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    Osama's Revenge

    Remember the scene in Carrie where the hand suddenly springs up from her grave, intimating horrors to come?


    Well, (allowing for the dismemberment and burial at sea if true) the bony arm of Bin Laden once again grabs a nation by the throat and forces us to look into our (unattractive?) souls.


    A quirk of Repugnant governance gives us anew the opportunity to stiff the first responders (the few still) living and dead (to whom lifetime support of their families was a solemn promise with it's feet firmly planted upon the steaming stinking pile of rubble that empowered Bush II in his subsequent excellent-if misdirected--vengeance adventure.)


    It is, of course, a bonus bit of obloquy that the Bush administration in the genteel person of Christie Todd Whitman falsely (and feloniously) put it out that the air was safe to breath.


    The money is doled out in tny tranches because, well, you know, Republicans!  Now it's run out (again).





    Sorry, suckers!.


    Those who rely upon Repugnant representations eat the bitter bread of betrayal.


    That's just how Repugnants roll.


    Somewhere beneath the sea, 'Sama smiles.


    In case it is not otherwise obvious, the arm of Bin Laden is crowned by a middle finger held erect in defiant salute to his executioners, as recognition of our predilection for turning perfidiously upon ourselves..


    That's Sometimes a Great Notion/Never Give a(n) Inch, arm strapped on the boat...

    There's that great scene in Moby Dick, where Gregory Peck is strapped to the whale who breaches and Peck's arm beckons all to follow him into the deep....Is that what you're channeling?  (4:00)




    Channel this...

    (not that Kesey wasn't well-versed in Moby Dick, and likely had some influence on Notion)

    I agree completely with your idea here: ie, BinLadin is getting the last laugh.

    But I’m disappointed because I read your title as “Obama’s Revenge, and I was very hopeful...

    It's such an "own goal"--shortchanging the secondary victims who were promised lifetime support in what I guess was a  passing moment of patriotic enthusiasm.


    The failure to recognize that the damages incurred were vastly enhanced because people relied upon the governmental line about "no respirators needed here...."  and  "move right back in, folks, just dust off your windowsills with a wet cloth and you're good to go..." is somehow extra special primo degenerate.

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