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    Our esteemed leader tells us that he would run into a burning building or a school where bullets are flying without a gun to save our children?




    I do the best I can.

    I attempt to mute the tv whenever he appears.

    I never read tweets unless they are aired on cable.


    In 2004 the only Vietnam hero applying for the POTUS position was John Kerry.

    At the republican convention, delegates wore band aids; attacking a man who could have refrained from military service in Vietnam.

    Instead Secretary Kerry spent two separate tours in that war.

    Can you imagine Nixon allies attacking JFK's tour in WWII?

    This just got to me.

    Trump lies all the time.

    Trump feigns substance and intelligence and bullshit all the time.

    But I recall this old movie where Martin Sheen played a Trump like prick in 1983:



    But this time....

    Trump could not escape a hooker with a magazine.

    We have a coward as a president right now.

    And recall his assessment of John McCain:

    I underline that we would have done worse with Cruz.

    I think Rubio would have given fine speeches and stabbed? 90% of Americans in the back.

    (Of course Rubio has this lisp thingy going on. hahhahh I'm sorry but a bit of ad hominem goes a long way sometimes!)


    Why are Cuban Americans so scary to me?

    The only thing we got right now in terms of an asset involves the fact that Trump is incompetent.

    Of course he is a coward.

    Of course he is an idiot who has no ability in which to study any hard issue.

    Of course he appoints idiots to his administration.


    The dems have to find some one who is competent!

    We do not need someone who appears to be a hero.











    The flaws that you point out are obvious. His supporters know that he is a liar. They know that his inauguration crowd was smaller than Obama’s. They know Mexico will not pay for the wall. They know that he is a heathen but Evangelicals give him a mulligan. The only thing that we can do is try to get every rational person we can to get out and vote.

    If you point out facts to a Trump supporter, they will reject facts and accept Trump’s lie. The gun control debate should be focused on controlling guns. We are diverted to arguing about arming teachers. We are trying to argue with people who cannot change their mindset. Rational gun owners support background checks, banning bump stocks, and making assault weapons illegal. Those are not the folks who present the obstacle to gun control. We have to vote the Trumpsters out. I think people are energized to GOTV.

    We have to do things face to face. The revolution will not be televised. Television is going to be arguing where the teachers would place their guns, lock box versus sidearm. Face to face, we may even get to talk about hand guns.

    rmrd, as you note this thought, I think of these kids in Florida.

    I hope they do not stop, I hope they continue, I hope that they do not lose their fire!

    Oh and Pacman noted that the NRA keeps adverising on all of these liberal web sites.

    Saw two of the Parkland kids on CNN last night with Anderson Cooper. I couldn't believe the political wisdom coming out of the mouth of babes, they are smarter about these things than everyone on this site, I swear. Was just amazed, rattling off deconstruction of NRA memes and methods like Lakoff himself. And it wasn't Emma Gonzales with the lefty haircut and perhaps too zealous a tone. It was an America's sweetheart type girl with long blond hair and that dark-haired boy that already sounds like he's run for office a couple of times, heh.

    I know AA, I love them all.


    Hope that a new generation might attempt to change some things.


    rmrd, right on.

    I like these young kids though.

    I like these citizens of Virginia who recently ran for office.


    We are not in normal times. We feel stressed because things are not normal. The response to slaughter by automatic weapons is not to go back to what we had 1994-2004, but to arm teachers. Ivanka Trump gives security details to the head of South Korea. Ivanka doesn’t have a permanent security clearance! Every friggin day, we find out about some other crazy crap that is going on in the White House. Further down the food chain, we have the Lt. Governor of Georgia threatening to block a tax bill because Delta, the largest company in Georgia, cut ties with the NRA. He is not acting for the benefit of the state of Georgia, he is acting for the benefit of the NRA. Republicans in the Georgia legislature vow to carry through on the threat. In Wisconsin, the Republican Governor is refusing to hold special elections to replace empty seats because he is afraid Democrats will win the seats. The state Constitution says the elections have to be held. Democrats have to sue him to make him follow the law. If people are not upset, they are not paying attention. No matter where you live, come out to kick the bums to the curb. It will do wonders for your mental health.

    You're probably not the best choice for the person preaching about what rational people think or want. Your rhetoric and style fits better with the crazed mob reactions and mob driven nostrums we see on the fake media. The responsible people and other citizens in Florida ar moving to improve security for their schools and elsewhere without resorting to commie mob gun banning and rights stripping. This includes investigating the idea of arming and training some teachers. I'm sure you can find other commmies to plot gun banning and a confiscation revolution but it is a pitiful group of losers. The Marxist threat reached its peak but failed with the end if the Clinton dynasty. Populism and nationalism will protect the country from the foreign and diseased Pinko illusions no matter how many useful idiots are still wandering around.

    This comment is just amazing to me!

    Of course I am not aware as to who you are.

    However, you seem to prefer that I am a commie? hahahahah

    When I read shit like this, I feel more than ever, a commie.



