, as two is the maximum number of sides that can be taken in politics, as we know.

    So we got Klitschko, who I think is on the side Russia. Now, Mitt Romney said Russia is the enemy, but lately it seems like conservatives are really big fans of Russia and Vladimir Putin. So I’m not sure how that all works out, really. But those small issues are left for the bean counters. Now is the time for action.

    My friends, now is the time for America to re-establish itself as the leading exporter of peace-making, geopolitical-shifting destruction. Who cares which side we’re on, the people of Ukraine need America. Or something. And, you know, it seems like it’s a mess in Venezuela right now, also. Let’s stick a boot in their ass for talking crap about us.

    In conclusion, the world is falling into chaos. America needs to start bombing stuff.



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    America, fuck yeah!

    (1) Recognize it, we are at war.

    (2) A great American Decider once said, 'Fight 'em there so we don't have to fight 'em here'. Americans love a fight, he knew it and we got one, a big one, and he got re-elected for getting us into it.

    (3) He also said 'You are either with us, or against us'. That's a foreign policy not nuanced or full of Libtard apologies. It can rile up the base to action at the polls, it's the policy of a War President. Where is that kind of leadership now?

    (4) How can we know (3), unless we invade a country and see who tries to kill us?

    (5) 'We need no permission slip from the French or the UN to invade a country'. The Decider. A Great Republican True Protector of the Homeland Who Kept the USA Safe. Think back. Hard. Not one Benghazi while he was in office.

    (6) Bring 'em on, as we have the firepower to make any bad situation even worse.

    I rise in defense of the readiness of Democrat regimes to be just as quick on the red-white-and-blue trigger as any teabagger ridden repugnant.


    My worthy interlocutor has clearly decided to ignore the fearsome Maddy Albright, from whom I merely need draw two quotes (slightly condensed for easy comprehension, because, America!)


    "What's the point of an army if you don't use it once in awhile?"


    "Half-a-million dead  kids?  Small price to pay..."

    Clinton didn't have the cajones to start a real war, like George W. did, and GWB didn'r restrict hisself to candy ass UN sanctions, 'inspectors' or missiles.

    Bush got Saddam. 

    He gave NobamaZero bin Laden, served up clean and pretty,  like those palette loads of missing millions in $100 bills that the Decider sent to our 'close allies' over there.

    And also Brazil. I hear the World Cup preparations are total chaos.

    Forbes advises that the problem is just garden variety criminality, no problem for those able to afford personal bodyguards, so no need for talk of war. On the other hand,  "Liberty Voice" warns nobody is paying proper attention to wassup with Argentina. cheeky

    We need to capture Pele and try him for crimes against humanity.

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