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    William K. Wolfrum's Morning: The Meaning of Austerity

    The Meaning of "Austerity."


    G20: By the time they're done, you'll still be unemployed and rich people will still pay less in taxes.

    Austerity!: When Austerity comes to America, it will be wrapped in a Democrat.

    Texas: Putting innocent men to death, Claude Jones Edition.

    Iraq: Give it, say, six more months and Iraq will have a competent government.


    The Third World awaits the arrival of the U.S.


    Intoxination: The White House fumbles on the Debt Commission.

    Hollywood Reporter: Republicans like Glenn Beck and Amazing Race. Democrats like Keith Olbermann and Mad Men. I'll take the latter, please.

    Angry Black Bitch: Legos: The Movie. Seriously.

    TMcCarthy0: Philosophy corner.


    Sure Patrick Byrne is under investigation by the SEC and just about everyone else. Sure he's running Overstock.com into the ground and using it as his own personal bank. No reason for Fox News not to have him on as a business expert.


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    Have to run to work, but I loved the austerity video. Wonder if the Tea Party is a precursor of Stiglitz's IMF riot.

    Shorter: the word than can cause people to feel virtuous as they are screwed further by the same people who caused them to need to be screwed again...or something.

    A nation of idiots.


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