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    William K. Wolfrum’s Morning – It’ll blow your face off

    Why blogging is better than spitting fire: My face almost never bursts into flames.

    August 10, 2010:


    Census Bureau Returns Cash: Counting people isn’t as expensive as first anticipated.

    Pentagon Cuts: Robert Gates wants some heavy cuts to the Pentagon budget. This could be war.

    Alaska Crash: A plane goes down in Alaska, leaving 8 dead and friends worried that Ted Stevens was on the plane.

    Damned Hippy Bloggers!: White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs says the “Professional Left” won’t be happy until the Obama Administration institutes “Canadian healthcare” and “eliminated the Pentagon.” When asked, Gibbs can’t name anyone actually involved in the “Professional Left.”


    Levi Johnston: The wacky neighbor of the Palin Show sitcom will be running for mayor of Wasilla in his new reality show. I don’t see the big deal. They’ve had worse candidates.

    Dick Cheney: The Man Without a Pulse is now freely roaming the streets, hungrily devouring brains.


    Broadsheet: Jodie Fisher made soft-core porn more than a decade before accusing HP ex-boss Mark Hurd of sexual harassment. Let the slut-shaming begin.

    Glenn Greenwald: Marriage and the role of the State.

    NewsHoggers: Steven Slater says take this job and slide it.

    Today’s Drum: 50 Cent joins the bone marrow donor list and is encouraging other African-Americans to follow in his steps.


    I went to an “Eco Resort” in Manaus a while back, and we got to see a sloth that had been taken in by a poor family that used him as a way to make money from tourists. They are almost too sweet and cute for their own good.


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    Almost never, Wolfie. Almost.

    No need for the drug test, Bobby - I'm as high as Airforce One.  But hey, don't you and the bossman worry too much about it.  Just call it one more issue that he won't be bothered to make a principled, public stand on.  Hope and change, brother!

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