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    I watched Wayne LaPierre's speech today.

    I was not surprised at the contents of that speech.

    It began hilariously with a protester holding up a sign that said:


    The 'authorities' removed the mousy man holding that sign. No doubt those 'authorities' were armed.

    This was supposed to be a 'Press Conference' and of course the event had nothing to do with questions and answers.

    One pundit on MSNBC called it a long advertisement for the NRA.


    "The truth is that our society is populated by an unknown number of genuine monsters, people that are so deranged, so evil, so possessed by voices and driven by demons that no sane person can ever possibly comprehend them," he said. "They walk among us every single day.,0,4915261.story

    No truer words have ever been said and no words could more aptly describe folks like Wayne LaPierre.

    This deranged monster, so evil and possessed by the voices of demons went ahead and just spat on the victims from Sandy Hook.

    Basically the only conclusion I can draw from his message today and the messages spewed by the NRA every damn day is that we should all clothe ourselves and our children in body armor and carry the biggest fucking guns we can find with the most dangerous ammo imaginable every time we leave our homes and venture into public areas.

    The only way to stop a bad man with a gun is by a good guy with a gun.

    Notwithstanding the horrors created by mass shootings over the previous decades, I guess I am concerned that there might be difficulties in discerning who the good guys are and who the bad guys are when assessing the hundred thousand shootings that occur every year in this country; shootings that kill over 30,000 individuals out of that hundred thousand figure.

    We know that most victims of gunshots were armed because most gunshot victims are ruled suicides for chrissakes!

    I could quote the insane monster LaPierre all day.

    This year Wayne has attacked our President with vicious lies of all sorts, claiming that he has been taking Wayne's guns away and claiming that the current Administration has secret plans to take Wayne's guns away and claiming that President Obama is the biggest liar of all time and...

    Oh who cares?

    Our children need to be protected.

    Schools are revisiting protocols in order to keep our children safe.

    The Mayor of Los Angeles has ordered police to visit every single school in that city every single day.

    Our President wishes to proceed cautiously but speedily and certainly picked the right man to head his newly created commission.

    Joe Biden is the man.




    Michael Tomasky makes points out

    First of all, an armed guard in every school doesn't guarantee anything. Schools are big buildings; often, they are campuses, not just buildings. What if the guard happens to be in the gym when a gun nut shoots his way into the shop? In fact, exactly this happened at Columbine High, which had an armed guard. He was out monitoring the Smoker's Corner, which every high school has, while the shooters did their work inside.


    And then there is the Empire State shootings. The cops kept hitting innocents!

    Just the other day some silly parents sent their 11 year-old to school with a gun for protection and he turned it on his classmates; the good news is that the lad merely threatened the kids and did not shoot anyone. I put the link in one of my comments.

    I like the idea that the police who are there to protect and to serve 'check-in' at the schools on a daily basis. Maybe 7-11's also.

    Oh well. THE NRA IS THE ENEMY AND THEIR LEADERS (not members) have blood on their hands.

    Yup. That press conference was like watching "Survivor: Santa's Island," with Wayne Lapierre as Shooter, the Nutty Elf.

    (A joke so nice, I had to use it twice.)

    Here we find ourselves in the great drift? the great chasm between those who are conservatives and those who are liberals?

    Scarborough is one of the greatest politicians I have seen in the pundit world.

    Avlon and McKinnon and a host of others play games.

    But Joe has really demonstrated some remorse for past positions and I laud him for that change.

    BABIES WERE KILLED WITH WMD's in our country and these killings had nothing to do with virgins in the afterlife.

    See, I cannot stop my rants unless I stop my rants.

    The leaders of NRA have BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS!

    We, as a nation must do something about this!

    More gun deaths in a Pennsylvania church.

    Perhaps it's time for Wayne to pay a visit to Mr. Stewart's Daily Show, wherein I imagine an interaction along the following lines:

    Stewart: So, um, Wayne, may I call you Wayne?

    Wayne: Yes.

    Stewart: Thank you.  We all know the media sometimes gets things wrong.  So I just wanted to ask you if the reports that your organization--that is the National Rifle Association--is recommending "good guys with guns" in our schools as a way to try to prevent future school shootings is accurate?  Is that correct?

    Wayne: Yes it is, John.

    Stewart: (long pause, scratches chin...) Hmm.  Fascinating. (pause)  Well, thank you for clearing that up, Wayne.  Uh, merry Christmas to you, Wayne, and your family.  Best wishes to you and your loved ones in the New Year.  Godspeed.

    (end of interview)





    I do have fears that the interview by Gregory on Sunday will sound all too much like your rendition!

    Wow, it's a good thing you reminded us because so many American heads of state really were pretty much just like these folks in their MO.  Although surely they would have been had not the citizenry been well armed.  Didn't you get word that the Mayan apocalypse date came and went this week?  There are a bunch of us who are not still here who might still be if we had sane gun policies and practices in this country.  

    Didn't you get word that the Mayan apocalypse date came and went this week?

    I guess the reports of the Mayan apocalypse being foretold, was a false prophecy.

    All the hype and now it's proven inaccuracy, was intended to lull the people, into a false sense of security, so as the REAL apocalypse approaches, the people will disregard the coming doom, as being just another false alarm.

    Understanding this phenomenon, One can imagine the next time, NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) sounds the alarm about an impending destruction; people will take the necessary action, to avoid becoming a victim;  having seen the destruction, it was as bad as foretold and luckily it wasn't worse.

