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Fire up the Mint--AOC is tapped for Sec/Treas, Platinum Proof Coin to follow


I am happy to report a precognitive flash (like the one I had that Trump would win in '16)


It's Sanders in November, and he will tap AOC to run the Treasury.  (Stephanie Kelton will be Fed Chief when Powell expires).


Succession untidiness will be obviated by Trump's timely election night stroke upon hearing Hannity call the election for Sanders.


I love it when a plan comes together...

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General election. No debates, maybe no election.

As a bonus worry for freedom loving Americans distressed by the ongoing electoral chaos, more than one commentator deconstructing the primary debates has cogently argued that Trump will never subject himself to debates going into the general.

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General election. No debates, maybe no election.

As a bonus worry for freedom loving Americans distressed by the ongoing electoral chaos, more than one c

risk replacement inflicted by an aroused and angry electorate?


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Dental implants! (Will no prosthodontist comp Biden a set?)

Just breezed by Biden's CNN Town Hall, and to my untutored eye, he is having a really bad time with his upper plate..


I know they are expensive, but, shit!  You're running for President, Dude!  Ditch the 19th century technology!


It's nothing to me, but if I were a Biden fan, I''d start a Gofundme.

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Rush Limbaugh spoke...and Jesus stretched forth his might arm...

If you were finding your faith flagging, herewith reinforcement for believers.


Rush Limbaugh's ticket to Hell has been punched, and it won't be a pleasant ride.


Meanwhile, Samuel L Jackson responded with commentary



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Before you board that chopper...

Amid the widespread grief over Kobe Bryant's death, a small lesson in the evils of "regulatory capture" is manifest, and the rich and powerful should pay attention.

Most of us are familiar with the alarms that sound when a plane is on a trajectory that in pilot-speak understatement, is designated "a controlled flight into terrain." As the situation grows more urgent, a voice will be  generated shouting "PULL UP! PULL UP! PULL UP!"

The warning is generated by a device called a TAWS (Terrain Awareness and Warning System). It costs about $37,000, plus $7000 in lost revenue for the downtime required to install. If you were rich enough to own your own helicopter, you would certainly want it equipped with one. Bryant, evidently, did not own his own helicopter, but instead used charters for his frequent air commutes.

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Plan B: Bloomberg before Biden



I know that there is no need for a fallback position, it's Sanders/Warren 2020 (or, you know, vice versa....)


But just in case--


If it comes to it, as between one scumbag neoliberal and the other, I  like Mike.


At least he comes with cash.

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Better board the bus for Bernie



Destination, "Furthur"




The sad reality that is our Electoral College mandates a new version of "Clean for Gene"


It seems clear that the fate of the nation (and the world) hangs in the dank cheese cellars of Wisconsin, the hillbilly sections of rural Pennsylvania and the vote-suppressing suburbs of Michigan.


A flood of volunteers from out of state is called for.


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AOC is Joan of fucking Arc!





Bernie Sanders was resurrected (from real, not virtual, near death...) by her endorsement, and his donations have exploded as reported today (35 Million for 4th Q 2019)


I used to say that she was a political  comet.  That's incorrect.


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Biden to Trump: Sure, I'll testify at the impeachment--jointly with you, punk.



Which, of course, he did not say, thus wasting a golden opportunity.



Why should Biden duck testifying, anyway?  if it were, say, AOC, or some other clapback *artist, the chance to make a direct attack on Trump with wall to wall tv coverage would be gold.



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