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    Aaron Hernandez: Did PEDs or head injuries play a part in the murder of Odin Lloyd?

    As everything points to former New England Patriots' tight end  Aaron Hernandez being the person who murdered Odin Lloyd, one wonders if the media will eventually take a look at some factors regarding the case. Factors the NFL would not want investigated.

    Was Hernandez using performance drugs? In an era where several former NFL players have committed suicide and fought brain damage due to their playing careers, could brain damage be an issue.

    Of course, it's very possible that Hernandez is just an unstable person who was destined to kill some one. For many, though, it's hard to see such a promising career go up in gun smoke. Regardless, the media needs to examine the issue. What part - if any - did the NFL play in the murder of Odin Lloyd?

    The NFL wants no part of these questions, but they must be asked.


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    Everybody said the same thing about Chris Benoit (who had, without doubt, both used performance enhancing drugs and suffered multiple concussions) but, since he killed himself, the topic was never really explored beyond people speculating.  In this case, with a living defendant, I don't see how the topic can be avoided.

    'The media needs to examine the issue'. Sarcasm, right? Maybe Dr. Keith Ablow at Fox? Then polls of what viewers think?

    The media will exploit, misinform and blather on the issue if it will attract eyeball$, and only so long as doing so doesn't impact the money making bonanza called pro football.

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