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Electric Reichstag Bugaloo

Be on the lookout for Hawaiin Shirts.


Evidently the Brooks Brothers neo nazi uniforms from Charlottesville (ableit tastefully accessorized with indiscretely placed swastica pins) have morphed into Hawaiin Shirts (?1) as garb for the fashionable white supremecist out for a little provacateur ramble.


I call upon my Anonymous comrades to penetrate the communications net that must underlie what I have no doubt is the false flag operation seeking to seize upon this moment as the time to foment the fulfillment of their nutty race war dreams..


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Would be murderer caught in the act...Cy Vance, pick up the phone!

You may not yet have seen this video of an attempted  murder (by cop) in progress.





In involves a privileged high executive in the Templeton Fund terrorizing a birdwatcher for reminding her to leash her dog while in Central Park.


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Mr. President, sir, we've lost Ann Coulter...

It may not be like Johnson losing Walter Cronkite, but one may hope that Trump felt a shadow on his grave when he read Coulter's responses to his (predictable) attacks on Jeff Sessions.  (o/t-only Trump could make that piece of shit Sessions sympathetic...


One can only hope for a twitterstorm out of the orange pustule...


See new Tweets


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13 super spraders.Airports had Europe flight pille ups in March In April it was on like Donkey Kong.



On Friday March 16,  Trump did a little redirecting of clogging streams of international flyers arriving from Europe.


Combining unnecessarily panic producing miscommunication with utter lack of though,  the administration, amongst its other crimes of incompetence, packed huge cohorts of  covid19 spreaders intimately and persistently in contact with potential host.


Thanks Trump.


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Only a fully Federally funded economy til vaccine makes sense

The amalgam of Brix who posits a shutdown bit by be ameliorated when testing is available  (LOL)


The WHO casting serious shade on big time natural immunity post first infection.


A revised upwards R 0 that gets to 6 or so, which is only half as contagious as Measles in a naieve population  (Ask the Native Americans...


The utter failure of the "gated" reopening which always mentions somewhere in there the need for testing  blah blah blah and plus they don't follow the gates anyway.


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Six degrees of Donald Trump

Chris Hayes and Adam Schiff Friday night brought home the irrefutable  truth  that all appraisals of the present  situation include the casual acceptance that 50,000 are dead in two months.





As if the losses of the entire Viet Nam war happened between Mardi Gras and Easter.

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46th President (wait for it....) Obama


Yesterday Robert Costa ended his Washington Week extra by teasing Michelle Obama as a topic of VP speculation.


The hurdle:  She loathes the prospect.


The argument: "Michelle, your country needs you."


Certainly her presence on the ticket would vastly enhance our chances of surviving another year or two (unlike our chances if Trump is re-elected, considering the  American carnage he has already created.(See what I did  there?)


So how about this.  (Stay with me.)


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He is risen, let us gloat...

From my peculiar perspective as a Sermon on the Mount (only) Christian, this would be, I think, an appropriate time to do a little anti-Yahwist gloating.


Viz, even as they pack the pews, virtual or (shudder) real, the Yahwists will stumble upon mutiple references to the omnipotence and omnipresence (Not a sparrow falls but he sees all) of their gangser deity.


In that epistomology, do they not wonder if something they have done has pissed him (always toxically masculine...) off?


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Wisconsin is Rising Up!

Subject to DoubleA's correction, (she being our resident expert on the mysterious cheesehead) it appears that we may be about to see a green fuckin' shoot.



I hope I don't eat these words,  but perhaps they feel the fury....

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Hydroxychloroquine, what have you got to lose? Your mind...

I had a friend, now deceasehd, who used to travel regularly to Africa on buisiness.


Of course, he had to reckon with the risk of malaria, and he took several courses of Chloroquine prophylactically.  I remember at the time that the drug was associated with pretty impressive side effects, though I didn't investigate in detail.


As the current kerfuffle unfolded over the use of this drug for Covid19, I was moved to revisit the topic:


This is the list:



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