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    There were those who took offense to Tim Tebow.

    There was this football team who seemed to lose constantly and TT came along and served the team well.

    And some folks on 'THE LEFT' went nuts when he knelt to pray following a winning TD.

    And Wiki tells me Timmy would put some Biblical reference into his eye shadow?


    I have been viewing baseball for over 60 years on B&W and color TV.

    And every time a Roman Catholic hit a home run, the batter would bless himself whilst he ran the bases.

    Hell, if I win a ten buck scratch-off, I bless myself.

    I viewed three cross blessings in the last day or so?




    Well our naked Commander in Chief is an asshole.

    And this time most Americans eschewed his message?

    I only bring this up because the Left fucks up all the time.

    Not all of the Left, of course.

    I do not recall ever even writing about Timmy.

    But Jesus H. Christ....

    Did the media, except for the Fox fascists say a goddamn thing whilst Timmy was excoriated?

    Anyway, Trump aint gonna survive this shit.

    He hurt himself this time; we shall never forget his racism.

    I thought about this infamous Olympic Pix:

    I thought about Ali

    Muhammad Ali NYWTS.jpg

    Taking a knee at the beginning of a ball game seems innocuous?

    And yet that knee means or meant something to many.

    An aging black man in semi-profile

    I caught a quote on Cable that I cannot find right now, but one of the greatest men to ever play baseball, Jackie Robinson, supposedly said that he would never stand for the National Anthem sometime later in life.

    We sometimes forget what men like Jackie went through.

    I get to view ten? opinions on NYT without sending them the money I wish I had.

    Here is a fine column at that great newspaper discussing the act of taking a knee:


    I just thought about Timothy who is now gathering more tickets in Minor League baseball than Jordan, and I wish him the best.







    Martin Luther King Jr's protest was unacceptable. Black Lives Matter is unacceptable. Colin Kaepernick is unacceptable. The argument is always that the form of protest used alienates people . Hello! What do you expect.? Protest is meant to jolt sensitivities. King was criticized because a pastor was supposed to save souls from the pulpit. King was disobeying the law. Every effort was made to divert attention from racism. Criticize the messenger. Black Lives Matter disrupted Hillary and Bernie, how dare they? The argument again is that the form of protest was wrong. If only BLM did the right form of protest, the system would respond better. Total BS. Kaepernick took a knee, how outrageous. Those on the sidelines will always criticize action.There are two things occurring. Athletes are trying to focus on police abuse. We have to focus on that issue and not be distracted by Trump.

    The second thing going on is that Trump is trying to avert attention from a looming war with North Korea, a failing health care ill, White House email servers, Russian collusion, etc. We also have to focus on those issues as well. While Trump is incompetent as President, he is a master oof diversion. The press is totally incapable of handling Trump. The people have to deal with Trump. The athletes are doing their part. Citizens in wheelchairs came to Congress to oppose the latest health care bill. Jimmy Kimmel is doing his part. We have people fighting voter suppression. We have an ongoing investigation of Russian collusion. We need anti-war protests. We need a multi-pronged attack on Trump. Different people can focus on different aspects of the disaster occupying the White House.

    Edit to add:

    He also wants to divert attention from his response to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. His racism came through when he tweeted about Puerto Rico.

    Given all the crap about patriotism, I wonder why none of the reporters ask Huckabee-Sanders or Trump how patriotic it was to question that John McCain was a hero, attack a Gold Star family, and say that he knew more than the generals. The wife of Pat Tillman objects to Trump politicizing her husband's death. There is never any direct pushback to his crap by reporters.

    rmrd, the repubs and the right keep pointing to some golden era when America was great and.....

    Well, you already can complete that damnable sentence.

    When Blacks were slaves (de jure or de facto), when Chinese railroad workers were treated as slaves or when ....

    I love this country.

    But I recognize its faults, past or present.



    Trump is leading his cadre of pricks into an extremely dark portrait of our nation.

    I just feel that this time Trump got caught, finally.

    I think his Puerto Rico stuff show his true colors as well

    Hopefully, Roy Moore will become the poster boy for the GOP base's ideal politician.  He should scare the rational part of the country into voting against Republicans.

    rmrd, I cannot find it right now but I wrote years ago about representing a Puerto Rican in Civil Court.

    The gist of the post had to do with the fact that my client was a US Citizen, by fiat involving Congress and the then sitting President.

    Citizens of Puerto Rico are citizens of the United States of America.

    Birth Certificates provide certification just like Texans or Oklahomans or Alabamans.

    Either we recognize American Citizens as part of US or we shirk our duties as American Citizens.


    Offered without comment except "how times have changed":

    FLASHBACK: President Obama was asked exactly 1 year ago this week about Kaepernick & others kneeling during national anthem. His response:

    — Chris Donovan (@chrisdonovan) September 24, 2017


    I found the above retweeted by New Yorker writer Ryan LIzzza. 24 hours later he tweeted this description of our current president, really gets at the gist of it all for me:

    Goes to sleep threatening nuclear war. Wakes up suggesting boycott of NFL.

    — Ryan Lizza (@RyanLizza) September 24, 2017

    AA, there is always context.

    It is just that comparing twitters from Orangeman and THE GREAT BLACK HOPE is really comparing apples to oranges.

