Stuff: Back by Popular Demand

    Stuff is just flying off of shelves - and that's before the late night protesters.
    Meanwhile, Shell stepped in deep doodoo asking the public what it could change - seems "a lot" is the unsurprising answer. Just goes to show, the Marketing Dept may not be the brains of the company.
    But a shame the same wasn't asked of  banks as they destroy habitat via inhumanity.
    As Lennon once sang (almost): "Keep playing those War Games forever".
    And instead of splitting atoms, could we soon be splitting molecules for peace? as long as the water holds out.
    The Germans seem so serious, but could Covid have brought out the smartass scammer in them? Check out their new magic electric bus. "I want it I want it I want it..." "Can't have it..." 
    And the ever gravity-defying Tesla Musk is teaming with Panasonic to finally make use of the musty corners of its Gigafactory to make new and improved batteries for fast charging & greater storage. By how much? That's the rub - they'll have to kill you if you want to find out. But trust 'em, it's always worth the price of admission, no? How about a stairway, er, ladder to Heaven?



    Chinese yuan is tanking!

    I expected tanks today, but not like this. Will they play Swan Lake on state TV? (or Fox/OANN/RT?)

    just a big casino:

    Who's your (state's) daddy?

    I think this is Gen Z joke us oldsters are not meant to understand?


    he's a Dem:

    for Godfather fans:



    Someone blasted Blount for his spelling mistake.

    Frank Luntz sassing Drumpf:

    I'm with Alice on the authoritarian meme which continually pops up here and there:

    This goes with that ^ :

    The old fascists are turning in their graves. What Great Leader declares the election stolen days before the votes are counted? Dude doesn’t even have good strategy.

    — Shane Bauer (@shane_bauer) November 6, 2020

    Edit to add, the top two replies to Shane's tweet:

    Khomeini engineered a revolution from exile w cassette tapes.

    trump's such a trite bully it's demeaning.

    — incensed immunobiochemist (@shokufeyesib) November 6, 2020


    reply to Alice:

    Reminds me of something I said just recently on another thread:

    Interesting Sacha Baron Cohen threat:

    They all shot videos for him reading the Tweets and commenting on them.

    Cutting through to the important issues of the day. Or finding out even the worst jerkoffs still have some humor. Tally Ho! (tho do spare us Nickelback)

    Must admit I found the Howdy Doody narc tweet to be spot-on and also noted Buttigieg had no comeback

    They're all damaged goods.

    This tweet reminds me of the old days when I'd catch a lot of grief from extreme partisans for quoting Frank Luntz's work. He's no hack, he knows his stuff, makes what he does as much of a science as is possible with such a field that is not really a science at all. Before Trump, I could see a clear difference between partisan hack "pollsters" like Kellyanne Conway (who knew the truth but would spin it all lies) and Luntz who does the opposite, tries to decode spin and just point out the fact of when people are buying into it:

    He's very talented at what he does.


    about that White House lawn work

    new parody account tweeted

    and this 

    "I beg your pardon/I never promised you a rose garden" 

      - Loretta Lynn? Melania?

    more lawn meme:

    If you know any vets, pass it on:

    Posting this again: Starting today, U.S. military veterans and Gold Star families can receive a free ‘America the Beautiful’ pass for lifetime entry into our national parks. #VeteransDay

    — Frank Luntz (@FrankLuntz) November 12, 2020

    Yglesias moving from Vox?

    Ross Douhat defends one of the Ezra Kleins against the other Ezra Klein in a twitter thread (and the unified Ezra retweeted it, so apparently he is not offended by the suggestion he is schizo)

    Makes little sense for SocDem Ilhan Omar to name conservative Thatcher as her political role model w/ so many left-leaning female leaders to choose from like Dilma Rousseff (socialist), Benazir Bhutto (SocDem), etc.?

    Squad keeps getting dumber & dumber and it’ll only get worse.

    — sameera khan (@SameeraKhan) November 13, 2020


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