    Clinton saved the capitalists. hahahahaha

    I actually make me feel gooooooooooood about being a commie.



    Actually, I like this rendition more.

    AA is probably unable to sleep trying to keep up with the scandals reported just today. This is just the crap from today.

    1. NSA chief has not received authorization to use countermeasures against Russia.

    2. A top White House aid to Jared and Ivanka who couldn’t get security clearance resigned.

    3. Hope Hicks refused to testify before Congress

    4. Jared’s foreign contacts and financial dealings have led to at least four countries trying to figure out how they can gain leverage info that Jared has in his head. Security offials in the White House express their concerns.

    5.  The Chinese government just took over the bank that Jared was dealing with in China.

    7. Trump’s newly announced 2020 campaign manager has ties to a penny stock tech company that was involved in stock fraud.

    8. Manafort, the old Trump campaign manager is being arraigned tomorrow

    9. The Atlantic is reporting that Roger Stone lied when he said that he did not have contact with Wikileaks and Guccifer 2.0

    10. The Trump campaign admitted that they had direct contact with Wikileaks

    11. Josh Raffel, a man involved in the coverup of the Trump Tower meeting with the Russians and who served as the WH spokesman for Jared and Ivanka quit today.

    I am sure that there is more being reported today. Every friggin’ day we have to deal with crap. It is hard to keep up

    (Rachel Maddow went through this tonight)

    Edit to add:

    The company that owns the Trump Tower in Panama City wants to evict Trump employees from the hotel. Trump employees run the hotel. Trump does not own the hotel. Trump employees are accused of breaking laws. A fight broke out when the owners tried to get Trump employees out of the hotel.

    You can’t make this tuff up.

    rmrd, you know I get so goddamn mad.

    I try to tone it down!

    You keep me honest.

    I hereby render unto rmrd the Dayly Comment of the Day Award for this here Dagblog site, given to all of rmrd from all of me.


    You got it. Yeah. I cannot argue with any one of your sets.

    And I am watching Rachel. hhahahaha

    I laugh out of exasperation of course.

    All I can say is:

    Keep on keepin on.

    Do not stop.

    We need this.

    I become so goddamn numb at these tweets, or responses or whatever.

    AA is a good person, a good commenter, a goood blogger.

    So I have no response as to your attack on her.

    Except to defend her.


    I would suggest that your real enemies lie elsewhere.

    Apologize to AA. PLEASE!

    Just say:

    Hi AA, I thank you for being with us.


    Hi back Richard. No worries, maybe I'm dense and there's an insult there going over my head, but I don't take rmrd's comment that way. I take it as him saying I'd have to do an all nighter to repost all that breaking news.

    I really,really, gotta cut down on the addiction though, so maybe it's good there's too much news. wink

    My intent was to say that there was so much nonsense that you would have to put in overtime to post all the news.

    I think as our local News Dominionatrix, she can appreciate that. It's all spinning out of control.

    I understood, rmrd, there was no need to explain. And I appreciated your laundry list taken from Maddow, after reading that, when I went surfing the news, it made it easier to skip over what was just elaboration and move on to other things, it served as a great summary. She has a big team for sorting things out when there is a lot of incoming.

    I was complementing AA. Sorry that did not come across.

    rmrd, this is late. I am sorry.

    I thought you were referring to Art Appraiser.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but you were referring to Anonymous. hahahahah

    That is how stupid or drunk I was.


    Anyway, I think that Anonymous (which is so hard to spell anyway) is a shill? Is that the word?

    It might be Q or someone just screwing with me.

    Which is fine.

    I got gooooooooood hits.

    Anyway I missed the whole thing; but we still had a nice post!

    the end

    Oh, and then Peter showed up.

    I miss Peter.

    He cares about us.



    TRUMP also wants to appoint his loyal private pilot head of the FAA...


    Meine Ehre heißt Treue..!!!


    pssst: I suspect Stormy might be raking in the dough from her 15 minutes. I have noted a conspicuous number of her directorial artistic productions being shown on Showtimes' soft porn channel of late. Not that I am checking that channel all time time, mind you....

    as Tinpot Trump would advise: ALL NEWS IS GOOD NEWS!

    Now this is confusing. I hate to tell you this, as I know you are probably proud and happy to have drawn an anonymous troll, but judging from the margins, it does seem to me that the troll is replying to rmrd's comment. Of course, you are the king of this here empire of the whole thread, and rmrd and I just lowly commoners commenters,so who am I to say if you want to respond to rmrd's troll for him?laugh

    It's good that you can admit and understand that being a fellow traveler with commies stains you with that disease. The Clintons introduced Third Way to distract attention from the democrat's decades of Marxist revolutionary activism and herd the party faithful to the extreme center. This is made to appear as a new way forward rejecting the extremes of the Right and Left but this stage in the developement of world Marxism was included by Marx in his teaching from the beginning. Marxist utopia can only be funded by capitalist wealth generation. The Clintons are globalists and members of the Club of Rome where like minded politicals and technocrats plan and advance their World Government schemes. This would be a Stalinist type structure with managers appointed, not elected, from the select elite while the economic plan would be based on State and Crony capitalism much like what we already see in China. There seems to be a natural resistance to this diseased commie thinking that irrupted here with Trump's election and is also growing in Europe but a vaccine is probably too much to hope for.

