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I grew up in Hinamizawa. I am an orphan who lives with her best friend in a small house along with my cousin Hanyuu. When I'm not on the internet, I enjoy attending after-school club with my friends, and reading.
Well, let's see. Aside from being trapped in an ever-repeating world for over 100 years, and constantly dying and being reborn. I am smarter than I look.


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Fall of cartoons in America:Why it's bad

Face it. Most of the TV airing on networks sucks right now. With all the shows like "Survivor", "Jersey Shore", and other trash, it has been going downhill. So many good channels that I liked have gone bad.

There are two I'd like to discuss: Cartoon Network, and Toon Disney. Cartoon Network was established in the '90's by Ted Turner, and was the first network to show all cartoons. The shows ranged from Scooby-Doo to Cow and Chicken and to anime. [Read more]

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Golden Girls

This show is one of the classic comedies of the millenium. Enjoy.

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Five things that absolutely get me hot under the collar

I'm absolutely, positively livid right now, so I need to vent my frustration out right now. I wanted to watch a movie on TV, but the channel it was supposed to be on decided to change it to a stupid reality show about babysitting kids! Damn those idiots! How dare they lie to me!

Anyway, these are the ten things that tick me off.


First, I hate it when the computer gets slow on you. I think many people hate this. When the computer decides it wants to go as slow as a snail and display the timer button while taking forever to move. And then it crashes. And then you wait, and wait, and wait.I usually deal with this by either screaming at the computer, or walking out. [Read more]

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Happy Birthday to the king of Black-and White movies, Charlie Chaplin

Is it just me, or have many people forgotten how to laugh? With such serious things going on in the world today, can't we remember how to laugh? How to enjoy ourselves in the face of crisis like the uprising in Libya, the Japan crisis, and global warming?


This is probably along the line of what Charlie Chaplin was thinking when he made the movie, "The Great Dictator." He wanted people to enjoy themselves despite hardship, and most of all, keep humanity intact, as shown in this movie.

Today is his birthday.



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Tough girls

Here are anime girls who just don't mess around with guys or get captured. They beat them up! 

5. Kallen Kozuki (Code Geass)

She's the Ziva of anime. Managing to beat up someone while in a dress is hilarious.

4.Shion Sonozaki (Higurashi)

This might be the first horror show where you don't see girls getting killed by men. Instead, the girl is killing! I'm all for feminism! How often do you see girls in shows beating up others?

3.Haibara Ai (Detective Conan)

2. Hilda (Outlaw Star)

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Umbridge is owned

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Is the separation of church and state being threatened-again?

The separation of church and state is one of the most important changes made to our government. It allows all people to practice whatever religion they choose, while preventing them from making any established religion in the government or abolishing religion altogether.

Once again, that fine line is in danger. The Republicans in Congress are once again trying to bend the rules by outlawing abortion and by trying to force Christianity back into government. That's dangerous talk, because I've noticed that the countries that are the most religious have the most amounts of violence, murder, and rape, while countries that are secular lack those things. [Read more]

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: 2 Explorers of Darkness: Does it hit or miss?

I have been an avid video game player for ages. I have played a lot of games, but I played mostly Pokemon when I was younger, and play it occasionally. I would like to review the game mentioned above, and discuss my pros and cons for the game. 

Does it hit the mark, or does it miss?

The first game of Mystery Dungeon 1 had its moments. Overall, I found it to be a fun, and dramatic game. Here's a rundown of PMD, in case you're not familiar with it. You're a human who enters the world of Pokemon, as a Pokemon-and they can talk! It appears that you couldn't understand them because you were a human in the original games, but now that you are one, you can see the world through their eyes. [Read more]

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The Humanity in Star Trek

One of the best shows of all time is undoubtedly Star Trek. I've been kind enough to offer a few links that represent Roddenberry's love of humankind above all else.

In this episode, Data is led back to his homeland and his evil side, Lore is revealed as well.

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