The Bishop and the Butterfly: Murder, Politics, and the End of the Jazz Age

    Poem for Martin Gugino, and Donald Trump

    Trump Falsely Targets Buffalo Protester, 75, as ‘Antifa Provocateur’

    The president attacked Martin Gugino even as the activist was in the hospital recovering from a head wound sustained when the police shoved him to the ground.  link

    Donald J. Trump✔@realDonaldTrump

    Buffalo protester shoved by Police could be an ANTIFA provocateur. 75 year old Martin Gugino was pushed away after appearing to scan police communications in order to black out the equipment. @OANN I watched, he fell harder than was pushed. Was aiming scanner. Could be a set up?


    Tweeter, Tweeter burning bright,
    In a bunker rage tonight;
    Oh what mortal mind or eye,
    Could frame thy wild insanity?

    In what distant swamps or dives,
    Burnt the ire of thy lies?
    To what depths do you aspire?

    What the hand dare create thy mold?
    And what evil, & what art,
    Did twist the sinews of thy heart?
    And when thy heart began to beat,

    What dread hand? & bone spurred feet!
    In what furnace was thy brain?
    What the virus? what the hoax?
    Dare its deadly terrors jokes?

    When the stars threw down their spears
    And water'd heaven with their tears,
    Did he smile his work to see?
    Did he who made Gugino make thee?


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