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    Is Hugo Chavez the next Billy Mays? (Video)

    This just strikes me as hilarious. The video below (in Spanish) shows Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez – on Live TV – showcasing how socialist appliances are better than Capitalist products:


    With elections coming on the 26th, Chavez is eager to showcase the fabulous products at rock-bottom socialists products which will be coming soon to markets everywhere in Venezuela.

    It’s truly an impressive bit of salesmanship, with crowd applause for each appliance and everything. Billy Mays would be proud.


    Of course, even Mays wasn’t smart enough to hand out ice cream to kids when he was done.


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    I do not know exactly why but odors are funny. hahahaha

    You cannot reproduce odors on tv or the web

    But the idea of odor eliminator is hilarious to me. Maybe its cause there were all these terrible odors emanating from humans.

    We have been burying our dead with flowers for a hundred thousand years or longer.

    But I digress.


    If you speak Spanish, it's not that funny really. He is importing Haier Chinese washing machines and selling them 40% cheaper then other machines on the market. He says the government is going to give credit facilities for poor people. Hilarious? We could use a few more comedians like this.

    In a revolution, you innovate.  Maybe your idea of being "Presidential" is to have the person we elected suck up to Wall Street bankers and do the bidding of international corporations, while driving more and more of us into poverty and into a culture of endless war.  For me, I'll take the guy pulling out all the stops to raise people out of a culture of poverty imposed by the wealthy elite for the last 500 years.

    By the way, I was referring to the original post.

    do the bidding of international corporations

    Er and what do you think Haier is?


    There's a lot of countries on that list.

    And what do you think will happen once they control the appliance market in Venezuela due to government seal of approval?

    Since fascism has been a popular topic here recently, let me grab a quick apropos quote from wikipedia:

    Italian fascism and most other fascist movements promote a corporatist economy whereby, in theory, representatives of capital and labour interest groups work together within sectoral corporations to create both harmonious labour relations and maximization of production that would serve the national interest.

    And compare that with the last three paragraphs of this People's Daily article "Venezuelan president launches electrical appliance line with Chinese aid"

    This program is part of four agreements signed on May 14 between Venezuelan government and Chinese company Haier Electric Appliances in order to sell these articles and build a factory in Venezuela.

    During the ceremony, Chavez said that this program starts with more than 116,000 products available at the commercial networks of the Executive power, the Socialist Market Corporation (Comerso), Food Market (Mercal) and Venezuelan Food Producers and Distributor (PDVAL)..

    According to the agreement with Haier Electric Appliances, Venezuela will purchase 300,648 electric appliances, which will have technical service and guaranty in 118 centers located in the 24 states of the country.

    Rather than Billy Mays, I thought: "The Kitchen Debate, take two."

    Chavez often seems to be on a mission to prove that the Soviets weren't wrong, but that they were just crucially lacking that rare someone as brilliant, charismatic and inspiring to the people as himself.Tongue out

     Another example of my theory:

    beware the Yanqui terrorist holiday, a possibly more invasive danger than the Beatles.

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