View from a Treehouse: Vanuatu singer

    It's 2020, and still the cultural touch of the rest of the world on our lives seems minimal. Is this one another hodgepodge if appropriation and quaint outback notions, is this just the kind of Bob Marleyish knockoff we'll accept back home, or is this a voice among others we need (or just want) to hear? And why does 3rd World music always have a message? Blur did a anti-culture song called "Whoo Hoo" ( or actually Song #5 I think). They didn't particularly care that the oceans are rising. What's the anti-musicbiz or apathy trend in the South Pacific? What do teenagers think, play, do? We got a rather smarmy color-me-unimoressed song out of New Zealand's Lorde a while ago. Where's the lethargic jaded not-we-are-the-world-we're-just-us cadre now?

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