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Harry Reid & the Whores that Bore Him

An affecting memorial to Harry Reid and how we hardly knew him - his tough wielding of soft power. Also a reminder of when Democrats represented flyover country, and the irony of the quixotic Christian faith that imbues it. I suppose opioids and NetFlix have created a different kind of flyover. I wonder how the free range gun idea went over in depression-era deserty Nevada.

Don't Look At All?

Bookending the horrificly badly played but popular "Don't Look Up" with "Orange is the New Black", wondering how much of our education and views are shaped by the new streaming culture. This is not the 60's version of "that show/music is going to warp your mind" - at least the content like Ozark or Breaking Bad is a full-on onslaught of a Max Headroom virtual reality. A full-on mindfuck dystopian show like Mr. Robot can cause some cognitive dissonance/disorientation when you leave the screen.

2022 Booklist?

Nice to have a big batch of unknown books to consider reading, eh?

New Years Resolution, "read more (non-politics)"?

We shall see. But picking at least 1 book out of the list is probably useful.

Life in Lagos [warning, also ad]

I hear enough about Lagos, especially its past and future growth, but never see videos, so here's one (yes, they're advertising chocolate)

Jews & the Russian Revolution

Fascinating tale of the changes for Jews in the late 1800s/early 1900s, including massive Jewish involvement in the disenfranchised revolutionary (or "nothing to lose") set.

[Trump/Jan6] Fortenberry, Flynn & FBI

As Politico (Gerstein) misleads on Flynn lies & impact, the Fortenberry case has both outrageous behavior of pols towards foreign political influence as well as possible FBI malfeasance/misleading a suspect.
As often the case, the truth can lie outside the claims of both sides.

[Trump Scandals & Russian Interference] party like it's 2016


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