    We have a great orator and a mentally challenged psychopath. hahahaha

    Trump is a pig and always has been; Obama did his best.

    The NFL has commissioned a study into allowing their players to use medical marijuana for pain in place of opioid pain killers that lead to addiction.. Big pharma is worried about this so now we have this distraction. They know if NFL supports the use of MM they will be on the losing side of the drug war and a decline in profits. Got to make the NFL look real bad so says the powers to be. It don't hurt to look under the hood at some of this media circus stuff. Divide and conquer using race.  

    I imagine the pain from football injuries and bashes takes more than a little weed to deal with.   300 pound tackle pile drives you into the ground, linebacker flips you on your neck in mid-air catch & you just want to light up?

    Peracles, I recall a Life Mag that covered some Ali/Frazier fight.

    Norman Mailer was the writer and photos proved the real combat.

    I just recall the blood, the mucus and the sweat.

    I never was a fight fan.

    But damn, that Life Mag just got to me.

    And years later, but not so later, there was Ali

    Frazier seemed comprehensible when he spoke.

    But Ali was totally destroyed.

    His brain was jumbled.


    Those tests they have performed on 111? atrophied brains of deceased football players just got to me again.

    110 of those tests demonstrated real brain injuries.

    110 out of 111??

    And yet, some 'experts' scream out 'foul'.

    After all we only have the evidence procured through those who were tested and others were not and....




    But will the NFL ever change their rules or headgear or ......

    Gladiators will die during bread and circuses?

    Soccer moms cannot save us.

    Minor rule changes cannot save us.

    Hell, Trump aint gonna save us.

    We enjoy bloodshed on the field and in any arena.

    Now they have those boxing/kicking bouts on cable.


    Your comment just got to me.


    Oh NCD!


    The CTE reference reminds me that a neuroscientist is allowing his son to play contact football. He cites data that other diseases like epilepsy are associated with CTE. In addition, NFL players have a lower incidence of violent death and suicide than the general population 


     NFL suicide rate

    What does one do with the data, The neuroscientist focuses on the NFL  fails to mention the full findings of the study

    Results  Among 202 deceased former football players (median age at death, 66 years ...), CTE was neuropathologically diagnosed in 177 players ...  including 0 of 2 pre–high school, 3 of 14 high school (21%), 48 of 53 college (91%), 9 of 14 semiprofessional (64%), 7 of 8 Canadian Football League (88%), and 110 of 111 National Football League (99%) players. Neuropathological severity of CTE was distributed across the highest level of play, with all 3 former high school players having mild pathology and the majority of former college (27 [56%]), semiprofessional (5 [56%]), and professional (101 [86%]) players having severe pathology. Among 27 participants with mild CTE pathology, 26 (96%) had behavioral or mood symptoms or both, 23 (85%) had cognitive symptoms, and 9 (33%) had signs of dementia. Among 84 participants with severe CTE pathology, 75 (89%) had behavioral or mood symptoms or both, 80 (95%) had cognitive symptoms, and 71 (85%) had signs of dementia.

    It may be that only a minority of participants in football develop CTE, but the study though biased (only brains of symptomatic people studied) could be suggesting that the longer you play  the more people are at risk for CTE.

    Wanna be Trump's crash test dummy?


    John Urschel, former Baltimore Ravens offensive right guard quit football one week after the study came out. Urschel is a Ph.D candidate at MIT in mathematics.

    I do not follow football very well, but I have some memory of this story.

    What if you were 26 with millions of bucks in your future.

    Urschel said: No dice?


    I recall some quote from Dave Chappelle a few years ago when he turned down 50 mill and retired to his newly purchased ranch/farm.

    Chappelle was at some fine dining facility.

    He pointed to some feller at another table.

    Dave noted that that personage was worth 100 million?

    And he thought:

    Hell, that guy has a hundred million and I only have ten million and yet, we are both eating the same dinner.

    Now Chappellle is back; I mean he is doing stand-up and appearing on TV including SNL.

    I think about him sometimes.


    It is a subject all by itself.

    That is all I got.

    Read the black Afghan war vet Ravens anthem singer just quit due to fan bigotry.

    Trump said Obama wasn't born in the United States and called for imprisoning Hillary. He could do this because of free speech. Now Trump uses the flag that says embodies the rights soldiers died for to suppress the freedom of speech of others detailed in the Constitution. Insanity.

    rmrd: I get so goddamn mad at this orange haired idiot!

    Free speech.

    And yet, as you put it; this asshole would somehow impede the right to state something that would be clear to all of us. That is: All free speech is good except when it offends ME. HA

    Good point!

    Richard, enjoy the humor in knowing that Donald Trump wanted the fame of owning an NFL team. Most owners didn't want him in the league. Remember the USFL? The reason you don't is that Trump bought the New York Generals USFL team. He convinced other USFL owners to go head to head against the NFL. The USFL died a quick death thanks to Trump. When it came to the NFL, Trump made the "brilliant" decision to pass on a chance to buy the New England Patriots. The Patriots are now the second most profitable team in the NFL. Trump killed the USFL and was too dumb to buy the Patriots. He brings his sports business skill to the Presidency.

    Edit to add:

    Sen. James Langford says Russia no trolls are using # TakeAKnee and #BoycottNFL to sow discord in the United States.Trump still gets help from the Russians.


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