    It was a good thing the civil authorities were able to restore order so quickly; the next time we may not be so fortunate. 

    If the good people are disarmed, only the bad people will have them and I HAVE NO DOUBT the bad ones will victimize the weak and innocent.

    Sheep have no natural defense, against ravenous predators.

    You left out a few nations with more restrictive gun laws than the US (every one in the western industrialized world) to name a few:

    Australia, Great Britain, France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Austria, New Zealand, Japan, Ireland.....

    The weak and the innocent can be protected at the ballot box, not by over armed ignorant Tealiban crackpots and Bush Belly Snitches like you.


    like you.

    Is this a personal attack ?  

    The weak and the innocent can be protected at the ballot box,

    Are you serious?

    Ask the Egyptians who are resisting Sharia law, how good and fair the elections were in Egypt.

    Ask Michagoan's how the ballot box prevented an assault on workers.  

    Or ask Al Gore, how the ideological Supreme Court turned our Nation over to the Right wing favorite.

    Or how our ballot boxes, prevented a republican strategy of gerrymandering safe districts for themselves and has helped create grid lock that is more harmful than good. Causing unneeded stress on a citizenry already trying to cope.

    With some citizens snapping and killing others.  

    I'd put more faith in the Tooth fairy, than I would the ballot box and clean and fair elections.

    Should I remind you of the 21st Century version of the Golden Rule?  

    The ballot box is just about all we got.

    The more local the elections of course, the more a vote counts.

    We can barely be heard compared to the radio plutocracy and the MSM bought and paid for by giant corporations.

    The NRA can receive universal coverage for any 'major speech' given by mass murderers; and it supposedly only represents 4 million people even though it serves the interests of a few capitalist Masters of War.

    Protests only work when MSM responds.

    I do know this.

    Elections work well here in Minnesota.

    I know that my vote counts.

    I know very little about elections in Egypt or Russia or Mexico or....


    it supposedly only represents 4 million people even though it serves the interests of a few capitalist Masters of War.

    I am not as convinced as you, that the NRA serves the capitalist interest.

    The corporate masters and their bought and paid for lackey's in power, have personal protectors, and as in other times in history, they fear a well armed peasant class, who might someday tire of the corruption. 

    I think the Magna Carta should be brought back to the minds of those in power?  

    In the time of King George and our rebellion; warrants were issued for the arrest of Thomas Jefferson and many of our other leaders, because they pointed out, the kings faults and of his corrupt court

    Our own nations, Union organizer Eugene Debs, was imprisoned because he spoke out against the War and because he stood up for workers rights.

    Workers who were beaten and shot at, by our own troops and private police

    Capitalist interests are not well served, when disgruntled peasants are armed.  

    Roman Emperor Hadrian (76-138 AD) said that he sought  "peace through strength, or failing that "peace through threat."

    Syria's Assad and his cohorts, discovered, a peasants revolt without armaments, can be quashed, but once the peasants found a way to fight back, the tables are turning.

    The working class in America wants peace and prosperity,   "peace through strength, or failing that "peace through threat."

    I believe this current push against guns, is intended to leave us defenseless.

    I guess I should ask,  who is us?

    All I know is that you are defenseless as far as argument!


    How many bazookas do you need to feel really really safe?

    Will they work against the Cyberdyne Systems CPU, Skynet drones?

    The experts agree …. Gun Control works

    Google for yourselves

    Israeli schools have armed guards.

    Another site states “Guns are deeply rooted within Swiss culture - but the gun crime rate is so low that statistics are not even kept.”

    I want my kids to be safe, not to be pawns in a political agenda.

    Do the senators send their kids to private schools, that have better security?  

    All in favor of gun conrol....raise your hands

    Google, for the answer.

    That is exactly what many felonious folks with guns tell their victims:


    So silly.  I'd bet that more public schools have security than private.

    Richard, check out the title of the New York Times' editorial on Wayne's little speech; I don't believe I've ever seen The Grey Lady get so sarcastic! laugh


    Nice link!

    On one level, Wayne has managed to send the sales of WMD's through the roof!

    If we see him as a salesman we might understand this erratic behavior on his part better.

    I am too tired and lazy to get more links but I think Salon and the Beast and Huffpo and Slate include this facet of the new NRA line.

    There is no truth or justice or the American Way; only sales.

    Half of the NRA budget comes from dues; the other half comes from right wing pricks with a lot of money.

    I just watched John Lott again on Piers show.

    Every time you pass new legislation banning guns; the murder rate increases. 

    He was speaking globally. 

    Piers goes nuts and says:

    What in the hell are you talking about. In GB there were 35 murders and in the US during the same period of time there were over 10,000 murders.

    Lott keeps on keeping on and Piers reacts like I would. You are lying, everything you say is a lie .....

    What Lott was attempting to say is that globally when you pass anti-gun legislation the murder rate goes up so I assume we would find that in GB there were 4 more murders attendant to recent legislation.

    You see.

    This is where the iron age folks came up with the devil and this is how law schools graduate so many liars.


    Lott does not believe his own rhetoric or he would be as dumb as his eyebrows tend to indicate.

    Wayne certainly decided that he would never believe in anything ever again; maybe his dog died or his wife slept with the liberal next door neighbor...I really don't care.

    These evil people twist all logic so that we are left to assume there are no facts in this universe whatsoever.

    I would get into Quantum Mechanics but I know as much about that subject as Wayne or Lott or Grover (who is on the board of the NRA) or rush or beckerhead know about anything.


    Great article. Thank you!


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