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    There are home video presentations on cable that primarily focus on people falling down.

    And the audiences laugh.

    People falling down make people laugh because people have awful tendencies at times.

    The following video depicts Matt Lauer cross examining Bill O'Reilly; and it is just hilarious, at first blush.



    O'Reilly looks hungover, to say the least.

    Matt just keeps hitting him.

    And this discussion just involves phone sex.

    Hilarious all by itself.

    But now we can put this little segment into proper context.

    The interrogator is now being accused of behavior much worse than phone sex.

    Mr. Lauer is being accused of rape; attempted rape as well as false imprisonment.

    He had this huge office.

    He would lure young women into that office.

    He would then press some button under his desk AND LOCK THE GODDAMN DOOR!

    Women would cry, women would plead, women would pass out for chrissakes.

    Scarborough and his crew were going nuts;

    when they were not raving about how Trump should be impeached.

    Now Scarborough mentioned some Friars' Club roast of Lauer that took place a decade

    ago. Joe was there and he notes that celebrity after celebrity testified to Lauer's tendency to woo women.

    Youtube is no help today on this subject since most of this roast is gone.

    Anyway, read Variety. NYT and Washpo have their own exposes.


    Oh and check out Wiki.

    Like O'Reilly Lauer was accused of cruel and unusual punishment by an ex-wife during divorce proceedings.

    ( Oh and just as an aside, CNN is publishing a note that during the 1990's taxpayers paid out over 17 million bucks in claims against Congressmen)




    John Conyers was admitted for stress related illness. He may have the same fatal outcome as Joe Paterno after facing a scandal. Perhaps he may resign Congress for health reasons. Conyers is toast. 

    BTW. I couldn’t watch the entire interview thingie, it was just too much.

    I  think  O'Reillys has been going downhill fast  Billo has had his problems with the truth all his life.

    Just like our Prez! 

    during the 1990's taxpayers paid out over 17 million bucks in claims against Congressmen

    Interesting to me to find that the  "mad as hell, not going to take it anymore" has been going on with French parliament since the middle of 2016.

    So it's not that the current mania spread from here to there. Sounds almost like they are still stuck back in the 90's or earlier. Some of the stories in the link are really blatant, disgusting, demeaning workplace sexual harassment. I mean the kind like we used to have in car repair shops, but mostly stopped long ago after the EEOC got involved or whatever. Really just meant to make sure women's primary role is sex object and everything else comes after that and that man is the hunter and woman the prey.

    Now Lauer claims he should be paid through the end of his contract. Ie:  all of 2018.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. So far NBC is a big NO on that because he was fired for cause.

    Oh yeah. His image is what they bought, and it's ruined. As to this being "trial by headline", I think it should be easy for a media company to figure out whether any accusations against an image are likely to convince the target audience or not. I.E., if the accusers would look fishy to the audience, they'd stick behind their guy. If they look substantive: you're fired, you didn't protect the image you sold us as carefully as you should have. Is not a court of law, nor even the case of an elected official  this is about the art of remaining popular, the contract a sale of a brand.

    Supposedly locking the door to keep women from escaping is a bit more aggressive and tangible to confirm or imply than "he touched my thigh" or "he kissed me too hard".

    AM Joy is doing a segment on sexism in media. A portion deals with Laurer’s rough treatment of Hillary Clinton. Hillary was critized and interrupted by Laurer repeatedly. Laurer was treated with kid gloves. 

    There is a must read article in the NYT that targets the men who we now know are sexual predators. These news media icons helped form opinions of Hillary Clinton. At one point, Mark Halperin said that it was a victory for Trump if all the opposition had was the “Access Hollywood” gape.

    RMRD this link is so very very important.

    This fits into this canard that somehow main stream media is liberal.

    Lauer is not liberal and has never been liberal.

    Lauer has only cared about his 'providers'.

    And yet, his providers have had to take away his pot of gold after he was caught.




    Wow, I misspelled the sexual predator’s name

    It is interesting that Mark Halperin was suspended previously by MSNBC for calling President Barack Obama a “dick”. He saw nothing wrong with a sexual predator like a Trump because he was one. Halperin thought his rich, white privilege allowed him to call President Obama a “dick”.

    This is where we stand. The folks who come after women, will also come after blacks, Latinos, gays, and Asians. Trump grabs vaginas and uses the racial slur “Pocahontas”. People who are not Conservative rich, white males are lumped into the identity politics category. The Democratic Party has to fight for identity politics because that is everybody but the 1%.

    I recall the 'dick' thingy.

    It hit home.


    I always hated that dick halperin I mean for years. hahahahahah;; 

    Yeah, and like you intimate the issue always involves the powerful against the powerless.

    I am always taken back to Pete Seeger:

    Oh rmrd;like I do not misspell things all the time.

    A lot of readers used to give a shit about my spellings. hahahahah

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