The Bishop and the Butterfly: Murder, Politics, and the End of the Jazz Age
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    We Are Legion

    I had a little surgery on my left on Monday, can I just say, OW! I had a Pterygium. But here I am the youngest person in the Cataract and Eye Surgery Center in Bellevue Washington. So I am sitting waiting in an area where you get your eye put to sleep. I'd tell you how this is done, but as you can imagine, it's isn't pain-free! LOL. A woman is sitting directly across from me, she is reading her phone, but she is sitting right next to her mom and dad. I know because she called them, mom and dad! LOL.  

     She is probably a few years older than I am. Anyway, I like to think of everyone as just a little older than me! But her parents also look a few years older than parents, but I can't really tell anymore because seriously everyone looks younger and younger and younger!

    I'm sitting there with a dumb grin on my face, doh doh doh, waiting for my turn. And all of the sudden the daughter bursts out with, of course, 7 men are in the room signing rules for women and their bodies and she is all kinds of pissed. Feeling safe, I tell her, yeah I saw that this morning,  and commented that of course, it is all out war against women, especially after the marches.  We chatted for less than 10 seconds. To our immediate left is an older couple, a woman, and her husband and the older women start to pop off about loose women have their birth control now, and how it's killing babies. Me I just shut it off, I never confront elderly people when they get ugly. It feels odd and makes me extremely uncomfortable. But my new idol was there, and she didn't give a rats ass, she was all in for this fight and prepared. 

    She turned to this couple and began to lecture, "Get educated, sure you think all babies should be born, but as soon as they are born, nothing for them, poverty, no food, bad schools, you could care less"! She was pissed, she looked over at me and said, "We are not taking this anymore"! I look at her and say, "Your my idol." with the hugest shit-eating grin on my face that anyone has ever witnessed. You can see all the joy on my face! So then I say to her, well we had an action item call today, conservative groups are organizing protests to defund Planned Parenthood on Feb. 11th. One of the facilities targeted is where I used to escort women into in the late 1980's,  it has an abortion facility, I've been organizing people to get there to counter protest, -please join us." She immediately responded she would be there and put it on her calendar! We are legion. Yes, we got complacent, but the future is women (and men!), and we are organizing, and we are doing it everywhere, even in Doctors offices in Bellevue Washington!

    It's not my only story of the week either because I've been contacted by lots of my friends in Kitsap County where I am running, and they are coming to the Democratic Party meetings with me, people who have never participated, I get messages almost every day asking what they should be doing. Hold on Trump and elected representatives, Senate and House. We are coming for you, if you are a Democrat and are complacent and not standing up to all Trump everything, which actually means not voting for any of this cabinet nominees, we will find a way to rid ourselves of you. 


    Now that's how we do it!  Bravo!

    It was pretty amazing!

    Good work. I'm sorry to say I would have tried to avoid being involved but would have reluctantly supported

    the same young woman as you.

    Good luck with your eye problem.

    It felt good to support her, I guess if we don't all stand up, we can't win anything.  So, we stood together and that was amazing, but she was more amazing, because she didn't give a rats ass about what those people thought. It was amazing. 

    I was never a wing man but I had cataract surgery twice in the last eighteen years.

    The last time I underwent this procedure I was given some drug and led out to the bus for home and I had no money. hahahaha

    The driver was going to expel me and some lady gave me a buck so I could continue on to my journey home.

    I do not even know who she was. hahahahah To this day.


    The eye fairy, Dick, the eye fairy. And say thank you, Gilbert.

    (btw - when I was younger, everyone dreamed about a Cataract Sedan - not so much any more, right Emily? Ba-da- dump.)

    Twice! What? Oh man. Wait they took you to the bus stop? What? That just seems wrong to me. 

    Yeah, that's Dick for you - he doesn't know when to stop. Dypsomaniac, I think they call it. Some people collect tropical fish, others go in for operations...

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