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    Where I Am Now (Mentally and Such)

    In less than a month, I will celebrate my fifth anniversary as a member of the Dagblog community. If anyone has noticed (and maybe no one has), I haven't been around that much in the recent past. Let me start by saying this is not one of those "good-bye" blogs. Rather it is more of a "I be around, bopping in from time to time." There two main reasons for this.

    Firstly, I have made what one might call a vow to not get into political debates. As recent experience in a Facebook message back and forth, the result is that I get extremely and increasingly agitated. This is not good literally for my mental health. Like so many others, my position seems self-evident and I can easily fall into the trap of "why can't you see what is so self-evident."

    As some of you may know, I have both dysphoric mania (or mixed state, a type of bi-polar) and general anxiety disorders. Even though I am on medication and participate in counseling, and would say that I am "stabilized," I am still pretty fragile. Given my strong opinions on just about everything along with the impulse to not only put my two cents in, but also to have the last word, it becomes nearly impossible to "let things go" or "agree to disagree." Sometimes it literally drives to drink (which I shouldn't be doing). 

    In the end, it is best that I keep my visits to Dagblog to a minimum. The impulse to join the debate (esp with the presidential race) is just too great. This does not mean I won't express my views. I am just not out to convert or convince anyone, nor to be converted. I do my research and everyone should do the same.

    Douglas Branson, 2015, Self Portrait

    The Fifth Anniversary is the Wood Anniversary so I am posing next to some living wood.


    Secondly, I have started creative writing again, primarily poetry, as well as getting into photography. I have, moreover, become more involved in Facebook and Twitter.  I now have my own blog, which is on WordPress. The community of writers and photographers is one of those that provide me support, encouragement, and inspiration. Since my first post on May 21st, I now have 80 followers, I follow more than that. Trying to read and engage their posts is time consuming and really engages mental energy. No matter which post on a blog, whether on Dagblog, WordPress or somewhere else, I want to sincerely engage it what the writer or photography posted. 

    So I want to end this post by saying thank you to everyone at Dagblog from those who have kept it going to all the readers who have posted their work. You all are a community of which I feel I belong, supported, encouraged and inspired (even though because of my condition and other things, I could be an asshat and gadfly). I wish there was more time in the day and that I didn't have to take my prescription of sedatives that limit the window of a fresh mind. So I will definitely be around. Thank you all, I have nothing but deep gratitude.

    Douglas Branson, 2015, Unresponsive Rock

    A photo I took the other day in Oak Harbor, Whidbey Island, Washington

    "Unresponsive Rock"


    As to prove my point, I have to add


    Hey Trope, what up? Still in Seattle? Did you catch Bernie at Hec Ed? I'm keeping my distance from presidential primaries arguments as well, at least for now. Plenty of time. It's going to be a long year that I think will get ugly. I like how John Oliver put it, paraphrasing: their are babies who will be born before we go to the polls to elect the next president who's parents haven't even met each other yet.

    BTW, there should be a symbol for paraphrasing. Something like

    > their are babies who will be born before we go to the polls to elect the next president who's parents haven't even met each other yet.<

    Or how about, (p)" ... "?

    I like that. Is it a thing?

    I don't think so ... but maybe it should be!

    I kind of like you Kyle. Well done! I have problems understanding what a thing is anymore. hahahah you take care.


    For the moment I'm on Whidbey Island and was volunteering at an event in Coupeville when Bernie was in Seattle. I expect he'll be back in the area. With the latest poll showing him even or ahead of Clinton in NH, this is going to be like 2008 or worse.

    Congratulations. Wouldn't mind being on Whidbey myself about now. I drove across the island a few years back on the way to Anecortes to catch a ferry to Victoria. I swear I saw some vineyards. Seen anything like that? 

    Yup. People grow a lot of things here, including grapes, turned into wine. During part of the season, one can go wine-taste hopping.

    Oh I miss Trope. I am in e so I cannot write cogently as if I ever do. I was thinking of more personal blogs again. What is life? What do I care about? And I am sure I suffer from more than a number of mental maladies. But, just as a suggestion, hit on Mr. Smith's blog sometime.



    Thanks for the sentiment. I'll be around, including Mr. Smith's. But you and your rants are always a pleasure to read

    Momoe makes fun of me when I underline numbers. hahahaha

    You are getting decent numbers. Just keep on keepin on and compare your problems to Mr. Smith. It helps me anyway.


    Richard you can have all my numbers if you promise to take care of them. While I am at it you can have a few of my problems too, just to keep you on your toes. No second thought I just hang on to the problems.  They are kinda cute. 

    You are a nice person Momoe. We need more nice persons. That is a truth. ha

    One of the cool things about Wordpress is that it tracks which country the person who clicks on your post is from. Most of posts one doesn't have to click to get the whole post, But even still I can see that people from Australia to India to Pakistan to Japan to Columbia to Norway to Namibia have clicked on one of my posts.

    Lets see....I love your photos.   I love your poems

    I enjoy you on face book.  

    Sanders campaign is planning and event on the Mall in DC.  It will be Oct, 17.2015.  It has only been up a couple of day on FB and they already have over 40,000 reservations.  They want 100,000 but I think they will get much more.  

    MLK march on poverty. Aug 1963.  250,000

    Thanks.  And thanks for the info. I just be able to make that one. That would awesome.

    I think stupid things all the time......

    Don't ask me why I came up with this. hahahahah



    You are a sleeping lion Trope. ha think about it.

    Dreaming lion dreams.

    The song does take me back to childhood. O' Nostalgia. 

    But I didn't know Drew Carey was a member of the Tokens. HAHAHAHA

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