The shortest way with illegals


    or whomever we disagree with .


     And maybe for good reason.

    A good place to start is with DVD ´s compelling quote. ¨ 

    ¨Auschwitz is outside of us, but it is all around us, in the air. The plague has died away,but the infection still lingers and it would be foolish to deny it. Rejection of human solidarity , obtuse and cynical indifference to the suffering of others, abdication  of the intellect and of moral sense to the principal of authority, and above all, at the root of everything , a sweeping tide of  cowardice , a colossal cowardice which masks itself as warring  virtue, love of country and faith in an idea. Primo Levi 1947.

    Everything isn´t necessarily connected with everything but I´ll indulge myself in listing: Brexit -which can appear  to consist in opposing  anyone who prefers not  participating  in ¨ Morris Dancing¨, Angela Merkel´s opponents who oppose the asylum seekers  some of whom  carried out a city- wide New Years harassment of the women of Cologne, the native americans who segregate themselves to protect their heritage, the people of Color who do that for  other reasons they can describe and the German  liberals whose attempt to defend  her was undercut, by some ,naturally, publicized  cases of  rape and murder .

    And the Tutsi´s fit in there. Somehow. 

    Where is someone saying ¨ Can’ t we just get along?”

    How about it being OK if both   

      ¨ When the aged are reverently , passionately waiting                                                                                                For the miraculous birth, there always must be                                                                                                     Children who did not specially want it to happen skating                                                                                              On a pond at the edge of the wood ¨


    I can think , as I do,  that the solution to Illegal ImmigrationIs to make no immigration Illegal- except for those  who are discovered through extensive contact at their roots- clearly now  possible  when it was unlikely on Ellis Island - that they are going to harass women on New Year Eve............

    And at the same time  understand  my neighbor values planting small flags in her window boxes on the Fourth. And it is a democracy. So even  though  my moral impulse is completely different , she Must be free to make her  case.  Or he can  go back to the Reservation . It ain´t  My Way or the Highway. (Of course in my own black heart I wish it were.)

    It ´s not colossal cowardice to be respectful of  those waiting for the miraculous birth. 


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    Maybe the sentence with seven commas obscures Levi's point. This is colossal cowardice masked as "warring virtue, love of country and faith in a (depraved) idea."

    Thanks. I did follow the grammar but  stretched  Levi´s indictment of  cowardice  to mine   to put the turkey on the table .

    About Dagblog..  

    And how we used to  know Ken was hosting some of our Bankers when a voice rose above the din :"Where you are completely wrong is.......¨

    Could have been Dagblog.


    I liked the patriotic Donald. And even holding the US flag!

    It's a picture so it just captures a moment in time. It looks like he's holding the flag. If it was a video we'd likely see he was groping the flag and rubbing and thrusting him self against her.

    you have such a naughty mind

    I do an alternate version for you.

    Where is someone saying ¨ Can’ t we just get along?” How about it being

    OLD grievances, grudges and resentments are counterproductive to cause in this day and age. Be there or be square: make today's grievances a priority. History never repeats itself exactly the same way. We've got easy cheap worldwide communication but one thing we don't have is an extra planet to waste. Seems to me our species has evolved too far along the brain over brawn thing for a sort of survival of the fittest to ever come back now. Tribalists based on past grievances are losers, metaphorical and literal dinosaurs.

    Comes to mind A-I and genetic advances are going to be the new game changer, bringing up the question: are you sure you want to continue to breed teeming masses of handicapped losers? that a democracy with just elites would be such a dandy "solution"....

    And to be perfectly clear, follow the Ghandi right here with this:

    There are none so blind as those who will not see

    And no, ridicule/shaming is not the same as hating back in kind.

    just an aside: this line of yours is an indicator of wisdom of age, mho-

    Everything isn´t necessarily connected with everything but I´ll indulge myself


    I´ ve gotten  that (getting old) down to a grooved swing,

    Ah yes, emulating death with a smooth scythe-wielding golf swing - "Bringing in the sheaths, bringing in the sheaths..." where are my little lambs, my lost sheep...?

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