    I didn’t bother to read your rant. Trump is providing cover for the commies. The head of the NSA said Trump has not issued specific orders to counter the commie cyberwar. We have a commie lover in the White House.

    You seem to have trouble understanding what you do read if you believe Russia is a commie country. Trump's motto is America First unlike your ilk who are at best pawns of the NWO.

    Yeah, right

    Your wingnut buddies at CPAC had a French Nazi deliver a speech. The CPAC folks love your buddy Cadet Bone   Spurs and Trump loves them.

    ya know, that reminds me, I sure do hope there actually is a new world order somewhere out there in the future because this chaos thing Russia is pushing is growing tiresome. Some kind of order, any kind of order, preferably not fascist of course. Something along evolutionary lines,don't get scared now, evolution, it doesn't necessarily have to be "progressive", just surviving as a species would be good.


    P.S. I see the New York Times has just published a new "commie" article:

    National Identity Is Made Up

    Why do we identify with millions of strangers, just based on borders? In this video from The Interpreter, we explain the myth that built the modern world.


    Your constant work here as a Poputnik propagandist spreading fake news chaos doesn't fit well with your new glassy eyed seeker of a safe-space in the NWO. The forces trying to spread fear and chaos with a purpose are the CAGW alarmists who have the political influence of the UN and many countries pushing the agendas hatched by the CoR. These people along with the gun grabbing mobs are threats to our republic. The Russians don't seem too serious about their petty meddling assigning a caterer to harass the Red Queen long before the election. There has been no evidence produced that they released the Podesta/DNC emails to WikiLeaks but they showed facts and truth about the Clintonites and facts and truth are needed to make democracy strong.

    Ah yes, our demicracy is stronger because you revealed Hillary was running a pedophilia porn ring out of a pizza jiny. Thanks, Tron, for protecting us and our system in every way.

    BTW, do you feel your powers diminished by 45% the last few days? No particular reason, just curious.

    Your buddy Trump says the police should have taken away Cruz’ guns even though they didn’t have a legal right.

    Well there's always the Syria model, you could try that, Putin's certainly in.

    Perhaps you could point to some of Marx's writings that support your statement:

    This is made to appear as a new way forward rejecting the extremes of the Right and Left but this stage in the development of world Marxism was included by Marx in his teaching from the beginning. Marxist utopia can only be funded by capitalist wealth generation.


    I read Marx's work once long ago and that was enough, never again.

    It would be nice if you understood what you read enough to criticize it. If you're going to refer to it you probably should read it again more slowly.

    Do you remember the names of the books or essays that you have read?
    It sounds to me like you have a set of impressions that could benefit from a discussion of what Marx actually wrote.
    There are many interpretations of those words ranging from self-identified Marxists to harsh critics of his philosophy. All of them refer to what Marx says when talking about what he says. The problem with the claim you make about Marx seeing Capitalism as funding the system that would bring it to an end is that Marx never said that. If you are going to claim that something he said amounts to saying that, there is a long tradition of that sort of thing. The party cannot get started, however, without knowing what those words are.

    The dems have to find some one who is competent!

    We do not need someone who appears to be a hero.

    Makes me think of the ongoing argument about whether we need a far-left liberal or a moderate establishment-centrist to lead our party ... though I'm really not sure of the exact definition of either one.  What makes a political hero?  Depends on where you are and what you want, I suppose.  Likely just someone who can lead the country to a fair and decent place, do so without hurting too many people here and elsewhere while trying their absolute best not to blow the whole mess out of the solar system.  Easy-peasy, right?

    Hi Missy.

    I don't know for sure.

    On the one hand we have an incompetent leader.

    I sure the hell do not wish for a competent repub leader.

    We now have a leader who embarrasses us as a nation every goddamn day. ha

    But if he were impeached, we would have some evangelical prick who would smile and basically send us all to hell.


    I do think that a good Democrat might help us out three years from now.

    He or she could undo the regs instituted by this sicko. ha

    He or she might be able to communicate with a dem legislature.

    I DUNNO.


    THE END.

    Stay hopeful, my friend.  It's just about all we've got.

    You are being elitist, haughty and condescending to the economically anxious bigots and imbeciles of the Republican Base who hate your libtard guts..!!!!

    Reach out..! Meet them half way..!! Try offering free college..?

    Aim high, NCD - free *post-grad education*. That'll get  'em lining up.

    I hear he got all those draft deferments because his participation in Vietnam would have been unsporting and unfair to Ho Chi Minh.

    Mike, I do not think I have to remind you about Trump's imaginary tour of Vietnam; but here goes:


    He thought he had a kindred spirit there, with a first name 'Ho and a last name "Mine".

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